Client Letters 2007

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  • From: Shirley Felker
  • Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2007
  • To: Kristen Ryan Shea
  • Subject: feedback Shirley Felker’s Group 20074

Dear Kristen,
Our trip to Medjugorje was an memorable occasion.
Our days were filled with one blessing after another and I can’t tell you how happy people were with the arrangements, housing, and our guide Slavenka. She is so knowledgeable.
This was my sixth trip to Medjugorje and I can tell you that Slavenka was the best guide I ever had. Thank you for working out all the details that make our trip to Medjugorje go so smoothly.
I also had a great trip to Ireland and the plane arrangements worked well for us also. Thanks for all your work.
I hope your holidays were blessed and that your new year will be filled with peace.


  • From: John & Val Sistare
  • Sent: Saturday, December 22, 2007
  • To: Kristin Shea
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Medjugorje and Poland 20075

Good Afternoon Kristen,
This was the 1st time we have ever used a tour company in our travels, all previous trips in this country and to Europe were booked by ourselves our thru friends & family members. We both agreed that this trip booked thru 206 tours was one of our best. The nice thing about it was that everything from the plane tickets, hotels, meals and transportation to & from the different places we visited was arranged & taken care of up front. This gave us more time to enjoy the pilgrimage. Our guides (Elizabeth in Poland & Slavenka in Medjugorje) were fantastic, very friendly, knowledgeable and good at keeping us on schedule. I think the thing that made it such a great experience were the people we met in our group, we were all of the same mindset, all looking to deepen our faith and willing to help each other on the journey. Whether it was climbing the mountain, sharing our thoughts during meal times or just listening as we walked together we couldn’t have asked for a better group. For this we will be eternally grateful. Thanks for all your help in putting this pilgrimage together. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,
In Jesus thru Mary,

John & Valerie

  • Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007
  • To: Kristin Shea
  • Subject: Linda Repici - Feedback from your pilgrimage 20076

Dear Kristin,
We can’t thank you enough for a well put together pilgrimage! We were very pleased with the hotels and tour guides. The Medjugorje home was beautiful, clean, had good food, and delightful family running it! We were very much pleased with everything. Also, Hotel Lero in Dubrovnik was a great choice. It was within walking distance, but we took the bus across the street, and in 5 minutes we were in Old Town. It was a fabulous vacation, and life changing!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting it all together!
Have a Blessed Christmas!
We look forward to our next pilgrimage!!! Any to Medjugorje? Let us know.

Paula and Don Bassolino

  • Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007
  • To: Kristin Shea
  • Subject: Re: Linda Repici - Feedback from your pilgrimage 20077

Hi Kristin,
The trip with Linda was great. The tour guide in Poland was wonderful and the restaurants were great. Hotel accommodations were top of the line. Medjugorje was no different. The host family was great and Slavenka is the best tour guide I’ve had in my four trips to Medjugorje.

Merry Christmas,
Ray Dunne

  • From: Lisa Bivins
  • Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007
  • To: Kristin Shea
  • Subject: No subject 20078

Dear Kristin,
Thank everyone at 206 for helping our group have a very spiritual tour of Rome. We are still in awe at our experiences. We had a great time. Merry Christmas to all.
The Bivins’ Girls,

Lisa, Melissa and Kristin!

  • From: Reynaldo Nicasio
  • Sent: Tuesday, December 4, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Tour 111 - The Holy Land - Nov. 4-13, 2007 20079

Dear Rinda,
How can I describe this particular pilgrimage? Terrific? Inspirational? Educational? Awesome? All of these but more than these.Overall, it was a once-in-a-lifetime journey in a present-time context. Somehow I felt I had been there before and that I never have really left this extraordinary place ! As the group went to a site, it seems as if I was there when all the biblical events are being related; i.e., I walked with St. Paul in Caesaria, partake of the multiplied loaves of bread, drank the water-turned-into-wine at the wedding in Cana, got baptized at the River Jordan, heard St. John the Baptist’s call to repentance, witnessed with the Apostles the Transfiguration, and heard the Word spoke, shouted with the mob for His crucifixion, cracked the whip on His flagellation, and many more. Before this pilgrimage, I have a fair idea of the Holy Land and its religious significance from watching documentary films, reading books, and others pilgrims’ testimonies. Yes, everything about the Holy Land is REAL. At the end of the pilgrimage, I was more thankful and appreciative of the love and great sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour. My faith was nourished and my perspective in life took a new meaning as I continue to this day to taste and see the goodness of the Lord. As we were heading for the airport, I felt that I was not really leaving Jerusalem. No, not at all! How can you leave behind all the blessings you received in that short stay? What I’m leaving behind probably is my old self. I’m taking home a new perspective and an invigorated outlook in life. I may be going away for a while, but someday, I will return, if only in spirit, to relive everything once again as a constant reminder of my purpose here on earth. I personally want to convey my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Gabriel, Fr. Keith Canterbury, Sammy (Tour Guide), Hamed (bus driver), the office staff in New York, and all the other pilgrims for making this tour a memorable experience. I have never met a more wonderful and professional people in my life.

