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We’re blessed with incredible Pilgrims and Priests! For over 35 years, we have proudly served them with quality Pilgrimages. Our stellar Spiritual Directors, detailed planning, dedicated certified guides, and first class accommodations are what make us one of the most respected Catholic Tour Operators in the world. We take care of everything so all you have to do is focus on connecting more deeply to your faith. Read testimonials and our Pilgrim’s experiences below.

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  • From: Fr. Emmanuel
  • Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank You Note - Shrines of Italy Pilgrimage Fr. Emmanuel
  • Tour 96

Greetings of peace and love from the Eternal City of Rome. I write to express my sentiments of profound gratitude for the opportunity granted to me to accompany the Tour 96 pilgrim group here in Rome, Italy. It was a remarkable, faith enriching and spirit filled experience, for this I remain eternally grateful. Special thanks to our Tour guide Federica and indeed all the members of the tour who made the whole exercise seamless and worthwhile. God Bless in abundance the entire 206 pilgrims tours team for the good work you are doing. This is in keeping with the mandate of our Lord Jesus to ‘Go and make disciples of all nations and bring the Good News to the ends of the earth.’ May God continue to bless your effort in planting and enriching the faith in the hearts of many. Looking forward to having another of such faith lifting experience with you in the near future. Thanks and God bless you all.

Fr. Emmanuel
(Spiritual Director, Tour 96).

  • From: Suzanne Castro
  • Sent: Monday, September 26, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Explore the Holy Land from Jerusalem Suzanne Castro
  • Tour 110

I would like to take the time to say how impressed I was with 206 tours!!!  The accommodations at the Norte Dame Center were beautiful. The staff at the center were amazing and always so helpful. All of our meals including off property were terrific. Great healthy food and great service.  The last night dinner at the Wine and Cheese was incrediable!!!!  Such great quality.

Our guided tour was so amazing. Thank you so much to our wonderful tour guide Joseph Asmar and our indrediable bus driver Shadi.   Joseph was incredibly knowledgeable and explained everything at such a wonderful pace.

The weekly schedule was perfect and allowed to see so many different sacred places in the Holy Land.

I can’t praise Joseph and Shadi enough!!!! Both assisted the whole week with pushing a wheel chair bound women and getting her off and on the bus. What gentleman!!!!! They were both extremely accommodating.  We were truly blessed to have both of them accommodate us during the whole week. Joseph really made for such an enjoyable week with his friendly personality and professionalism. What an asset  both of them are to 206 tours.  Please thank them again!!

I would also like to acknowledge Chris. He has always returned phone calls; very precise, accommodating and helpful.

I used to work in the travel industry and I have to say I was solely impressed with my trip.


I will definitely do further tours with 206.

God Bless,

Suzanne Castro 

  • From: Nicholas Joseph
  • Sent: Monday, September 26, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: El Camino - Spain Nicholas Joseph
  • Tour 70

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, as well as, the Harry & David basket and the Marian Helpers enrollment! She had surgery last Weds to repair fractured upper arm and recovery has been slow and very painful…hopefully she will get over the hump soon. Truly appreciate all that 206 Tours has done throughout this ordeal and I will be in contact to help me navigate the insurance claim process and expenses once I get things settled with her recovery.

Chris Wright was exceptional and very prompt in providing us a pathway home…as was a United Terminal Gen Mgr in Madrid (Pedro Gonzalez-Perez) who personally got us on other flights that day when our flight to DC was cancelled just prior to departure.
We are so disappointed that trip came to this conclusion but we plan on trying again in the future. We were having such a great time with a fun group of people who were so caring and helpful when the accident happened, especially Jorge (Tour Guide) and Juan (Bus Driver) who were so hands-on that day and continued to support us afterwards and check in on Lori’s condition. We are thankful to all that helped us during this very difficult time. Nothing but praise and thanks to 206 Tours! God Bless All!!!

Nick Joseph

  • From: Jeannette Lienhart
  • Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Holy Land Pilgrimage Jeannette Lienhart
  • Tour 111


I just returned from the Holy Land Pilgrimage, led by Mark Forrest and Fr. Jack Peterson.

Quite often, all one hears is “what went wrong” with anything.  I feel the need to tell you just how beautiful it was. It was beyond anything I could imagine. The only complaint I have (and you could not control that) is the oppressive heat.  Why I decide to go places that are notoriously hot is beyond me.

The actual reason for this email is to tell you, as a representative of 206 Tours, what a treasure you have in Israel, specifically our guide Iskander (I believe his last name is Kando), and our bus driver – we called him Moses.

I have been on trips before and never had this high of a caliber of tour guides.  Iskander is an encyclopedia of knowledge. I was totally amazed each and every day with the backstory of the places we went. He is awe inspiring. I cannot begin to touch on how much he made this trip experience what it was. If I didn’t know better, I would say he lived in the time of Christ and experienced everything first-hand.

Now onto our bus driver. Moses is an incredible driver (and I do mean incredible).  Places are so tight and streets are extremely narrow.  He maneuvered that bus in places only a fly could fit. Traffic was beyond nuts at times. He never lost his cool. To take this beyond his driving skills, he was impeccably dressed, always greeted us with a smile, a good morning and goodbye. Each time we disembarked the bus, he was at the bottom of the stairs helping people off the bus. We started the day by getting to our seats, only to find a fresh bottle of water on each seat. When we were off seeing the sights, he would put another bottle of water on our seat.  That bus was in absolute perfect condition.  Cleaned every night (inside AND out).  I would see other buses with dust coating the windows, etc.  Not ours.  Again, 206 Tours is so fortunate to have him as an employee.

If you would be so kind, would you PLEASE let the offices who hire your employees in Israel what a gold mine they have in these two men?  We can only thank them enough in person (and believe me, we did).  I really want their direct supervisor to know how valuable they are. They may already know, but I feel it is important to let them know how highly the pilgrims feel about them.  I would appreciate you doing this for me.  We can always thank people here, but knowing who to talk to over there is impossible.

It goes without saying that both Fr. Jack Peterson and Mark Forrest were outstanding.  You chose well.

Thank you again for putting all of this together.  It was the trip of a lifetime; one I will never forget.

Jeannette Lienhart

  • From: Fr. Gary
  • Sent: Wednesday, September 7, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Mexico Fr. Gary
  • Tour 206

Hello All,

It has been an active time since I returned from being the Spiritual Guide for our Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe and Mexico City in May. My special thanks to Rinda, Danielle, Judith, and Jon as well as our Tour Guide Salvador and Bus Driver, Antonio. Without the blessings would not have been possible.

Our Pilgrimage has helped me in keeping a balanced life in the midst of some good, but very active times.

Again, I cannot thank you enough. If you need anything from me please feel free to ask.

May God continue to bless you and all the pilgrims you serve.

Now off to my long delayed social media post.


Fr. Gary

  • From: Fr. Piotr
  • Sent: Friday, September 2, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Lisieux and Paris (August 7-20, 2022) Fr. Piotr
  • Tour 40

Dear 206 Tours Team,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as a Spiritual Director on the 206 Tours pilgrimage to Tour # 40: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Lisieux and Paris (August 7-20, 2022) and I would like to provide you with some feedback.

I’m happy to share with you that this Pilgrimage was again a beautiful, pastoral and spiritual experience for me.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit and pray in so many sanctuaries. Most of them I visited for the first time.

In my opinion the planning of the program was excellent and our guide Quico Prado did a great job in adjusting it to our needs, when it was necessary. I must admit that he was the best guide I worked with so far. I appreciate his dedication, faith and participation in our prayers. I’m sure he contributed immensely to creating a prayerful atmosphere among pilgrims.

It was a blessing for me to accompany these wonderful pilgrims. Despite the changes of groups, we always managed to build a committed community that was united during Mass, rosaries and other prayers, as well as on the bus, during visits, or over the meals. I enjoyed their faith, kindness and friendship.

Overall, this pilgrimage with 206Tours was a beautiful and enriching experience for me. Therefore I look forward to leading another pilgrimage if you needed me again.

I keep all 206 Tours Team in my prayers!

In Christ,
Fr. Piotr

  • From: Brain and Virginia Almon
  • Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes tour Brain and Virginia Almon

My wife, Virginia, daughter, Kathleen and I recently completed the tour (Aug 14-23, 2022) to Fatima, Spain, and Lourdes.  We want to express our satisfaction with tour guide Leopoldo Jimenez and spiritual director Fr. Kenneth Cienik.  Mr. Jimenez was very organized and fulfilled every request that was made of him.  He was always well prepared so that we stayed on time and was very knowledgeable about the sites we visited.  Fr. Cienik was also well prepared and mixed very well with all the participants on the tour.  He was always available to meet our spiritual needs.

Overall, the tour was very enjoyable and did not miss any important sites.

Thank you

Brain and Virginia Almon

PS – This was our second tour with 206.  We participated in an Ireland tour several years ago and we always tell our friends to use 206 Tours for any pilgrimage.

  • From: Cindy Jansen
  • Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Poland, Vienna, Salzburg, Oberammergau and Munich Cindy Jansen
  • Tour 168


Just wanted to send a quick note and tell you about the Pilgrimage we took to St. John Paul ll, Shrine of Divine Mercy, and other places in Poland and  Auschwitz plus Vienna and Salzburg and Oberammergau and Munich we’re absolutely wonderful. Such holy and fun memories!!!

It was jam packed with so much it is still filling me with so many emotions. It was a great pilgrimage and well worth everything we experienced.

I must compliment and commemorate our guide Agnes (Agnuska? not sure how to spell her Polish name). She was exceptionally good at her job knowledge and help during the whole trip.  You could tell she loved her Poland!!!  She was kind and generous with her time as well.  She’s a keeper for sure!!

We also were very pleased with Fr. Sean Connally.  He also knew a lot of church history to go right along with what we saw.

Thank you for a great pilgrimage and I will sure look to using 206 Tours on my next pilgrimage wherever that may take me.

I have attached a few photos of our trip.

Thank you again for a time well spent!!

God Bless,

Cindy Jansen

Leopold, Mo.

  • From: Jocelyn and John Ybarra
  • Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Spain and Lourdes Jocelyn and John Ybarra
  • Tour 37

To 206 tours staff:

Just writing a short note of appreciation from one of my friends, Yvette Lobo and family, whom I recommended to 206 tours on a recent pilgrimage to Fatima, Spain and Lourdes. They just came back from their pilgrimage and are very happy with your services. The tour, service( from booking to the end of their pilgrimage) and staff were above and  beyond their expectations. She is looking forward for more pilgrimages with 206 Tours.

I am very grateful and happy that my friend and family enjoyed their pilgrimage with 206 Tours.

Thank you for your wonderful and excellent service,

Jocelyn and John Ybarra.