Thanks be to God.
Reynaldo Nicasio

  • From: lilia hui
  • Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007
  • To: Jennifer Pinchasick
  • Subject: Italy Nov 19-28, 08 200718

Hi Jennifer,
I just want to tell you that we all have a wonderful time with your Italian Shrines tour, we enjoyed the pilgrimages, hotels, and foods. All the necessary connections for the trips planned and provided by you worked flawlessly. The tour guide and the driver are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. All in all a wonderful pilgrimage trip. If the tour bus has a toilet, it will be perfect. But the driver did stopped often for breaks and so there is no problem. We are not the only satisfied customers, others in this tour group also express favorable opinions about this trip. We are planning to have more trips with your company for the future if you dont mind us keep calling you with questions.
Thanks again for planning such a nice, perfect tour.


  • From: Grace M
  • Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours, Milanka
  • Subject: Medjugorje Pilgrimage 200711

Hello Milanka,
I shared with Kristin how our pilgrimage went and I hope you read about it too. Well, it’s been two and a half weeks since we arrived and I still find myself many times during the day thanking God and our Blessed Mother for all the blessings and graces poured upon us in this pilgrimage. I just want to let you know again that 206 Tours was truly chosen by the Lord to accompany us in this spiritual journey. (I hope you recall my testimony in April, ’07 about the planning of this pilgrimage.) Everything was so organized. The nearness of Dubrovnik Hotel to the church was so convenient. The staff, the guides, the people we met were all so loving, kind, and wonderful. It was so easy to see Jesus in all of them.

Thank you again for all the work you do in bringing people to holy places. May the Lord continue to bless all your efforts for His honor and glory. Jesus is Lord of Lords, King of Kings!

In His love,

  • From: Adriana Ludgate
  • Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Diocese of Rockville Centre Pilgrimage 200717

Hi Billy,
The Diocesan Pilgrimage to Rome was an absolute delight. I was tired but happy upon my arrival to the U. S. One suggestion….That first day, after being awake for so many hours, it would have been nice to have a few hours of rest and/or sleep before boarding the bus for Mass and dinner. Maybe next time. Our tour guide, Anna, was absolutely wonderful. She was upbeat and a lot of fun in addition to having much expertise in her field. I had the distinct honor of being a lector at St. Peters Basilica. The photo which was taken with my camera did not turn out. Is there any way I could find out if a professional photo was taken. There was a photographer there who took much footage and may still shots. Please advise.Thank you so much for all of your courtesies before, during and after the trip.

Adriana Ludgate

  • Sent: Friday, November 23, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Diocese of Rockville Centre Pilgrimage 200715

I can’t thank you enough for the planning of this wonderful pilgrimage. Never been to Rome. It was incredible. The Masses everyday in the basilicas, N. American College, St. Agnes. trip was very well planned. even got used to getting up at 5 AM. Fr. Jim as usual was wonderful, as was Bishop Murphy, and the other bishops & priests we met. I know I could not have accomplished all that we saw if we had tried to do it on our own, or gotten the info. I especially want to tell yu how much we loved our tour guide, Gaia. All on our bus fell in love with her from the moment she said my name if Gaia. She is not only a beautiful person, but it was obvious to us that she loved doing what she does. She made the tour. So we thank her. It was unfortunate that on Sat. nite, she was in a car accident, hurt her shoulder so she couldn’t come to lunch with us our last day, but she was there on Monday to go to the airport with us and was picking up another tour at the airport. What a special person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again thanks for all that yu did, especially when my husband had to cancel & the changing of my seats on the plane. You were easy to talk to & 206 made our trip something to remember.

  • From: Barbara Rahilly
  • Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Italy Diocese of Rockville Centre Pilgrimage 200710

Hi Billy!
You missed a wonderful, incredible trip. The pilgrimage was truly incredible and surpassed any expectations I had! From start to finish, the attention to detail was evident in everything, from the kick off meeting to our final farewell luncheon. I look forward to taking more tours with you!
I was especially please with the personal attention and care that was given to my meals as I have Celiac disease and need to maintain a gluten free diet. The service was exemplary!

Barbara Rahilly

  • From: Ann Kristoffersen
  • Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Diocese of Rockville Centre Pilgrimage 200712

Hi Billy,
The pilgrimage was everything I had hoped for. Our guide (on the Red Bus) was Gaia – and she was just fantastic. Her knowledge of Rome and her enthusiasm was very evident and made each trip with her so enjoyable. She is what a real guide should be – in every way. Thanks to Fr. Jim as each day was so special – Mass at each beautiful cathedral was emotional. I can’t think of anything that was negative.

Thanks for your help. I will always remember this “special” trip.
Ann Kristoffersen

  • From: Joanne Freisem
  • Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  • To: Billy Ryan
  • Subject: Diocese of Rockville Centre Pilgrimage 200716

This was my first Pilgrimage (but not my first trip to Europe), and it was wonderful!
Special notice should be given to the RED bus tour leader, Gaia. She was, by far, the best guide I have had the pleasure to meet. Always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were all having the best experience ever. Right from the first day her attention to detail and her happy personality made the trip a pleasure.The hotel accommodations, restaurants, buses and other arrangements were all wonderful. I was one very happy pilgrim! Keep up the good work – I would definitely travel with 206 Tours again!

Joanne Freisem

  • From: Madeleine Babineau
  • Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  • To: Billy Ryan
  • Subject: Medjugorje 2007 200




  • From: Father Paul Colling
  • Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007
  • To: Billy Ryan
  • Subject: Italy 200713

Dear Billy,
Karin was a wonderful tour escort! The Pilgrimage was excellent too! We were able to celebrate Mass is such holy places. I think it was a very spiritual experience for one an all. There was some issues with the planes; i.e. many didn’t have boarding passes from Frankfort to Rome, and one person didn’t get her luggage checked to Rome due to a problem with the machine checking us in Denver. The seats on the plane were better than expected, sorry I grumbled about that. I met the President of 206 Tours. She was very nice. If and when I lead another Pilgrimage I will deffinately visit with 206 Tours.

Father Paul

  • From: Janet Siska
  • Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007
  • To: Billy Ryan
  • Subject: Diocese of Rockville Centre Pilgrimage 200714

Dear Billy,
My husband and I were very impressed with the Pilgrimage to Rome. Our “Mama” Anna was wonderful; very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. She is a big asset to 206 Tours.
The location of the hotel to the center of things was greatly appreciated. We could walk to most attractions.
We both feel that we could have never done all that was included in the Pilgrimage for the amount that it cost for each of us, if we tried to do it on our own.
Early morning Mass it St. Peter’s plus the audience with the Pope were two highlights that we will never forget. St. Peter’s without the crowds is truly impressive.

Thank you for making our trip unforgetable.
Janet Siska

  • From: Tamburelli Construction
  • Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Medjugorje 200719

Dear Rinda,
We found your pilgrimage to be one of excellence. Your information on how to prepare us for our trip was the best we have ever had. Our stay in Medjugorje was truly a pilgrimage, not just a tour! Our guide couldn’t have treated us better, very considerate of our faith, our needs, and always informative on all aspects of Medjugorje. When we arrived at our hotel in Dubrovnik we were greeted with a letter from 206 tours, thank you so much for keeping in touch with us. By the way, your choice of hotel in Dubrovnik was the best!! It was so beautiful. Your company will handle any further pilgrimages we will be taking.

Our Thanks,
Pat Tamburelli
Lynn Smith
Michaeleen Smith

  • From: Luzviminda "Elvie" Llaneta
  • Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2007
  • Subject: No Subject 200721

Dear Kristin and Staff of 206 Tours,
I would like to thank you all for a wonderful and miraculous pilgrimage to Medjugorje. You really did a wonderful job and your tour guide, Ivan, is a very honest and trustworthy person and your company is so blessed with such a wonderful group working for you.Thank you again for getting me all aisle seats during the trip. It makes a big difference when a person is disabled like me! May God continue blessing you all with His love and graces.
Best regards,

Luzviminda "Elvie" Llaneta

  • From: Maxine Mueller
  • Sent: Friday, November 16, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: RE: The Holy Land - NOVEMBER 200724

Hello Rinda,
Wow, what a wonderful trip. Even though the surroundings were different from the last time visiting there, the trip was still amazing. Our driver Hamed and our guide Sami were incredible. We met the owner and received his gifts which were so beautiful. An wonderful spiritual man indeed. We had several miracles provided while we were there and needless to say we were blessed over and over again. Our priest, Fr. Keith Canterbury was just delightful and shared his story with us as the days progressed. What a humble man with lots of spunk! We loved it. As an industry professional, we will be ever so thoughtful of your company when recommending a pilgrimage. We were certainly impressed with the aggressive itinerary, but yet, the pace seemed just right. The folks who were on the tour with us were also duely impressed. Your company is to be commended in their choices of destinations, and the professional manner in which your deliver the ‘goods’.