  • From: Tracey Doering
  • Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: The Holy Land Tracey Doering
  • Tour 111

This was a trip of a lifetime. We were so blessed and everything was fantastic! Our driver, Isaam was fantastic and such a wonderful person. Habib, our guide was also spectacular, with so much knowledge and so much kindness. Lorine, Fred and Father Pat Kibby are so inspiring. Father Kibby gives the best homilies that are so practical and life changing. Everyone went out of their way to make it an awesome experience. This definitely strengthened my faith and created memories forever. Thanks-your organization is fantastic!

Take care.

Tracey Doering

  • From: Justine Saint Fort
  • Sent: Friday, July 15, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Holy Land & Oberammergau Pilgrimage Justine Saint Fort
  • Tour 111

It was a lifetime experience. The service 206 provided  us was excellent. Everything was perfect, our guides was the best in both places. The best was the free or included lunch that was a big “Plus” God Bless. Danielle, you’re doing a great job, like you know exactly what our spiritual leader would wants. I give you a 10/10  for making people feel safe with your agency’s services.

Thank you!

Justine Saint Fort

  • From: Fr. Michael
  • Sent: Friday, July 8, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Austria, Germany & Oberammergau Passion Play Fr. Michael
  • Tour 187

Dear Rinda Kanidinc and 206 Staff,

I would like to let you know that our Pilgrimage was excellent. It was really a spiritual awakening call. The pilgrims were very spiritual and all enjoyed each other‘s company. Our tour guide, Slavica was great. She was willing to do anything for us. Same with our bus driver and other local guides. Here with I am attaching some group pictures.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do. Everything was well organized. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, especially to watch the Oberammergau Passion Play. It was a unique experience that I can hold dear to my heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I assure you all my prayers.

May God Bless you all.
Fr. Michael, cmi

  • From: Brett & Patty Coleman
  • Sent: Tuesday, July 5, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: El Camino Walking Pilgrimage Brett & Patty Coleman
  • Tour 70

Dear Rinda,

Its been a couple weeks since we returned from our tour.  I wanted to let you know that this was a trip of a lifetime. It could not have gone any better. There are a lot of words to describe the trip…but one that comes to my mind first is: Abundance

There was an abundance of food, walking, prayer, fellowship, sunshine and memories.  There is nothing on the tour that I would change.

A huge part of this trip’s success was due to our guide and driver, Quico and Alvero. In my opinion, they are the perfect team to support this trip.

Quico is an absolute delight.  He ensured, coordinated, and organized everything down to the Nth degree. You (206 Tours) have certainly teamed with an outstanding person who represents 206 Tours in spectacular fashion. Many in our group are looking for additional tours that Quico may be hosting. He was outstanding.

Alvero is genuine and kind. He is a bit more reserved and less comfortable with English, but his kindness shows through in all he does to support the tour. It was a great site to see him at our checkpoints each day! He too was outstanding.

We will always remember Quico and Alvero. They are forever tied to our memories of 206 Tours. We think of them often and remember them in our prayers.

We have many friends and family who continue to ask us questions about our trip…pilgrimage. They are fascinated by how well the trip is organized and how complete, inclusive the trip was.  We already have friends looking into an El Camino trip for next June.

Best Regards and God Bless
Brett & Patty Coleman ……and Fr. John

  • From: Fr. Joe
  • Sent: Tuesday, July 5, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Prague, Austria, Budapest, and Oberammergau Passion Play Fr. Joe
  • Tour 187

Dear Rinda,

This is my sixth pilgrimage with 206Tours and they all have been a blessing. Given it is a pilgrimage, the pilgrims are marvelous people. They have a common interest in working together and realizing it is a spiritual and fraternal journey simultaneously. The itinerary was as always well planned as expected.

The pilgrims on this pilgrimage were a delightful group and had a good relationship with each other and enjoyed themselves. The 206Tours Guide, Viola, was amazing and dealt with some practical issues very well. The bus driver, Andrea, was also particularly good and went the extra mile literally to get us as close to our drop-off destination as possible. The food as always was exceptionally good and given the area we were in; the beer was excellent!

I have attached a picture of the pilgrims and me at the Shrine of the Infant of Prague. After celebrating the Eucharist in the Church, we posed as a group with the statue of the Infant of Prague. Though the group was small we were great together and fun to be with.

For those of us who joined us for the Passion Play in Oberammergau, we were both moved and touched by the performance. It would be hard to imagine if not having been there. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a memory that will be treasured for years to come.

As a chaplain, I want to thank 206Tours for the opportunity to be a part of this ministry. It is a gift to be able to travel and celebrate the Eucharist at these various places of worship with such good people.

My prayers for the continued success of the mission of 206Tours.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Joe


It was so nice to meet you and visit with you on our pilgrimage. Our pilgrimage exceeded our expectations, from the spiritual experience itself, to the knowledgeable guides, Rami, Sa’id and Usama and of course our drivers, Fr. Mike and Fr. Joe, Chris and Natalie, accommodations and food, and last but not least the wonderful companions on our journey that we now consider friends.

Celebrating mass each day was a highlight, along with following the Magnificat Holy Land Companion. We have been back a week now and are still processing where we went, what we did, and now discerning what our next steps are as we live out the sixth gospel Fr. Mike referred to at our final mass. We are so appreciate of the support Chris continues to offer at Real Life Catholic.I wish you all the best in your beautiful ministry.

Forever Grateful,
Beth Harris

  • From: Bea Judge
  • Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to The Holy Land with Chris Stefanick Bea Judge


Yes, we got back with no problems and now back in our routine. But we cherish our memories of our pilgrimage in the Holy Land! We will never forget it and the way you took care of us! We have told many friends and family about our great experience and will continue to do so! May God continue to bless you and your business. You do such a great job at it!

Talk soon!

  • From: Ana Badillo
  • Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Prague, Salzburg, Vienna & Budapest Pilgrimage Ana Badillo
  • Tour 187

Enjoyed are tour so much that we are planning the next one.
My daughter Sarah, being blind since birth, enjoyed the sounds, aromas, friendships and the history of each and all locations.
We’re booking another trip soon!!!!!!
Hope you like her picture.

Blessings and a big “thank you ” for this wonderful experience. Sarah and I are hooked for life.

Ana Badillo

  • From: Russell and Bonnie Yount
  • Sent: Friday, June 24, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Beautiful Reflections! Russell and Bonnie Yount
  • Tour 111

Dear Milanka,

It’s only the second day that we have been home as we reflect on what we were doing a week ago.  Then it will be two weeks ago, then three!
Oh how we love to reflect on our beautiful time in Israel!  Definitely worth waiting for!
On Sunday we plan to have our neighbors over who were such a wonderful help in watching over things while we were gone.
We’ll be serving them “A Taste Israel” which we will do our best to try and duplicate!

Milanka,  you and your team have been absolutely amazing to us!
We will continue to pray for your mission as we look forward to booking another pilgrimage with 206 Tours!

God’s blessings on you!

Russell and Bonnie Yount

  • From: Sarah Jimenez
  • Sent: Friday, June 24, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Real Life Catholic Holy Land pilgrim Sarah Jimenez

Dear Cara and Milanka,

How can I begin to thank you!?

Cara – from the start, you answered every question I had without delay, and you paired me with Mary as my roommate, who is now a great friend!!

Milanka – your graceful and generous spirit permeated the pilgrimage. Knowing that we were all able to experience the Holy Land and encounter Christ there because of your “yes” to the Lord is so inspiring.

As an administrative assistant, I know that there were many many details that I will never know about that were done on our behalf for our pilgrimage. Thank you to Tamara, Simon, our guides and drivers, and everyone on the team for taking care of everything.

I felt before I left home that I had not done enough to prepare, and was then consoled to realize that you had done all of my preparation for me. Again, as someone who normally handles logistics for others, it was an immense gift to receive the fruit of your expertise, careful planning, and prayers for us. Thank you so much!

God bless you all!

Sarah Jimenez
Real Life Catholic Holy Land pilgrim

Hey Cara,

You all at 206 did a FANTASTIC job this past week and a half (and the year-s leading up to the trip)!  We had to worry about NOTHING, and focused solely on the pilgrimage.  The topper was the return home flight issue.  You guys got us on another flight, extended our hotel, and got us to the airport.  It provided for our last day in Jerusalem to be amazing, so many blessings


Blessings to you and everyone there.

Eric Gardner

  • From: Jesus Jayward W. Chan
  • Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage To Italy With Fr. Rick Jesus Jayward W. Chan
  • Tour 96

Good afternoon!

My name is Jesus Jayward W. Chan, and I took a pilgrimage tour to Italy with Father Rick on 12-20 June 2022.  I am a life-long parishioner of Saint Bartholomew.  This was my 4th trip with 206 Tours.

I would like to commend our tour guide, Federica, for her caring, efficiency, patience, and professionalism throughout the tour.  Many of the pilgrims were elderly, and walking long distances have become a daily ordeal for them, but Federica made sure of their comfort (e.g. by escorting them to the next destination by taking a taxi if they were unable to walk any further). Though many were lagging behind, she was always at the end of the group to make sure everyone was accounted for.  During meals, she made her presence known and saw to the comfort and meal needs of the passengers.  She was truly wonderful in all aspects.  She is a great asset to 206 Tours.

Thank you.


Jesus Jayward W. Chan

  • From: Louise
  • Sent: Monday, June 20, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Spain & Lourdes tour May 16-25, 2022 Louise
  • Tour 37

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our Pilgrimage. Our tour guide, Ivan was so professional, knowledgeable, helpful and joyful. An Exceptional tour guide and he’s the reason it was such a success!!! If we go on another pilgrimage we would request his services.

Again thank you so much for a job well done 🙏


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  • From: Regina Mistretta
  • Sent: Friday, June 17, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Holy Land Regina Mistretta

Dear 206 Tours,

We write today to share how much we enjoyed our recent pilgrimage. We appreciate your efforts to make the experience meaningful and fulfilling. We would also like to acknowledge how our tour guide, Habib, made our trip outstanding. His knowledge, humor, professionalism, and gracious manner helped us learn, laugh, reflect, and admire the passion he has for his work.

Kind regards,

Regina and Charles Mistretta

  • From: Fr. Hung
  • Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Great pilgrimage Fr. Hung
  • Tour 37

Dear Rinda,

It has been a wonderful pilgrimage of Fatima, Lourdes and Oberammergau. We have a marvelous group of pilgrims that share our bond faith and enjoy the journey together. I want say thanks to you and your team that has put this into place. God bless your work and look forward to provide spiritual direction for the next pilgrimage.

Blessed Corpus Christi,

Fr. Hung

  • From: Pamela Niesslein
  • Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Vienna Pamela Niesslein
  • Tour 187

Dear all,

I want to offer our sincere thanks for organizing the dinner and the opera for us, especially as it was a surprise birthday gift for Virgil!  The evening was a complete success.  Dinner was awesome, and the opera music was just glorious!  We especially want to thank Rinda for her help in organizing Saturday evening for us, especially the front row seats!