Thanks so much.
Maxine Mueller
Century World Travel
The Woodlands TX

  • From: Jacqui
  • Sent: Friday, November 16, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Lisbon, Spain and Lourdes - NOVEMBER 200725

I wanted to write to tell you how smoothly everything went on my tour. I went on #37 to Fatima-Spain-Lourdes and it was a dream! The highlight of my trip was having daily Mass in historical churches and shrines. What a blessing! The people on my tour were lovely. The tour guide, Jesus was professional and extremely accommodating. I could not have imagined such an experience. I am so spiritually filled up! I would not hesitate to go on another tour with 206 or recommend you to others.

Thanks again!!

  • From: Michaeleen Smith
  • Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Medjugorje - November 200720

The tour was beyond our expectations. Everything went extremely well. I would like to recommend the two guides: Ivan in Medjugorje and Sylvia in Dubrovnik. They both went well out of their way to see that all our needs were met and were extremely knowledgeable about the history and people of their cities. Our accommodations were wonderful, especially the Hotel Presidente in Dubrovnik, what a beautiful city! Your information booklet sent in advance was very useful for packing and preparing for the trip. The only problems we had were with Croatia Airlines at the Dubrovnik airport; some poorly trained ticket agents and lost baggage. We also missed our flight in Denver to Colorado Springs due to delays in Frankfurt, but the peace, joy and spiritual rest we found in Medjugorje prepared us for the mishaps. How we wish we could have stayed forever!

Thanks so much to your staff for your hard work, We look forward to booking with you again next year!

Michaeleen Smith
Lynn Smith
Pat Tamburelli

  • From: Ron Longabucco
  • Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: The Holy Land - OCTOBER 200723

Dear Rinda,
Our trip to the Holy Land was fabulous, a magnificent place. We had a great time. We felt lucky to be part of such a thoughtful and considerate group of travelers. Jack Halis was probably the best tour guide we ever had. Knowledgeable in so many ways – religion, history, archeology; with excellent people skills. We strongly urge you to use him again and again. To have the opportunity to see first hand such awesome religious sites in a trip so well organized and grounded in true Christianity, was for us a wonderful experience. Meeting with your representative in Jerusalem underscored the plight of the Christians in the Holy Land and the importance of having selected this place for a pilgrimage. We took a chance selecting 206 Tours from the internet and couldn’t be more satisfied. Hope to be a customer again some day.

Ron and Liz Longabucco

  • From: Maria Belardo
  • Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: RE: The Holy Land - NOVEMBER 200727

Dear Rinda,
Our trip to the Holy Land was an amazingly wonderful spiritual experience. The Holy Land is the epitome of all pilgrimages. It was a dream come true for me and I feel very, very blessed.
Thank you to the 206 staff for a very well-organized tour. Sammy, the guide, and Hamed, our driver, did all they could to make our trip and our experience of Israel as great as possible.
God bless!

Maria Belardo

  • From: Isabel Jensen
  • Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
  • Subject: Oct.3-16/07-Shrines of Mother Mary:Lourdes, Spain, Fatima 200722

Dear Liz, Sandra, and Milanka,
To the 206 Tours staff, a big thank you! I am very grateful for the hard work that goes in launching and guiding each pilgrimage. Just finished my third 206 Tours pilgrimage with a wonderful group of prayer warriors/OCDS Carmelites/apostolic ministers and workers. This pilgrimage to Lourdes, Spain and Fatima was joyous and transforming.
Special thanks goes to our great coordinator, Gloria Sison and spiritual leaders, Father Peter and Father Mike. Their dedication, humble and joyous spirits were contagious and very uplifting. Special thanks also to our local shepherd, Jesus V. Garcia. He tirelessly brought us to numerous fountains of graces, some unexpected and now simply unforgettable, for example our private and delightful Mass at Sister Lucia’s old convent in Tuy, Spain. He constantly kept our spiritual wellbeing in mind while overcoming challenges. He certainly knew how to shepherd us through crowded plazas and streets during major feastday celebrations going on in many of our stops. Many thanks go to our driver, Joaquin who conquered with a smile: traffic jams, demanding timetables, and tiny parking spaces.
I am looking forward to discover more Spanish treasures/Carmelite spirituality with the same travelling team!
With many thanks and warm regards to all,

Isabel Jensen

  • From: Beth Tadena
  • Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours
  • Subject: Pilgrimage to Lourdes, Southern France and Shrines of Italy 200728