Again, thank you from

Pamela and Virgil

  • From: Warwick McDonald
  • Sent: Thursday, June 9, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Note of deep appreciation Warwick McDonald
  • Tour 158

Dear Milanka,

We have just finished the Jordan and Holy Land parts of our tour (Ober152). I want to express our sincere and deep appreciation for the arrangements made for us, especially given the Jordan leg was only for us and Fr Terry O’Connell.

Fr Terry greatly enriched our pilgrimage experience in so many ways with deep spiritual knowledge and formation. His warmth and generosity of spirit provides him the ability to connect with people quickly and in a very special way.  His masses were always relevant to both where we were celebrating mass and how we could apply the lessons from the New Testament to our ordinary life.

Our guide in Jordan, Suleiman was knowledgeable and most helpful. He certainly provided a solid grounding for what was to come in Israel.

I would particularly like to praise your Israeli guide Habib Boutros. His knowledge of scripture was unbelievable, his ability to connect places, events and geography and communicate this concisely and clearly, using memorized Bible references, was stunning. Habib is a humble, holy and deeply caring person. The oppression of Christians in Israel is most and we will continue to pray for Habib, his family and all Christians in Israel. I strongly urge 206Tours to engage Habib as much as you can. Habib would be embarrassed if he knew I was sending this message and I would not send it if my experience was not heartfelt.

Tonight we attend the Oberammergau Passion Play – we are looking forward to this as we booked our pilgrimage in December 2017.

Thank you once again for a wonderful Pilgrimage experience (our second 206 pilgrimage). Celebrating Mass inside the empty tomb of the Holy Sepulchre with Fr Terry was such a privilege.

Yours in Christ, God bless

Warwick and Donna

  • From: Fr. Terry
  • Sent: Thursday, June 9, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: I want to thank all the staff in the USA, Jordan and the Holy Land! Fr. Terry
  • Tour 158

Hi, just want to thank all the staff in the USA, Jordan and the Holy Land, wow the guides were once again excellent and the drivers .I want to especially want to highlight Suleiman the guide in Jordan for his kindness and his driver a very kind man not for getting Laith in Jordan, I want to also acknowledge the owner of the shop in Petra called PICK AND MOVE for his kindness to me .In Israel wow what a guide he was a literal encyclopedia on the Bible and also very kind patent ,he is a credit to 206 ,I EVEN TOLD Tatamara in Israel that he is a gem and a credit to 206 people on the group only want him they told me if they return what else can I say is DONT LOOSE HIM HE IS ONE IN A BILLION. I also want to thank Moses he was very patient and very cheerful no matter what time of day Habib and Moses were great team and hopefully when I return I have no problem with them there 2N TO NONE WELL DONE MEN.

Again thanks 206 for the pleasure on been a Spiritual Guide to the pilgrims who were so impressed with Suleiman and his drive sorry can’t recall his name and Laith in Jordan. The one and only Habib, Moses and Tatamara well done.

Fr. Terry

  • From: Mark Wittlin
  • Sent: Thursday, June 9, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes & Oberammergau Passion Play Mark Wittlin
  • Tour 37

Dear 206 tours,

I wanted to let you know that we had an awesome trip with no problem getting between the countries. Additionally, I wanted to provide feedback on Ivan and the phenomenal job he did as our tour guide. He was very attentive to the whole group, very engaged, personable and professional and was the main reason we had a great trip. We especially appreciated his knowledge of all of the sites we visited. I would like to thank you again for our wonderful faith filled experience.

God Bless You,

Mark. Maria, and Joseph

  • From: Conor Hardy
  • Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2022
  • To: Piernha Marc
  • Subject: Youth Group Pilgrimage to France, Spain and Portugal Conor Hardy
  • Tour 37

Dear Piernha,

Thank you so much for all your work and your team! It was really an amazing pilgrimage and I am so grateful to have been able to go. The way things were structured allowed for myself and no doubt the others to participate and simply receive the peace and calm that God’s love and grace gives as we journeyed from saint and holy site, to hotels and bus stops making for fun and good memories. Melchor and Vanessa were most instrumental in making for such an awesome experience.

With heartfelt gratitude and prayers – cheers and God bless!

Conor Edmund

  • From: Mary Harrell
  • Sent: Monday, June 6, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest & Oberammergau Mary Harrell
  • Tour 187


My pilgrimage was FANTASTIC. Of course the Passion Play was the highlight but I had such a wonderful time traveling through Europe with my new Friends in the Faith. Thank you and 206 for a wonderful trip. I am eagerly looking forward to my next trip in January.


  • From: Rosie Lao
  • Sent: Monday, June 6, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest & Oberammergau Passion Play Rosie Lao
  • Tour 187

Hi Rinda and 206 tours

The pilgrimage come to an end but want to thank you for all your patience & help prior to our pilgrimage. All the questions been answered by you.

The pilgrimage was awesome. I cant complained anything from Prague to Budapest to Oberammergau . Our guide named Viola is very nice and accommodating. Its good to travel with with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide with an outstanding spiritual leader Father Ferrucio and a reliable driver.

Watching the Passion play in actual was so amazing. I can feel the pain of Jesus. I was teary eyed while watching the play. It was really a good play. I hope to watch again after 10 years. Thru this pilgrimage i have meet some good friends.

Again, thank you 206 tours for everything & to Viola our tour guide.

God Bless us all 🙏🙏🙏

Rosie Lao


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  • From: Sandra Cannon
  • Sent: Saturday, June 4, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: The Holy Land Sandra Cannon
  • Tour 111

Hi Milanka-

I am currently on your 111 tour in Jerusalem. This is my third visit to the Holy Land and have never experienced such a wonderful tour guide and spiritual leader. Habib’s knowledge is incredible and has a great personality to go along with it. He is so exceptional that I did not want to wait til the end of my tour to compliment him. We are all so amazed with his talent.

Also, Fr. Terry is such a fun loving spiritual person. We are all loving him with us. He makes you feel so at ease that you can approach him about anything. He makes you feel your questions are not only valid but important. I don’t think I have ever met a priest as warm and knowledgeable of his Catholic faith. Wish I could bring him back to my parish!

Thank you for choosing such an amazing team!

Sandra Cannon

Sent from my iPhone

  • From: Rosemarie
  • Sent: Friday, May 27, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: El Camino - The Way of St. James - Spain Rosemarie


Thanks for welcoming us back home. and thank you also for arranging a very well planned and guided tour/pilgrimage. Our tour escort Jorge was so energetic and concerned for our welfare throughout the pilgrimage. He  always made sure that all of us were OK. Alvaro our driver was so helpful and went out of his way to help Jorge locate or search for our co pilgrims that were walking far behind us just to make sure they will reach to our meeting points. Most of all I was moved by the persistence and perseverance of our Spiritual adviser Father Pierre Deglaire who at his age of 80 was still able to walk with us. There are times that I got tired and felt all the aches and pains in my body but I always thought of Father Pierre and I kept my spirit going. Our accommodations were good enough and I thought I would lose weight after the pilgrimage but how can I since wherever we eat even along the way our meals were all more than I can take and mostly were delicious. I posted some pictures in FB and some people were asking me already about this trip.

This pilgrimage is very significant to me  since I made a request to have my petitions granted and also in  thanksgiving for all the graces that God gave us. I considered us very lucky and blessed to have walked 100 kms to Santiago that only few of us were able to do in our lifetime. We had been to some Pilgrimage sites but as my daughter said that this is a REAL PILGRIMAGE . I’m very thankful that I was able to make this journey with my family (with my husband and child). This is our JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME.

All the trials and joys of our lives were reflected in this pilgrimage. We had walk trough hills and valleys with rough roads/pathways amidst the heat of the sun and the pouring rain but we still had the time to appreciate the beauty of nature along the way.  This is LIFE after all.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN from me and my family and we hope that you will continue bringing people to places that could enrich our Catholic Faith.



(May 9-19, 2022-St James way)

  • From: Sarah Badillo
  • Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Prague, Salzburg, Vienna & Budapest Sarah Badillo
  • Tour 187


While I know we have a few days to go on the tour, I wanted to take the time to thank you and 206 tours for the wonderful experience. The visits were interesting, engaging and informative, the food was wonderful and the whole experience was a joy. It’s like being in a story book and getting to actually experience things as the story unfolds. Most important was our tour guide. She’s the best. She is kind, helpful and very organized. She made sure we were safe, that our needs were met and all our questions were answered. This can’t be an easy job for her and I commend her for it. Currently, I’m sitting in Belvedere park next to the fountain enjoying the evening. Once again, Thank you so Much.

Sarah Badillo

Sent from my iPhone

  • From: Albert Medenilla on behalf of Jose Nebres
  • Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2022
  • To: Piernha Marc
  • Subject: France, Spain and Portugal Albert Medenilla on behalf of Jose Nebres
  • Tour 37

Just finished our despedida dinner with our guide Val (Valvanera). The group would like to thank you very much for arranging our trip (pilgrimage) with 206. We are very happy & satisfied with all the arrangements, food, hotel accommodations & itinerary. Our trip was made especially successful & enjoyable mostly because of our guide Val (Valvanera).she was very intelligent, caring & friendly& courteous. Please let 206 know about this gem that they have in their company. also drivers were very helpful, courteous & very safe. For me personally thank you for the scooter I was able to enjoy the sights & be with the group. Val & driver set up scooter daily for me. Again what a pleasant, beautiful rewarding trip for everyone, because of you & 206 & our guide Val.

Albert Medenilla on behalf of Jose Nebres

  • From: Christine Barber
  • Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Holy Land in Luxury Accommodation Christine Barber
  • Tour 111LUX

Greetings, 206 Team! My husband and I enjoyed an excellent pilgrimage! We could not have seen all the sites we were able to visit should we have ventured on our own, plus traveling with such an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide along with an outstanding spiritual director enriched the trip and deepened our faith. Thank you for all your hard work to make the trip such a success.

I do have one question….we have an unused tote bag, belt bag and a sleeve of not read books that we would like to return to you so you can use them for other travelers. Would you please provide an address where we could send these?

Thank you!


Christine Barber

  • From: Peg Lias
  • Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to El Camino - The Way of St. James - Spain Peg Lias
  • Tour 70

Thank you. This trip was filled with blessings and your team was amazing! I will certainly recommend your company to all.

God bless!!

Peg Lias

  • From: Ammie Laguilles
  • Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Greece: In the Footsteps of St. Paul with Cruise Ammie Laguilles
  • Tour 161

We were fortunate to have been part of this pilgrimage!  Our Spiritual Director, Father Lou Phillips, provided inspiring homilies to a dynamic and diverse group of pilgrims coming from different parts of the country.  An addition to this mix was our patient and accommodating Tour Guide, Nena, who was amazing!  Her knowledge of the places and the holy sites we visited in Greece and the Greek Isle was remarkable.  At departure, she made sure that each pilgrim checked-in at the airline counter for his or her correct return flight.  Like our six previous pilgrimages with 206 Tours, this trip has provided spiritual and personal enlightening experiences.