It has been more than two weeks since we flew back from a Pilgrimage to Lourdes and Southern France and exactly a year since we arrived from another pilgrimage to the Shrines of Italy. Both trips were arranged by 206 Tours. Presently, we are looking at the 206 Tours catalog for another spiritual and meaningful experience. I know that this paragraph speaks for itself. My husband and I are not unique in our dream of traveling once the children were grown. Now that we have reached this era in our lives, we did not know when, where of how to start. Our initial call to 206 Tours made our dream positively easy to achieve. We have been more than pleased with the smooth take-off that our travel plans headed since. The phone conversations with Rinda and Jennifer were pleasantly promising. I am sure they did not mind the numerous calls I made for the changes, clarifications and simple questions. Our travel packages arrived on time by Fed Exp with instructions, itineraries in a personalized booklet, a list of emergency contact and many more. Our flights for both trips did not have any major problems except for the slight delays of the individual airlines. Air France was on schedule and the food was terrific! Other pilgrims, we learned later on, had some airline problems but these were quickly and efficiently resolved by a simple call to 206 headquarters. No disruption to the flow of the pilgrimage occurred. Hotel accommodations were more than comfortable considering we were on a pilgrimage. My only suggestion is to have an alternative menu for pilgrims who have food idiosyncrasies. In France, some pilgrims did not eat the meal consisting of goat cheese, lamb or veal while other enjoyed the feast. For these few, chicken or beef could be offered instead. There is room for flexibility with 206 tour packages as well. One can choose to combine or deflect from the original itinerary easily if they wish to see other places. We met other pilgrims crossing into ours a few times. For all of us, what made the Pilgrimage to France most special was having Javier and Father Santos Ortega. Their actions spoke of God’s LOVE because the motivation came straight from their hearts. They mingled with us, knelt and prayed with us. There was so much love and spiritual growth in this cohesive group that the experience was intensely meaningful. We had tears at the culmination of our pilgrimage. We have many beautiful memories from our pilgrimage to France and Italy. The profound spiritual experience has enriched our lives today in many ways. Thanks to 206 Tours

Beth Tadena Tour Package #7 10/05/07

  • From: Ann Sparks
  • Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: RE: 206 Tours 200729



  • From: Karen Hartman
  • Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Holy Land Tour October 14-23, 2007 200731

Where do we begin to tell the story of how great a pilgrimage has been? Let’s start with our well-connected, thoroughly knowledgeable and utterly accommodating Palestinian Catholic guide, Jack, who was ably assisted by our capable driver, Sharif. Next let’s acknowledge our blessed spiritual advisor, Father Mani D. Lazar – a wonderful priest, genuine caring person, and great travel companion. Next we enjoyed joyful and solemn fellowship with our fellow pilgrims: Fathers Steve and Jim, Sister Jean, Mike and Mary, Nick and Marcia, Judy and Joanne, and our dear friends Liz and Ron and Barb and Phil. We saw and experienced so much it would be impossible and inadequate to relate it here. Suffice it to say, the gospels were brought to life for us on this pilgrimage. The gift we received will keep on giving. Every time we read or hear The Word of God we will be drawn back to our pilgrimage experience and to those sacred recorded events.

Thank you for all you do to make these pilgrimages so meaningful.
Tim and Karen Hartman

  • From: Barbara McKeaney
  • Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: The Holy Land - OCTOBER 200732

Dear Rinda,
I tried calling you a few times but you were out that week. Our trip was fabulous and our guide, Jack Halis was superb. We have gone on many trips but no one has compared to him. He is so knowledgeable and so thoughtful with everything he does. We would recommend him and your trip to anyone but I would definitely want him as my guide. I don’t know if you have a list of all the trips you offer but if you do please send or e-mail it to us because we go on a trip together every year.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and please give us some information.

Barbara McKeaney

  • From: Kathy and Ken Ryan
  • Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes - OCTOBER 200730

We took a trip to the east when we returned from our 206 tours and this is the reason we have not answered your email until now. Our trip was outstanding. Our accommodations in each city was very good and the food was excellent. The sites we visited each day were so very inspiring but the reason we enjoyed the pilgrimage so much was that we had such a knowledgeable and truly spiritual tour guide. Javier Alonso really made the trip for all of us. He really took excellent care of every detail and explained so thoroughly the beautiful holy sites we visited. He was so enjoyable to be with everyday and worked so earnestly to see that our trip was memorable. Having the opportunity for our parish priest to say daily Mass at the beautiful holy sites we visited made the trip perfect. Lufthansa was great to travel over to Frankfurt and would have been much better on the return. We would certainly search out another tour with 206 especially if we could have Javier as our tour guide. We will check into this in the future and discuss our plane reservations at that time to avoid another difficult return home after a pilgrimage. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss our trip with you.