We continued to Medjugore and Dubrovnik for another six days.  Slavenka, our Tour Guide, was equally super-great.  Her vibrant personality and expertise – as a seasoned Tour Guide – were in full display as she guided us in and around Medjugorje.  Of particular note was our invigorating climb to Apparition Hill, with stops, praying each decade of the Joyful Mystery.  Our personal time in praying the Stations of the Cross culminated at the veneration of the Statue of the Risen Christ as we experienced, wiping with our handkerchiefs, some oil-like liquid oozing from the knee of the Statue.

In Dubrovnik, we visited the famed Church of St. Blaise, where Father Gabriel Cillo, MIC (Spiritual Director), celebrated Holy Mass and gave us throat blessings.  St. Blaise is the patron saint of throat ailments.  And finally, I consider this incident as a “personal miracle” and the highlight of my entire trip: From afar…while taking a picture of St. Blaise, outside at the upper wall, a white dove – from nowhere – swooped into my camera lens, which was captured in the picture on top of St. Blaise.  We learned later that white doves occasionally appear in Dobrovnik only in February.

Meeting our expectations, we accomplished all the activities included in the pilgrimage itinerary.  Nevertheless, we still found time to do some “touristy stuff” in Athens, Meteora, Mykonos, Santorini, Mostar, and Dubrovnik.  Thank you 206 Tours for another well-organized pilgrimage!

Ammie Laguilles

  • From: Jack
  • Sent: Friday, May 13, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Walk Where Jesus Walked in the Holy Land Jack
  • Tour 111

Hi 206 Tours Staff,

Overall, I would give this trip a 5-star rating. Would prefer to give the 6-pointed “Star of David” if I could.

1. Communications are awesome: emails are responded promptly, phone calls and live chat are manned continuously – staff are very professional and helpful.; however, emergency calls are routed by an operator and had to leave a message; call was, however, returned after a few minutes.

2. Trip was well-organized, even have veils for the spouses renewing their vows at Cana and had cake and roses for Mother’s Day

3. Hotel accommodations are awesome, except the shower room at Olive Tree Hotel is small and half open – glass covering is half open and nothing to protect water from overspilling. Unable to enjoy my daily shower.

4. Food/buffet in the hotel was awesome! Lunch at the local restaurants was also special.
Heard from another pilgrim on a different tour (not 206) that their lunch was not included. On top of that they never rec’d any backpack, belt bag, purses, etc. She took 206 Tours info from me.

5. United Airlines flight to Newark was 1-hour delayed; after getting through the customs and TSA, we had to literally run in order to catch our next flight. Otherwise, we would had missed it.

6. Our guide, Said Mriebe is knowledgeable, patient and very helpful.

7. In participating this pilgrimage, I learned about the local culture which helped me understand Bible stories better and what Jesus meant in so many of his parables. Glad that you assisted me to Walk where Jesus & Mother Mary Walked.

8. I would recommend 206 Tours for sure. Even started encouraging my neighbor to go and visit Holy Land.

God Bless,


  • From: Fr. Freddie
  • Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Shrines of Italy Fr. Wilfredo
  • Tour 96

Hi Rinda!

I would like to express gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to serve as chaplain for the pilgrimage “Shrines of Italy.” I can say based on my experience and observations  that the pilgrimage. was a deeply enriching spiritual experience for me and the members of our group. I consider it my Annual Retreat. Our tour guide Vanessa was very helpful and knowledgeable. I pray that 206tours continue to resume the pilgrimages and that we ultimately overcome this Covid pandemic. I heard that some of my Morgan City parishioners and some friends really enjoyed their pilgrimage to Egypt. You offer a first class service to your pilgrims. I try in my little way to recommend 206tours whenever some friends and former parishioners ask me for a referral. If I can be of service, let me know and I am willing as long as my schedule allows me.

Warm regards and best wishes!


Fr. Wilfredo

  • From: Angie Rodriguez
  • Sent: Monday, May 9, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Classical Egypt with Nile Cruise Angie Rodriguez
  • Tour 156


Once again 206 Tours did a phenomenal job. I’m not only speaking for myself but for my entire Boston group. It exceeded our expectations. From the moment we landed in Cairo, it was 12midnight, the 206 Tours representative (Ahmed Khalil) was right there as we were coming down from the escalator holding up the 206 Tour sign what a pretty sight for weary travelers so relieved to see him. All through out Ahmed Khalil (aka Antonio Banderas to us) went above and beyond his duty.

The tour began on April 23rd and met our tour director Khaled Nabil Osman. Omg everyone that I know in our entire group was so impressed by him. He to went above and beyond his duties he was there every step of the way to help us, answer any questions we have and even helped us when we bought stuff he was there bargaining for us. He wanted to make sure we got our money’s worth and not be taken in.

Mr. Osman was like an open book. He wasn’t just smart but the word intelligent applies to him. If before I was fascinated with Egypt, I am much more now with Mr. Osman’s influence. He opened our eyes to the beauty & historical importance and contribution of Egypt to the world. He left a big impact on me and because of that I want to immerse myself, read as many books as I can get about this beautiful ancient world. So rich in history, culture, engineering, arts, you name it.

This trip was truly a trip of a lifetime made possible by 206 Tours. I want to thank Rinda Kanidinc in particular for helping me organize this trip for my group, the never ending questions, sometime repetitive yet so patient & very professional and courteous. Helped arranged our Dubai trip which was amazing to say the least. Rinda is an asset to 206 Tours. Thanks to Danielle Guttilla for our last minute change of itinerary to include the Miracle Garden a must see when in Dubai.

Our accommodations, the hotels and River Cruise line are absolutely wonderful. Milanka is a very classy woman whose goal is not just to make sure the pilgrims can learn from their tour by hiring top notch tour directors but also to be comfortable after a long days walk and lectures.

I can’t say anything negative about 206 Tours. You are the “BEST”. More power to 206 Tours.

Till our next travel/adventure.


  • From: Matthew Bonyak
  • Sent: Thursday, May 5, 2022
  • To: Piernha Marc
  • Subject: Holy Land with Fr. Clement Matthew Bonyak
  • Tour 111


Thanks!  The trip was wonderful and our guide (Yousef) and driver were incredible.  Yousef went above and beyond every single day and was very good, very accommodating, and made the trip great.  We could not have asked for a better guide, he far exceeded expectations.  Of course Fr. Clement as well.

One issue we just realized is that when we gave Yousef and our driver their tips, we made a mistake in calculating the currency conversion and feel like we did not give as much as they deserved.  Is it possible to send more after the fact?  Please let us know as we would like to fix this.

Matt Bonyak

  • From: Fr. Lou
  • Sent: Wednesday, May 4, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Greece in Footsteps of St. Paul with Greek Isle Cruise Fr. Lou J. Phillips
  • Tour 161

This was a wonderful pilgrimage, thanks be to God and the most congenial group that I have ever encountered and a most professional, patient, and competent guide, Nena Papadopoulou.  It was a delight to work with Nena. She is, perhaps, the best guide you can possibly imagine.  The pilgrims absolutely loved her, and she was incredibly kind and patient with each and every one of them. Nena is an absolute gem.

This pilgrimage exceeded my expectations. We’ll done, and I was happy and privileged to be a part of this pilgrimage

I hope that our fellow pilgrims felt the same.

Fr. Lou

  • From: Angie Rodriguez
  • Sent: Tuesday, May 3, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Egypt & Dubai Pilgrimage Angie Rodriguez
  • Tour 156

Good morning Milanka,

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for everything that you did for us on our Egypt/Dubai trip. Your staff here in the states and Egypt are phenomenal.

We are indeed very fortunate to have Mr Khaled Nabil Osman as our tour director. He went above and beyond his duties, he was there every step of the way, helping us attending to our needs .He is our protector, teacher, guide. If before I’m fascinated about Egypt so much more now after having visited this great country and having a very knowledgeable tour director we are in awe of his intelligence to know all the names, dates etc I know through experience and his also a teacher but not all teachers are good, he is Excellent. Now I can’t wait to read everything about Egypt. I’m looking forward to see all those movies of course you have to separate the facts from fiction. I would like to let you know we are also greatful to Ahmed Khalid he was there at Cairo airport holding the 206 Tour sign for us to see at 12:00 midnight. He too went above and beyond his duties didn’t leave us until we are all set at the airport. Mr. Osman and Khalid spoiled us. They are truly the best.

Anyway thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am also speaking in behalf of my Boston group. We are a happy contented batch.

Many thanks to your great and wonderful amazing company so well organized. So proud to always have the opportunity to travel with 206 Tours there is no other pilgrimage company like yours.

God Bless and more power to 206 Tours

Angie Rodriguez

  • From: Kathleen Barone
  • Sent: Monday, May 2, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to The Holy Land Kathleen Barone

206 exceeded my expectations!!! Our Israeli guide was super knowledgeable and Father gave beautiful homilies. Thank you.

Kathleen Barone

  • From: Fr. Michael
  • Sent: Monday, April 25, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to El Camino Pilgrimage to El Camino
  • Tour 70

Dear Series Tour Team (aka Rinda, Judith, Danielle, and Cara — I hope I haven’t left anyone out inadvertently),

I have been meaning to write since I returned home just before Holy Week. But all the liturgical events of Holy Week have kept me very busy. So while we are still in the Octave of Easter let me drop you and line to thank you for this unique experience that I enjoyed in Spain on the Camino. What a beautiful preparation for the Paschal mystery this year.

Let me first complement you on the impeccable organization of the pilgrimage, from the preparatory information to the booklet The Way, Walking Toward God day book. Everything was organized to the letter. I so much appreciated the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist in the historical churches along the way and the chance to concelebrate at the Pilgrims’ Mass in the Cathedral of Santiago which I will never forget. I recognize that this just doesn’t happen but requires major planning and superb execution on the part of 206 Tours.

I would like to add a word to complement our guide Cristina Calvo. Her wit and personality served us so well. We all loved her wonderful sense of humor which kept thinks lights and the group buoyed up along the way. I can’t think of any tensions that developed at any time, particularly on the long 18 mile days. Whatever you need to do, please keep her in your employ since she is invaluable.

The food and lodging was really tremendous. I had hoped to drop a few pounds from such long hikes, but that was not the case. Everyplace where we stayed or ate we were treated royally. Cristina even got us to try foods like « pulpo » (octapus) and « presebe » (goose neck or feet barnacles) which looked scary but were absolutely delicious. We were also treated to some fine Spanish and Portuguese wines. Thanks for all these things.