Kathy and Ken Ryan

  • From: Grace Magbaleta
  • Sent: Friday, November 9, 2007
  • To: Shea, Kristin
  • Subject: Medjugorje Pilgrimage 200726

Hello Kristin,
God is good! All the time. That’s His nature. WOW!
We (22 of us, Rolando didn’t make it) all had experienced the love of God in a new and powerful way. We were so…o….o blessed. The presence of Mother Mary during her apparition to Mirjana was so strong, can’t miss it. An awesome experience.
Our stay at Dubrovnik Hotel made it even more wonderful. The nearness of it to church was so convenient that some of us were there in the early morning hours or late at night (when just a few people were there) to pray and meditate. All of the staff at the hotel were so friendly and made our stay pleasant. I’d like to say the same to our guides, Ivan Bosnia and to Marija and even our bus driver, Elijah. It was so easy to see Jesus in all of them.
Ratko’s (ground coordinator) call asking if everything was going well was unexpected as well.
NH Airport Hotel in Vienna was also beyond what we expected, a 4* or 5* hotel. Your description of it, 3minute walk from the airport was just that. Very, very convenient. Beautiful place and they had a great breakfast buffet.
The whole thing was so organized.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you for a work well done and hope to work with you again in the future.

In God’s love,
Grace Magbaleta and group

  • From: sharon Hess
  • Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes - OCTOBER 200733

Our trip was wonderful! Our tour guide was great. If I ever go again I know that no one would could top him.

Thank You,
Sharon Hess

  • From: judy cafaro
  • Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: The Holy Land - OCTOBER 200734

I have been meaning to email you ever since we got back. It was a wonderful trip both spiritually and emotionally. We had a super group and a fantastic tour guide in Jack. He probably is the most knowledgeable guide I have ever had on a trip. The weather also co operated.

Thank you again,
Judy Cafaro

  • From: Michael Tenny
  • Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2007
  • To: 'Rinda Kanidinc'
  • Subject: RE: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes - OCTOBER 200736

Dear Ms. Kanidinc,
We greatly enjoyed our Pilgrim Tour #37 with you 206 group. The highest praise goes to your employee and our guide, Javier! He was professional, prompt, Spiritual, educational, friendly, entertaining and very reverent. I could not imagine a better trip and we will travel with you company again soon. The highest possible praises to Javier, and if he is typical of your organization, you will prosper and always be blessed with good fortune.

Best wishes,
Michael and John Tenny

  • From: Mr. Echausse
  • Sent: Wednesday, November 7, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: Medjugorje - OCTOBER 200735

The trip was amazing, the house I stayed at was clean and had all the accommodations that a pilgrim would need. Our tour guide Dragon, was excellent. 206 Tours pamphlet help me prepare both physically and spiritually for my trip to Medjugorje.

Tim Echausse

  • From: Joe Mundakal
  • Sent: Monday, November 5, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Medjugorje - October 200738

Hello Dear Rinda,
Greetings from Fr. Mundakal! I just want to thank you for our Medugorje Pilgrimage we had this last week (Oct. 21-29). It was really wonderful as usual! Though we were only a few in number, we became very close within few hours! Everything was wonderful, the accommodation, food and all arrangements were all really great. Slavenka was very helpful and she made the special arrangements for us to have two private Mass for our group, and it was very special for us! Thank you for giving me two days in London! I really enjoyed my time there.

Please give my sincere thanks to Milanka and the rest of the Staff!
May the Lord continue to bless you all!

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Joseph

  • From: Linda Repici
  • Sent: Monday, November 5, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: Pilgrimage to Poland and Medjugorje - Oct 21-31, 07 200739

Hi Kristin,
The trip was wonderful. All of the pilgrims loved everything and we really bonded as a group. Our accommodations and tour guide, Liz, were great. We had dinner at 3 delightful restaurants in Poland. Our host family in Medjugorje is wonderful and Slavenka was superb as usual. I could not have asked for a better pilgrimage. Thanks so much for making it happen………. Again, I loved it all. Poland is a beautiful country and it is always good to go home to Medjugorje. By the way, we met Father Joseph and his group. He’s a special priest.