I had such a good experience that I would love to offer my services for future pilgrimages. Let me say a few words about my educational and ministerial background which might be useful. I lived and studied in Florence, Italy, my junior year of university, and returned to Rome for five years of seminary study. For doctoral studies I went to Paris where I studied at the Sorbonne and the Institut Catholique for four years. Needless to say I speak Italian and French fluently having studies in these languages and having written my doctoral dissertation in French. During my 25+ years teaching at the University of Notre Dame I benefited from many trips abroad, most memorably a three-year fellowship in Jerusalem at the École Biblique. Looking at your website and all the various places you visit, my experience may be of use to you.

I hope that the pilgrims in the group I accompanied had an opportunity to submit their evaluations. In my opinion, we got along famously and the time for spiritual formation and guidance abounded. One of our group members lost her husband and mother to COVID in a short period of time. You can imagine the grief that she is experiencing. But she shared that with the group and we prayed in a fervent way with her at the Eucharist and Morning and Evening Prayer and give her space to talk about it freely. I believe that she benefited from this greatly. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know rather well our pilgrims. On the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory I am an off-the-chart extrovert. So meeting new people brings me great enjoyment. Since our return on April 4 we have stayed in contact and I am confident that this will be the case for the future.

If ever given the opportunity I would love to travel again with Cristina. She is truly an exceptional person with deep faith and wonderful human skills. So again, Happy Octave of Easter. Like all the Easter Prefaces for the Eucharistic Prayers declare, we are « overcome with paschal joy. »

Christos aneste,

Fr. Michael

  • From: Fr. Piotr
  • Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Rome Fr. Piotr
  • Tour 97

Dear 206 Tours Team,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as a Spiritual Director on the 206 Tours pilgrimage to Rome (Tour 97, Apr 11 – 15, 2022) and I’d like to provide you with some feedback.

As previously with 206 Tours, it was again a beautiful pastoral and spiritual experience for me.
I was impressed how well and thoughtfully the pilgrimage was organized in this liturgically intensive time of Holy Week.
I enjoyed cooperating with our guide Luigi, who was very respectful and supportive of my role as a spiritual director, especially when we had to find time for prayers and rosary. I also appreciate the comprehensive information provided by our local guide Guerrina and her excellent expertise in art history.
Finally, it was a blessing for me to accompany and guide this committed group of pilgrims on their spiritual journey in Rome. I’m grateful that they shared their faith, kindness and trust with me.

All in all, the pilgrimage with 206 Tours was, as always, a beautiful and enriching experience for me.

Therefore, I look forward to leading Tour # 40: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Lisieux and Paris (August 7-20, 2022).
I hope the preparations for this departure go as planned and I’ll be able to set out for the next pilgrimage with you.

I keep all 206 Tours Team in my prayers!

In Christ,
Fr. Piotr

  • From: Deacon Peter
  • Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2022
  • To: Liz Shea
  • Subject: Deluxe Holy Land Deacon Peter
  • Tour 111-LUX

Hi Liz and Natasha,

Sorry for the late reply. I just want to let you know that this trip more than met my expectations and that I will be highly recommending 206 Tours to others. This was my first time going to the Holy Land (and on an overseas tour for that matter), so I really can’t compare it to another time, but I got the sense that we had some divine assistance along the way based on how everything just fell into place for us given all that is going on in the Holy Land and the World right now (I mean we had time to sing Silent Night at the spot where Jesus was born with no one else around. I could see that even Giovanni couldn’t believe it!) And to this last point, Giovanni is the absolute best!!

Thank you again for a life-changing experience and God Bless you all!

Sincerely in Christ,
Deacon Peter

p.s. did I mention that Giovanni is the absolute best!!

  • From: Patty
  • Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2022
  • To: Cara Camden
  • Subject: Holy Land and Jordan Patty
  • Tour 158

Hi Cara,
Better late than never! I am sorry it has taken such a long time to respond to you regarding our trip. It was UNBELIEVABLE!! Probably not an hour goes by without my thinking of the experience. On so many levels it was excellence. 206 Tours and your command of our trip was remarkable. Everything was excellence!
We had an outstanding group-so compatible in every way. Your organization and selection of hotels, the guides, stupendous, our schedule, restaurants – just everything!
May I call you tomorrow morning? Would love to have a personal conversation to relay my thanks,


  • From: John Morency
  • Sent: Friday, April 15, 2022
  • To: Liz Shea
  • Subject: Deluxe Holy Land John Morency
  • Tour 111-LUX

Good Morning Liz,

The entire pilgrimage was a superb experience! Great pilgrimage leaders (Deacon John Hunt, Deacon Peter Richardson and Bishop Robert Hennessey) and an absolutely outstanding tour guide (Giovanni?). Hotel accommodations, meals and travel schedule management within the Holy Land were all first rate. Given that Israel is just coming out of Covid, we toured all sites with very little competition from other tour groups. Even the weather cooperated. In addition, given that it was a relatively small group (about 20 of us), we all had the opportunity to get to know each other very well and became a spiritual family as the week went on.

Without a doubt, our faith has grown significantly as a result of this pilgrimage. Thanks to you, Natasha and the entire 206 team for providing us with the trip of a lifetime !


Jane and John Morency

  • From: Cheryl Hungate
  • Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2022
  • To: Series Tours
  • Subject: Shrines of Spain & Fatima cheryl hungate
  • Tour 57

Thank you for a wonderful pilgrimage.
Quico was an amazing tour guide. He was professional at all times.
He was incredible as he shared his knowledge, information, dates, spirituality, etc.
Quico is a bright young man with a personality type that he was able to communicate with a variety of pilgrims of all ages and walks of life.
He was aware of all of the pilgrims physical limitations, habits, needs, personalities, and provided all of us with a very safe environment.
Most informative pilgrimage out of the 8 I have been on.
The swag (206tour bags, etc) were used and enjoyed by all. Excellent quality!!!
I will continue to advertise 206tours by using my gifts you provided. Thank you!
I will highly recommend 206Tours to all of my friends and acquaintances!!!

Cheryl Hungate

  • From: Jeanne Deters
  • Sent: Monday, April 11, 2022
  • To: Series Tours
  • Subject: Holy Land Jeanne Deters
  • Tour 111

Greetings, 206Tours team. . .

We have returned home from our March 2022 pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It is hard to put in words all the wonderful memories we made while on this pilgrimage. Sa’id Mreibe’ was an excellent guide! His knowledge of the history of the Holy Land was phenomenal. He had a way of weaving that history with our Catholic faith. Sa’id’s attention to every detail and need was sincerely appreciated. He took excellent care of us on our pilgrimage while Ashoor (our bus driver) amazed us each day with his excellent driving skills.

Fr. Bob Newbury was a joy to have on our pilgrimage. He was excellent as our spiritual guide while being someone who fit in as one of the pilgrims. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Fr. Bob.

I must also mention our sincere appreciation of Lufti (the young man who picked us up at the Tel Aviv airport). Paul had inadvertently misplaced his phone in the airport which he discovered after we were outside of security at the baggage claim area. Lufti navigated the process of locating and retrieving Paul’s phone which we feel was a miracle! Without his kind, patient tenacity, the phone would have been forever lost.

We truly look forward to participating in another 206 Tour. You all are the best!

Sincere regards,

Jeanne and Paul

  • From: Mike Zoellner
  • Sent: Monday, April 4, 2022
  • To: Cara Camden
  • Subject: Luxury Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Mike Zoellner

Hello Cara.
Thanks very much for the follow up.

As you know, our pilgrimage was very much anticipated by everyone, and we had high hopes when we put this together.
I have to say that you and Giovanni and Suliman definitely exceeded expectations on virtually every level.
We all had an extraordinary experience that created life changing moments with really no hiccups.
You were always very attentive, timely and responsive.
Giovanni was over the top. Without question the best guide we have ever had in our many international travels. He has a gift.
The accommodations we all very comfortable/nice and the drivers were each very responsible and courteous.
Fr John was an amazing spiritual guide, and all our daily mass locations were prepared nicely and provided very special liturgies.

Bottom line – we will be recommending 206 Tours to everyone we know and I’m pretty sure we would like to travel with you again.
Thanks for everything you did to make our experiences so special.


Mike Zoellner

  • From: Fr. Ferruccio Cagna
  • Sent: Friday, April 1, 2022
  • To: Series Tours
  • Subject: Fatima, Spain & Lourdes Fr. Ferruccio Cagna
  • Tour 37

It was a well done pilgrimage. The small group responded and shared with interest.
The communication within was soon established and we felt at ease from the first day.
Spiritual activities were well timed – all services excellent.
Fr. Ferruccio

  • From: Greg Fisher
  • Sent: Friday, April 1, 2022
  • To: Series Tours
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to The Holy Land Greg Fisher
  • Tour 111

Trip was awesome! 206 (Said and Father Bob) were the perfect team…knowledgeable, efficient, and we were never disappointed in accommodations and food.

I have 2 comments for improvement:
1. Our Covid tests prior to departure were supposed to have passports on the results. Many of us could not accomplish this. If 206 is going to continue to strongly push this, it will help if you can find testing cites that can accommodate this requirement. Otherwise I recommend you soften the language in the final paperwork to a suggestion as opposed required.

2. Avoid using Austrian Airlines whenever possible. They were horrible. The worst was, after checking our bags, going through multiple security checks, I was told I needed an N-95 mask at boarding time. I was lucky that another passenger had a spare otherwise they were not letting me on the plane. The company should’ve given more notice to this requirement… you don’t wait until boarding time to drop a bomb like that. I flew Lufthansa on the last leg of my trip and I felt like I went from a Hyundai to a Cadillac.

Otherwise I just feel so blessed that I went, that I had such a great group, that we had Said and father Bob leading us…just couldn’t have been any better.

Greg Fisher

  • From: Fr. John
  • Sent: Friday, March 25, 2022
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Medjugorje Fr. John Gillis
  • Tour 1

Dear Rinda,

Having recently returned from Medjugorje after our 206 Pilgrimage tour from the 10-18 March my first comment is that of thanks for having been offered the opportunity to lead a tour and also thanks for the pilgrims of the previous tours I have led to Fatima and Lourdes who encouraged me to place this jewel of the Marian Crown to my continued growth in the knowledge of the immense love that the Immaculate Heart has for each of us. Truly this pilgrimage brought together some of the most devout souls who had a deep desire to experience this affirming and restoring love that we all need in our lives, I saw among them great courage, devotion and persistence in beseeching the intercession of Our Blessed Mother in their lives and indeed for the world. Leading such a group is more of a challenge in Medjugorje because the focus on the usual affairs such as Mass and times for prayer are amply supplied by St. James Church and the enthusiastic worshipers who display welcome and gracious spirits to all pilgrims. The accommodations provided were a key part of a time of rest and stressless movement to local events as being in the centre of town was a great blessing that allowed pilgrims to participate at their own pace. Meals were excellent and provided with the flexibility that allowed pilgrims complete access to local devotions and events.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the wisdom and knowledge of Slavanka who is a well known and loved member of the Medjugorje community. Indeed her intimate relationship with the visionaries and local pastors afforded us many blessings that few would receive. She went above and beyond in assisting us to accomplish what ever we needed help with. Also I now have a real experience of the origin of the company name “206 Tours” and understand better the implications. The staff at 206 also assisted pilgrims with the unfortunate circumstance of luggage problems during the influx of travel in Europe during this period.