God bless,

  • From: Monica
  • Sent: Sunday, November 4, 2007
  • To: rinda@206tours
  • Subject: My trip to Italy & Medugorje 200740

Dear Rinda and Stefanie,
Sorry It’s been too long since I responded to 206 about my pilgrimage #94. I got sick two days after I got home and was ill for about 2 weeks. I just want to tell you that I had a fabulous pilgrimage. The connections were well planned and our tour guide, Mary Mercolini was the best and well knowledgeable about Italy. She taught us a lot! She became dear to my heart and I will keep in contact with her. What a wonderful and caring person! Our priest, Fr. Bernard Starman from Omaha Nebraska was the icing on the cake! He was very reverent and friendly to talk to. He spend time with each one of us! Our group was about 11 people, which made it very personal. He was easy to get to know and he had a great sense of humor. I hope you do more business with him and Mary! The mix-up with the spelling of my last name, didn’t come into play and I so much appreciate all you did to assure me of that. Your service was outstanding! I made 10 new friends because of this trip! We are even going to try and get together the same time next year! Don’t know where, but we will do it. God bless you and 206 Tours! What an awesome experience! I fell in love with Assisi!

Monica Cayia

  • From: Chan, Christina Y.
  • Sent: Thursday, November 1, 2007
  • To: Liz Shea;
  • Subject: No subject 200742

Dear Liz,
Praise and thanks be to God now and forever! Happy All Saints Day! I could not thank all of you enough for organizing this awesome trip; I will return my gratitude through my prayers for all of you. We have been blessed with bountiful of graces; thank you for being the instrument of God. In particular, I want to thank you for appointing Jesu as our tour guide and Juaquin as our bus driver. They have been extremely patient and kind with all of us and they went out of their way to ensure that we had an awesome Spirit-filled pilgrimage (and we did!). Please extend my gratitude to both of them. I hope and pray that if God wills, Jesu and Juaquin will be our tour guide and bus driver in future pilgrimage to Spain and surrounding countries.

I also want to thank Gloria for her prayers and her tireless planning with all of you for this Spirit-filled pilgrimage to France, Spain, and Portugal. I also want to thank Fr. Peter and Fr. Michael for their spiritual guidance and prayers throughout this pilgrimage; we have been double-blessed with two holy and humble priests. I pray and hope that I can go to future pilgrimages with either Fr. Peter or Fr. Michael.

I pray and ask our Lord and our Blessed Mother to continue to bless all of you, your family and your 206 Tours company. May we continue to walk humbly with our Lord each day on our earthly pilgrimage toward our Heavenly Home! May all the saints help us, teach us, and guide us in our path of holiness — to become saints ourselves!
Peace, Love, and Joy in Christ,

God Bless all of you!
All for Jesus through Mary with a smile!

P.S. I and my niece Cara also want to thank 206 Tours for the Spirit-filled pilgrimage to Medjugorje in September. We are blessed to have Fr. Donncha as our spiritual guide. His sacrifice, his prayers, his spiritual guide, and his humility have touched so many of us; we praise and thank God for the gift of this holy and humble priest. We want to thank 206 Tours for giving Fr. Donncha this special gift of accompanying us to Medjugorje and allowing him to celebrate his 50th anniversary of his priesthood in Medjuorje on Sept. 13th. Thank you with all my heart.

  • From: Edna Bernardo
  • Sent: Thursday, November 1, 2007
  • To: Liz Shea
  • Subject: Re: Welcome back home from the pilgrimage! 200737

Thanks a lot for arranging our trip to this pilgrimage. I really had a wonderful time and it was one of a kind experience. Our spiritual director Fr Peter and Fr Mike were very spiritual and guided us well in our spiritual journey. Gloria Sison was awesome!!! She was very prayerful and the whole group were all prayer warriors. We had a very good and patient tour guide Jesus from Spain. Our driver (
Joaquin) was very good and patient too. He kept us safe and very trustworthy in driving. Our whole trip was very fruitful and I really enjoyed the whole trip, from food, hotels, and all those churches and shrines we visited are all excellent. My whole journey was very satisfying and exciting, and there’s not one word to describe it. You guys were very helpful to make my pilgrimage a wonderful trip and something I will always remember and treasure. Praise God for all these people I’ve met along the way. I really had a good time and came home very happy and peaceful and I think I got healed in Lourdes with the water that gave me that strenght to walk those hills for our stations of the cross. Now I bring back with me all these good memories and continue to pray the rosary most especially for our priests. I can’t stop praising and thanking God for all these blessings and gifts. An experience of a lifetime!!!! Thanks again to all of you who made this trip possible and a success.

God Bless! Peace,

  • From: Rita Mantone
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: The Shrines of Italy and Medjugorje - SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 200741

Dear Rinda,
I wanted to thank you and all of 206 Tours for all you did to make this pilgrimage possible! We experienced such holy and fun times while visiting Italy and Medugorje! The three of us that left from Vermont met up with a group in Rome. These people were wonderful, faith-filled people and we had an awesome time together; from falling to our knees in Adoration before a Eucharistic Miracle to sipping glasses of wine on our patio overlooking the beautiful valley of Assisi! Our guide Mary looked after our every care, she is a gem!!! Our pilgrimage proceeded smoothly, except for some flight delays and annoyances, which have nothing to do with 206 Tours and is all part of the Pilgrimage experience!!! Our priests were great, especially Fr. Alex from Knoxville, who was very prayerful and thoughtful!