Finally let me not to forget to thank the Lord for keeping us free from any threat of violence during this turbulent time in world history, we were truly under an open Heaven constantly being cared for by Our Blessed Mother.

Yours Truly

Fr. John

  • From: Chicpaul and Carmelita Becerra
  • Sent: Monday, March 7, 2022
  • To: Series Tours
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Mexico Chicpaul and Carmelita Becerra
  • Tour 206

Recently concluded our, my wife and I, Guadalupe Pilgrimage. we have a better understanding of Our Lady of Guadalupe. i grew up knowing Our Lady of Fatima as I went to elementary and high school at Our Lady of Fatima Academy, a Catholic school. We did did the Marian Tour last year with 206 Tours, visiting Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal and Our Lady of Lourdes in France. In Mexico, Javier Garcia, our tour guide, gave us a comprehensive history of Our Lady of Guadalupe by talking about the various aspects of how it came to be, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Juan Diego, the Bishop, Juan’s uncle Juan Bernardo, persecution of Catholics in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution and the anti-Catholic movement in the early 1900s. Grateful to be part of Guadalupe Pilgrimage, Feb. 24 to March 1.


Chicpaul and Carmelita Becerra
Victorville, California

  • From: Arlyn
  • Sent: Monday, February 28, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank you Arlyn
  • Tour 37

Dear Natasha and Alex

I hope all is well!

We wanted to thank you for the beautiful Marian Pilgrimage that you have planned for us, we have no words to express how grateful we are !!

It was a wonderful experience. The hotels and the food were excellent, our drivers Pedro from Salamanca and Hugo from Lisboa were very kind and professional. Our tour guides Javi and Filipe were amazing!!!! We can’t thank you enough.

We love all the places that we visited, we learned a lot. We had a spiritual experience and this pilgrimage touched our lives in so many ways! We enjoyed every minute.

Please call me when you have a minute so we can start planning our pilgrimage to Israel 2023!

May God continue blessing you and the 206 tours family!
Please thank Milanka from all of us.



  • From: Fr. Guido Gockel
  • Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank you! Fr. Guido Gockel
  • Tour 111

Dear Milanka,

We returned last night from again a well organized tour to the Holy Land. Also on behalf of Gabriele and the other participants, thank you! All went very well and the weather until the last day was excellent. Your guide Rami took good care of us. Its always a great joy to experience the amazing service of 206tours and its partners. We pray for a continued blessing of all you do.

With much love and God bless!
Fr. Guido

  • From: Arlyn De Leon
  • Sent: Monday, February 21, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank you - Marian Shrines Arlyn De Leon
  • Tour 37

Hi Natasha and Alex

I hope all is well with you and your family !

We wanted to thank you and your team for an amazing pilgrimage! We had a wonderful time and we were so blessed during all these days and felt the presence of God on our hearts!
You were on our prayers.
Javier, Filipe and our drivers were amazing, as well as the local guides.
We can’t express our gratitude to all of you!

May God bless you always,


  • From: Teresa De Moya
  • Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2022
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Lourdes, Espana & Fatima con La Familia San Mateo Teresa De Moya
  • Tour 37

God bless You. Fascinating pilgrimage, unspecting blessings, the fraternity of the group and of guides as well; programming to go with you on my next trip. 🙏

Teresa De Moya

  • From: Fr. Jason Brilhante
  • Sent: Monday, December 27, 2021
  • To: Series Tours
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Mexico Fr. Jason Brilhante
  • Tour 206

Merry Christmas!

Thank you! It was an enjoyable pilgrimage with excellent pilgrims and staff.
It was a joy to have Milanka on the pilgrimage and her husband Charlie.

Francisco our tour escort was excellent, the bus driver Rosario was excellent, and Francesca was outstanding!

Thank you for an excellent pilgrimage that was prayerful, spiritual, educational, and fun!

God bless 206 Tours!

Fr. Jason Brilhante

  • From: Katrina Zedan
  • Sent: Friday, December 24, 2021
  • To: 206 Tours <>
  • Subject: Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year from 206 Tours Katrina Zedan

I will always remember 206 tours. I met my future husband on a 206 tour in 2016 in Italy. We kept in touch and married in 2018. This is our daughter in 2021.
He was on tour with his mom. And I was on tour with my mom. So even our mothers met on the tour! It was amazing and we will go on tour again with you guys when this Corona situation has improved.

Merry Christmas to you all at 206 tours!


  • From: Betty Beyko
  • Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada Betty Beyko
  • Tour 37

Hello Milanka and Everyone at 206 Tours,

Merry Christmas to all. Hiking the Camino with Alesandro and Father Guido in May 2018 was a huge highlight of my life. I hope your company sustains this horrible virus inflicting the world – and that all your wonderful tours will continue once we return to normal. Please, God, let it be soon.

Wishing blessings to all there!


Elizabeth Beyko in Calgary

  • From: Manny & Theresa Tavares
  • Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2021
  • To: Series Tours
  • Subject: Mexico - Our Lady of Guadalupe with Fr. Jason Brilhante Manny & Theresa Tavares
  • Tour 206

I want to thank 206 tours for this beautiful pilgrimage to Mexico
And celebrate the feast of our Lady of Guadalupe
I feel so blessed and honored to serve Mass with father Jason Brilhante
The whole pilgrimage touched me
Specially when I visited the museum of Miguel Pro
I felted so bless that I broke down
God bless you for this beautiful experience
And God bless father Jason Brilhante

Manny & Theresa Tavares

  • From: Sandy Pawlak
  • Sent: Thursday, December 2, 2021
  • To: To: Alexandra Bar Dales
  • Subject: Fr. Bob Franco to Portugal, Spain and France Sandy Pawlak
  • Tour 37

HI Alexandra,

I went on the pilgrimage back in September with Fr. Bob Franco to Portugal, Spain and France. It was a fantastic experience. I feel so much closer to the Blessed Mother now. It changed my life.

A big part of the reason was our guide, Quico Prado. He was amazing. His expertise and kindness during the entire time made the trip so much more enjoyable. He was always there to see to our needs.

One of the things I was looking for in Spain was a spice called saffron. It comes from Spain and you can buy it here but it is very expensive. I mentioned it to Quico and he helped me look but we never did find a place that sold it. He told me that he would continue to look and send it to me if he found it. You can imagine how surprised I was to receive a package in the mail the other day. It was the saffron from Quico!

I just wanted you to know how special Quico is. You are very blessed to have him as one of your guides.

Have a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best in 2022. Hopefully I’ll be able to travel with 206 Tours again in the future!

Sandy Pawlak

  • From: Fr. Piotr M. Paciorek
  • Sent: Monday, November 15, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Fr. Piotr M. Paciorek Fr. Piotr M. Paciorek
  • Tour 37


The Pilgrimage to Fatima, Portugal, Spain and Lourdes, France marked a powerful moment in our Christian life (October 31 – November 9, 2021). During this spiritual journey we experienced the presence of Our Lady through the witnesses of Saints Jacinta, Francisco, Lucia in Fatima, and Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes. Celebration of the Eucharist in the Chapel of the Apparitions in Fatima and in the Grotto of Apparition in Lourdes were inscribed in our memory as unforgettable events. We also experienced the preeminent spirituality of Teresa of Avila and Ignatius of Loyola in Spain.

When everyone during the last two years expected the end of epidemic, we received many blessings during our journey and experienced the graces of healing for ourselves and relatives.

On pilgrimage either as an individual or group of people united with similar desire and motivation, we journey toward God, while on the way, exercising the different spiritual practices including prayers, sacrifices, and mutual assistance. Pilgrimage helps us to better understand our human life and condition and helps everyone to understand each other, and to be much more charitable in daily activities.

I remain grateful to Tour 206 for allowing me to be a spiritual director on this journey, to our tour guide Leo, and to all pilgrims traveling with me Jinelle, Lucy, Maureen, Craig, Angel, Jeff, Al, Anita, Denise whose testimony of faith is for me a great reward.

Fr. Piotr M. Paciorek, PhD
Naples, Florida

  • From: Anita Karle
  • Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Fatima, Spain & Lourdes Anita Karle
  • Tour 37

Dear Milanka,

I tried to send a quick thank you email after our arrival in Lisbon for the unexpected surprise of wine, pastries and fruit but it never showed as sent and disappeared from my outbox… sorry! Not sure why I have trouble only sending but want to make sure you know how much your thoughtfulness was appreciated and enjoyed.

From the time we spotted Leo at the Lisbon airport this was an unforgettable journey! Not sure if it is because we have not been on a pilgrimage the last two years or knew we were visiting familiar sites with enormous love and sacrifice and were thirsty to travel with others who shared our faith again. A pilgrimage is not a trip or vacation but a journey from every day living to me. And after the past 18 months of the pandemic, we wanted to escape! Our friends Angel and Jeff were in total “awe” and their excitement was contagious!

We have had excellent guides with all our past 206 Tours who looked after details, provided special treats and surprises but Leo was more than a guide, he was like a pilgrim himself at times which I liked, but always a shepherd looking after his flock! His faith and love for others shine.

While in Salamanca, another surprise when Leo ran into Chico our guide in 2019. We were happy to hear he and wife had a baby girl during the pandemic and was a blessing, I thought for him to be home at that time. It was great to see two guides renew friendship.

Fr. Piotr, the best spiritual director we have had! He is a walking Christ like on earth. He opened each morning with a positive prayer of thanksgiving for blessings coming our way that day. He was always so calm and a glowing light of his love of God and Mary. He is a spiritual gift from God! We will seek him out on any future pilgrimage.

I could go on and on about our pilgrimage but want to send you a heartfelt thank you, for taking the risk of a tour company, especially a Catholic one, so we and many others can visit and experience the wonderful gift of sharing our faith and to experience it grow in love with Jesus, Mary and all the saints. God bless you and as my husband Al a retired Marine always says, I encourage you to keep charging!

Anita Karle

  • From: Angie Rodrigues
  • Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank you Rinda and Patrick Angie Rodrigues

Hi Milanka,

I wanted to write to you to let you know how great I am for your wonderful staff they are the best in particular Rinda who from the very start helped us with our extension tour to Dubai. She did an excellent job. She is always on top of everything and answers my email or questions immediately. I also want to commend on Patrick who helped me and my friends to logon to put on our initial deposit he stayed with me till the end so I can in turn teach my friends. He knows I was loosing patience and complaining why can’t we not just get a form I can copy them scan each one and send via email no going to the post office. I’m telling you he was so courteous in explaining it to me.

You are very fortunate to have such great staff I know you are equally a very nice boss to work with.

God bless you all and more power to 206 Tours such a great wonderful tour company Take care & God Bless,


  • From: Cheri Lian
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to All Italian Shrines | October 11 - 24, 2021 Cheri Lian
  • Tour 103

Hi Rinda!

Yes we’re back and the trip was beyond what I anticipated!!! This was my 3rd Pilgrimage with 206 Tours and certainly not my last, if God allows! I never thought any other trip could come close to my experience in Jordan and the Holy Land, but my 13 days visiting the Shrines in Italy was truly unbelievable! I have only traveled with 206 Tours and Fr. Sean Connolly. Father was assigned to my Parish for 3 years and we became good friends. At his invitation, I signed up for the Holy Land and it was a life altering trip for me.
I absolutely love traveling with Fr. Connolly and 206 Tours! Everything is arranged for us and our guides are phenomenal! I have no complaints at all! I have told numerous friends about my experiences and many of them are going to join me on future trips.

Thank you for everything Rinda!!! Working with you through the trials of traveling during COVID and the flooding of my basement from hurricane IDA was a pleasure. You are terrific!!!!

Cheri Lian

  • From: Esteban Achico
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: All Italian Shrines Esteban Achico
  • Tour 103

Yes thank you!!! All the pilgrimages that we joined had been very satisfying, but this one gives extra spiritual lift, enjoyment, family feeling and plenty of walking exercise. Although the walking part was a lot, I know that my body needs it to excite the sleeping joints and muscles. I definitely enjoy the attention and help from our driver and guides, especially you Rinda and your company. The food and hotels were good, including the beautiful scenery through our hotel window. I am working on some pictures that I took along the way and share them with you later (picture transfer problem from camera to computer).

Esteban Achico

  • From: Therese
  • Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • To: Slavenka
  • Subject: Medjugorje Medjugorje
  • Tour 1


I just wanted to send a little note to let you know how very much I appreciate you and all that you did to support our pilgrim group a few weeks back.

You are all knowledge, patience, insight, kindness, support and helpfulness! Thank you so very much for making the pilgrimage such a special experience for all of us, in particular for me and for my niece Madeline. And thank you for sharing your faith with us during the trip.

You’ve set the bar SO high Slevenka – I just cannot say thank you enough. I just hope that more and more pilgrims start to return to Medjugorje and you can see business, industry increase and beautiful expressions of faith continue.

God bless you and your family, and I look forward to traveling back to the area and seeing you in the future,


  • From: Lucy Simao
  • Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • To: Piernha Marc
  • Subject: Medjugorje Lucy Simao
  • Tour 1

It was my husband’s first time going.. He was so moved he will be going back again.. Thank you so much for everything.

Lucy Simao

  • From: Dr. Miguel A. Acevedo
  • Sent: Friday, October 22, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: El Camino DR. Miguel A. Acevedo
  • Tour70

I just came back last night from doing El Camino in Spain. This is the second Pilgrimage we have done with 206 Tours and we are very grateful.

Quico, our Tour Escort, is fantastic. He is what you expect from a Tour Guide and more. First, he is a devout Catholic who know the Church and wants to be sure we get the maximum religious experience from the Pilgrimage. Second, he is a knowledgeable tour guide, he is always sure the hotels, the transportation, luggage, meals, local tours, transport, etc. are on time and are excellent. Coordinating a tour for so many people is amazing and he does a terrific job at it. Third, he is just a “good guy”, easy to talk to, shows no favoritism, and dominates the language. He is a guy I would not mind to have as a friend. Thank you for having him in your staff, It talks volumes about your commitment to people.

Father Peter Glabik was a great choice for this small group. He is funny, easy to talk to, a great preacher and an outstanding spiritual director for a Journey like this. He walked with us all the way, sharing experiences and laughs while providing for the spiritual needs of the group.

Finally our driver Pedro Marcos did an outstanding job being present at the check points and lunches, handling the luggage, and at all the accommodations. He is also very funny and easy going, he made a big difference for me and my wife Yvette.

Overall, great Pilgrimage. Thanks for what you do and God Bless!!

Dr. Miguel A. Acevedo

  • From: Richard James Terrill
  • Sent: Monday, October 18, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Lourdes Richard James Terrill
  • Tour37

Good morning Rinda,

Once again you, your 206 staff, and all the people that assisted me in Lourdes did an excellent job. I really appreciate all of the hard work from each of you and hope that as the pandemic subsides your business will get back to normal and thrive.

Bless all of you and stay well and be safe,
Richard J. Terrill

  • From: Bernadette Fox
  • Sent: Monday, October 18, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage the Best Shrines of France Pilgrimage the Best Shrines of France

This was the most enjoyable and spiritual trip ever. Tour guide and priest were the greatest.

Thank you always

Bernadette Fox

  • From: Nancy Coelho
  • Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Tour 70 El Camino-- The Way of St. James Nancy Coelho
  • Tour70

Hi Milanka,

Thank You for your kind gesture.

Tour 70 is our 4th pilgrimage with 206 Tours since we discovered 206 Tours in 2016. We just retired this year. God has blessed us with good health; so we are planning many pilgrimages with 206 Tours!

During this pilgrimage (Tour 70), we were celebrating our 40th Wedding anniversary on October 8th. The hotel arrangements for this pilgrimage were really great! It so happened that we were staying in Pazo Brandeso, a 400-year-old palace with a private chapel on our anniversary day. We renewed our wedding vows in this 400-year-old chapel thanks to our Spiritual Director, and also our tour guide Cristina. Cristina arranged a wonderful dinner and a surprise cake, and champagne in this hotel. We were really overjoyed with these arrangements; after all who gets to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in a 400-year-old palace? It was a great celebration with fellow pilgrims after walking 12 miles on that day! (See the attached pictures.)

This is the second time we celebrated our wedding anniversary during the 206 pilgrimages! In October 2019 we were with 206 Tours (Tour 103) and we were pleasantly surprised during that pilgrimage also. So I guess we will be celebrating all our future anniversaries with 206 pilgrimages because we like the spiritual aspect of it. It’s a simple celebration, but we have the profound joy of celebrating in a pilgrimage setting.

We do pray for all 206 Tours staff who helped us make this pilgrimage a great spiritual experience.

God Bless,
Nancy + Venkata

  • From: Matthew Fung
  • Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage the Best Shrines of France Matthew Fung
  • Tour5

Dear Rinda:

Thank you for your email. Tour 5 exceeded my expectations.

I would first of all like to let you know that our guide Javier was excellent. He took care of those who were elderly and slow in returning to our meeting place, and he showed us good films on St. Bernadette, St. Therese of Lisieux, and St. Joan of Arc on long drives. In Paris, when he saw that many pilgrimages were interested in going to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, he took the whole group there even though it was not on our itinerary.

Our driver, Miguel, was a most skillful driver than I was glad we had him for the second time. He was very good at making difficult turns and keeping the motorcoach steady on speed bumps. He was also very courteous.

I like all the pilgrimage sites on the itinerary. I am especially glad that the itinerary include Rocamadour, which is not only beautiful but a site that I did not know until this tour.

All the hotels were good, but I especially want to commend Novotel Tou Eiffel for its comfort and good cuisine, Grand Hotel de L’Esperance in Lisieux for its good cuisine, and Grand Hotel Moderne in Lourdes for the helpfulness of its staff.

Our spiritual director, Fr. Terry O’Connell, was very good in remembering to pray for the sick and our departed loved ones in his masses.

I would be happy to sign up for another tour with Javier, Miguel, and Fr. O’Connell.

Deacon Matthew Fung

  • From: Cecile Velasco
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Lourdes Cecile Velasco
  • Tour2

We had a wonderful time . My 95 yr old mother enjoyed it, her dream came true when we went to the Lourdes. Thank you ❤️

Cecile Velasco

  • From: Catherine Argel
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Santa Fe, New Mexico Catherine Argel
  • USA

Dear Cara,
My friends from Hawaii, San Francisco, CA. & myself want to express our appreciation for the marvelous job you had demonstrated on our recent Pilgrimage to Santa Fe, New Mexico (Oct. 2-8, 2021). Thanks to your hard work & organizational skills that made the pilgrimage a success.

We hope to join another 206 tour in the future.

We are grateful for everything you’ve done in your role as our Account Manager.

May God Bless you abundantly.

Catherine Argel

  • From: Randy and Shelly Chloupek
  • Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: All Italian Shrines Pilgrimage Randy and Shelly Chloupek
  • Tour 103

We just returned from our Italian pilgrimage and I am so grateful for 206 Tours. We were a determined group of pilgrims who all pushed through Covid testing requirements to get to Italy and so I think we were bound to have a good time.

First of all, Father Glenn Morris was a great spiritual leader. He set the tone for our prayerful pilgrimage from night one when we met for our first Mass and night time rosary in St. Peters Square with intentions for each and everyone of us along the way. His daily homilies also had just the right words to encourage us on our journey. He even lead on on the Stations of the Cross using his personally written prayers. Oh, and we had Masses in such amazing chapels.

Vanessa, our 206 tour guide was also the best. She was so knowledgeable about history and faith, but most of all, she watched out for all of us, making good recommendations for places to eat and explore on our free time. She was so patient because even ordering coffee and coffee bars took some guidance and she was so patient.

And, Amos, our bus driver made the trip seem flawless.

We were quite a diverse group of pilgrims but I would say that this experience quickly made us friends.

Thanks again to Father Morris, Vanessa, Amos, all the other pilgrims, and 206 for helping us to make this pilgrimage happen.

Randy and Shelly Chloupek

  • From: Mary Ellen Virga
  • Sent: Thursday, October 7, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Medjugorje Mary Ellen Virga
  • Tour1

Dear Ivanka,

You are an inspiring guide because you live and breathe as a witness to what has occurred in Medjugorje. Your faith is evidenced in all that you give to us pilgrims, leading us in prayer, giving the history of the region, showing us and explaining the apparition sites, as well as caring for our individual needs, with the love of a believer in Jesus and Our Lady of Medjugorje.

May God continue to bless you as you guide and bring more people to the love of Our Lady who leads us always to Jesus, Our Savior. I thank you.

Mary Ellen Virga

  • From: Patricia A. Carrasco
  • Sent: Thursday, October 7, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Medjugorje Patricia A. Carrasco
  • Tour1

Dear Sandra,

This was my first pilgrimage but I have experienced tour guides many times. Ivanka was the most knowledgeable one I have ever experienced. In addition to her spiritual inspiration and knowledge of our Catholic faith. Her attention to detail and her pleasing way made my experience in Medjugorje even more special. I will always remember her and look forward to seeing her again on my next trip to Medjugorje. God bless her. —

Patricia A. Carrasco

  • From: Eileen Kerr
  • Sent: Thursday, October 7, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Wonderful pilgrimage to Medjugorje Eileen Kerr

Dear Sandra,

A few weeks ago I returned from a wonderful pilgrimage to Medjugorje staying at Ivan’s. I wanted to just share how much I appreciated Ivanka as our tour leader. She made a difference in how the week went so well . I know she went to extra trouble seeing to all the details and I am so grateful. I have been on a total of 21 pilgrimages so I know a great tour leader who thinks and acts on all that we pilgrims need to make our experience go so well. Ivanka was always on top of what we needed. I have already made my reservation for next June so looking forward to seeing Ivanka next year.

Eileen Kerr
Fairfax, Virginia

  • From: Tom and Jean Marie Lanzilotti
  • Sent: Thursday, October 7, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Tour Guide Ivanka - Medjugorje Tom and Jean Marie Lanzilotti
  • Tour1

Dear 206 Tours,

Ivanka, our 206 Tours tour-guide, is a saintly woman and we were so privileged and blessed to be with her during our amazing 8 day pilgrimage to Medjugorje from September 27th to October 5th, 2021.

Ivanka first greeted us at the airport in Dubrovnik with a genuine caring and concern for each one of us. She is a faith-filled woman who sincerely shared her faith with us throughout our pilgrimage in way that helped us to grow deeper in our own faith.

Ivanka has many natural gifts. She is a true leader with a motherly heart. She is patient and kind and went heroically out of her way many times to help us in so many ways. She is extremely knowledgeable in her faith and in the history of Medjugorje. She is very approachable and humble, and she truly enriched us with her many wonderful sharings.

She is privileged to have been present at the very beginning of Our Lady’s appearances in Medjugorje.
Ivanka competently and prayerfully led us up Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain and shared with us many of her own experiences as a seasoned tour-guide.

Ivanka was also the interpreter for Ivan when he shared Our Lady’s daily apparition visits and messages with us. She translated Ivan’s messages from Our Lady with so much dignity and respect.

Ivanka is very organized, responsible and dependable. She arranged for us to have our pre-travel COVID-19 testing right at Ivan’s home where we were staying which was so convenient for us and another example of her genuine concern for us.

Ivanka was up early in the morning with us on the day of our departure. She rode 3 hours with us to Sarajevo International Airport. Then she stayed with us in the airport to make sure we were all successfully checked in. We felt so loved and cared for and found it so hard to say goodbye to our dear new friend in Medjugorje.


Tom and Jean Marie Lanzilotti
Wantage, New Jersey

  • From: Fr. Glenn Morris, OP
  • Sent: Monday, October 4, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: All Italian Shrines - September 20 - October 3, 2021 Fr. Glenn Morris, OP
  • Tour103

Dear Rinda,

The pilgrimage/tour went off very well. The group was very cooperative. I was concerned for two of the pilgrims, one was 87 years old and the other has been suffering from chemotherapy. But they held up very well and all the climbing uphill and down valley did not deter them. The guides in the different places were very good and the bus driver very careful.

The tour escort, Vanessa, was excellent. All of us found in her a person who is calm and ever willing to help. She was able to anticipate possible complications. What I liked about her, was that though she is Portuguese, she had a very good knowledge of Italy and all the shrines we visited. Evidently she has been on those trips before but it was amazing how knowledgeable she is. Personally, I would like her to be the tour escort for my next pilgrimage in June, since it is on the Classic Shrines of Italy. So almost all the same places to visit and she would be wonderful to have to work with. I don’t know if we can make such requests. But, if it is possible, it would be great to have her on my next pilgrimage in June, if there is nothing that comes up before that?

With all good wishes. I am happy that 206 is back on the road and I hope that things will only improve day by day for you all.
God bless

Fr. Glenn, OP

  • From: Maricel Bernardo
  • Sent: Saturday, October 2, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Shrines of Spain Maricel Bernardo
  • Tour56

Hi Rinda,

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive prior to going to Spain due to COVID. I am very glad I decided to reschedule and go on this pilgrimage. The pilgrimage gave me the opportunity to refocus on what is important. I feel renewed and invigorated. I loved that it was a small group. My fellow pilgrims and Fr. Carlos were wonderful. Leo, our guide, is fantastic who went above and beyond. Leo is a blessing, and I am thankful and grateful for his kindness and understanding. The local guides were great. Time went by too fast.

The travel was longer than usual (too many transfers). It is understandable with our current situation. Any hiccup that occurred worked themselves out.

Thank you 206 Tours for providing these opportunities. I plan to continue to participate in future pilgrimages as long as I can.

God bless,

Maricel Bernardo

  • From: kathleen pawloski
  • Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage the Rome, Assisi and the Shrines of Spain Pilgrimage the Rome, Assisi and the Shrines of Spain | September 6 – 28, 2021
  • Tour56

It was wonderful. ! Thank you for all your help !


  • From: Gloria Chavez
  • Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Lisieux, Paris & Medjugorje Gloria Chavez
  • Tour41

The pilgrimage was beyond what I could’ve imagined. All the beautiful cathedrals, the relics and the people I met were fabulous. Father John’s homilies were exceptional and I really enjoyed talking to him and how he was such a wealth of information. The hotel in Lisieux, France catered to our every need. The breakfast there was outstanding and personnel very friendly. It was a pleasure to be there. The room at the Pullman in Paris was awesome.

Gloria Chavez

  • From: Dave Zarrelli
  • Sent: Friday, September 24, 2021
  • To: Alexandra Bar Dales
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Fatima Spain and Lourdes Dave Zarrelli
  • Tour37

Theresa and I had a wonderful experience on this pilgrimage. We had a tour director and a bus driver that did a extraordinary job of leading us throughout our itinerary. The hotels , meals , and places visited were exceptional. 206 Tours is tops in delivering a rewarding experience. Thank you and hopefully looking to book a future pilgrimage with 206 Tours.

Dave Zarrelli

  • From: Martin & Allie Villacastin
  • Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Lisieux and Paris Welcome Home | 40 | September 4-17, 2021
  • Tour40

Hi Rinda & team,

Our first Marian Pilgrimage with 206 tours have been an answered prayer during this unthinkable times! It certainly brought us fruits of great blessings! Our visits to the world’s holy places have been so awe inspiring and extraordinarily soul filling!. Our tour guide Javier had been exceptional – the best for his job!.The local guides and tour bus drivers were excellent! Fr. John G. had been anointed for the service and our spiritual journey! It is indeed an unforgettable lifetime experience for us! Thank you for all you do @ 206 tours!

God bless!

Be well,

Martin & Allie Villacastin

  • From: Jennifer Alderfer
  • Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Lourdes, Lisieux and Paris - September 9-17, 2021 Jennifer Alderfer
  • Tour8

Hi Rinda,

The pilgrimage to Lourdes, Lisieux and Paris was wonderful! We were all very fortunate and blessed to be able to go during these times, and to be able to have the experiences we encountered. For a small group, we were able to visit every place already pre-determined for the pilgrimage, and we had extra time such that we were able to stay in the various churches and sites for longer periods of time, and even having time to visit other nearby locations as well. The blessings and graces we received during this pilgrimage were felt by all!

Our tour guide, Javier, was amazing! Very kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and patient! It’s clear that he greatly enjoys guiding these pilgrimages and cares about us pilgrims. Javier ensured we all had what we needed, and was very attentive – easily identifying areas that greatly interested each pilgrim, and would provide additional tips/information on those aspects.

Our bus driver, Pierrick, was masterful behind the wheel, maneuvering our bus through tight and windy streets with ease (and a smile!).
I will recommend this pilgrimage and 206tours to everyone! This was my very first pilgrimage and I am very thankful to all at 206tours who made this possible! I will plan travel with 206tours again in the future!

Thank you and God bless!
Jennifer Alderfer

  • From: Carl Inzerillo
  • Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Camino Pilgrimage camino
  • Tour70

I note thank you. I had an awesome time in Spain your arrangements were unbelievable. The tour guide driver and priest were wonderful to whole experience you provided was perfect thank you again for your help and your whole pilgrimage was 5 star. I cannot thank you enough.

Carl Inzerillo

  • From: Fr John Gillis
  • Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Recent tour Recent tour

Hi Rinda,

I would like to thank you and all staff for the recent opportunity afforded to me as I led the tour from Lisbon, Portugal to Spain and then through France to Paris.

On my way to the airport on the day of departure I paid close attention to my iPhone expecting the tour to be cancelled at the very last moment due to the confusion regarding passports requirements for vaccines from country to country in the EU. I am certain these technical demands and various forms caused endless stress to your staff and all pilgrims. As I boarded the plane I surrendered all to the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother and her Son.

Appropriately we began from the church of St Anthony missing five of our small group who were caught in the paradox of time limits for COVID tests….perhaps they need something like A world standard time to satisfy all these various time requirements that lack application on long international flights, regardless God is good and St Anthony found our lost returning them to us in Fatima.

From this time I became aware of the intense desire of each of these pilgrims who had overcome so many obstacles to have a real encounter with our Lord and experience the love and care Our Blessed Mother wanted to bestow upon them. The compassionate care of our 206 guide Javier assured each one of their safety and excellent organization allowing for ease of check in and departure at each location. He always took care that meals were provided on time for late arrivals and early departures, Javier’s warmth was evident as he was greeted by the many staff whom he had not seen for two years.

From Lourdes to Paris we have been able to celebrate the Holy Mass in the principal locations with usually only our small group present. Everywhere we went we were given time for extra prayer and devotions, indeed we were graciously received.

Finally I would comment on the great desire that these pilgrims had to experience God the Father’s love and mercy and the healing Grace that came to them through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, there was not one pilgrim who stood out over the others, nor one place where grace was more present. We were under an open Heaven for the entire pilgrimage with God our Father showing His immense love and blessing through all those we encountered and weather that contradicted all forecasts of rain and foul weather.

Again my thanks to all the pilgrims, staff of 206 Tours and Our Blessed Mother for Her constant presence during this time. I have been greatly blessed.

Fr. John Gillis

  • From: Fr. Allen
  • Sent: Tuesday, July 6, 2021
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Medjugorje From Fr. Allen

Hi Rinda,

I had wanted to send this to you last week, so before it gets any later…I had a wonderful time on the pilgrimage. Medjugorje is such a peaceful place, and the local people were so happy to have pilgrims in their midst again after nearly a year and a half. The members of our pilgrimage group got along with one another very well and looked out for each other, which is one of the moving aspects of a pilgrimage–strangers instantly becoming friends. The weather was very hot during the day, but our schedule had most of the activities in the morning. I am ready to go back at any time.

Fr. Allen