Thank you so much, I would use 206 Tours again!!! God bless you all!!!
Rita Mantone

  • From: Gloria Sison
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  • To: Liz Shea; Sandra
  • Subject: Gloria Sison Group feedback Oct 07 to Portugal Spain and France 200743

Dear Sandra and Liz,
Thanks be to God for this opportunity. Finally this ungrateful Christian got the chance to write you and to personally thank you for all you did to make our blessed pilgrimage a success.
In all our prayers, all our Rosaries, all the talks, all the Holy Hours that we did—– ALL MAINLY FOR THE SANCTIFICATION OF ALL PRIESTS.
Yes, as any event, there were oppositions, discouragements—-like delayed flights, fear of no Chaplain for one week, misunderstandings, negative comments—- but these PRAYER WARRIORS of ours were NOT dissuaded but ROSE UP TRIUMPHANT!!!
I know each pilgrim had a story to tell of a miracle that he/she experience( including me) which was very personal to share and I know ALL OUR YESSSSS to the invitation of our Blessed Mother brought up tremendous blessings not only for us and our families but for Priests.
Fr. Peter , who was with us for one week and who got sick on his last day with us was a “victim soul” offering his suffering for Priests . What a Holy Priest he is!!!!!!! And Fr. Mike who travelled for the first time ever in Europe gave ALL he had for the group. I know, the Blessed Mother chose him to be with us and he was so touched by our Holy Hours.
Thank you again and again for BOTH of you, to Eva and to your dauntless President, Milanka. Thanks for putting up with me for my being sooo meticulous in the graphics, art, wordings, of the Know Before You Go booklet, asking you the bus times for each place itinerary and all the bits and pieces that kept me calling you.
Our accommodations, food, hotels were all excellent and so with our guide, Jesus Vivas Garcia who went out all his way to give us the best of all the places we were in, his EXTRA effort of finding the best places to have our HOLY HOURS. I discovered he was an ex-seminarian,(no wonder) we really felt his sincerity and dedication. Joaquin, our driver was so good at his driving maneuvers.
Yes, God ordained that we will all be together. Nothing happened by chance, even the inconveniences— everything is GRACE. I will put for you in the postal mail a copy of the booklet that I made especially for the pilgrimage which I gave to each pilgrim and we used in our daily Holy Mass.

To Jesus thru Mother Mary,
Gloria, OCDS

  • From: Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: No subject 200744

Dear Friends,
Words cannot express just how thankful we are to have chosen 206 Tours for our last Pilgrimage and for all you did to make it enjoyable and Spiritual. The flight from Norfolk to Lisbon was pleasant but not as pleasant as our greeting by our guide Javier. This young man was like a good shepherd caring for his flock and he went out of his way in many instances to please all of us. The bus trip from Lisbon thru to Lourdes was a pleasant experience as we stopped at the Catholic Churches and heard Mass celebrated by our Spiritual Director Father Edward Serena. Each night our lodging were in very clean and pleasant rooms. Our meals were very tasty and enjoyable . The group of new friends added to all this as all were pleasant and a joy to be with. We enjoyed many good laughs together. What a thrill it was to have Jennifer and Milanka join us at Lourdes and to have them with us at Medjugorje . In spite of the rain we had we proceeded to do as planned. Don’t think any one was upset walking in procession at Lourdes because the number was many and umbrella’s and ponchos became the fashion of the evening. . The three days it rained did not keep any of us from attending Mass or the Rosary. When the sun did come out we appreciated it. Our Lady was certainly with us all the way and we honored her each day while traveling by praying the Rosary together.
My husband and I are in the process of gathering a few friends to join us next year when we take our next pilgrimage to Lourdes ,Rome and Medjugorje. Once we can settle on a date to satisfy all, we will be booking with 206 and that is for sure. Once again thank you for one of the most Spiritual trips that we will long remember.

Gods Blessings to all.
Mel and Ellen Pritchard

  • From: Sylvia Crowley
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Recent Medugorje Pilgrimage 200745

206 Tours,
We have just returned from our pilgrimage to Medugorje. It was wonderful Father Joseph M. was very humble and spiritual. We would go on another trip with him anytime. Our group of pilgrims bonded very well. We would have liked a few more days with them to enhance our spiritual journey. Slavenka was an exceptional tour guide. She was very giving and attentive to all of us. Our time was too short! Thank you for the flight connection that were just on time. The trip going home was very long (27 hours) but we survived. Our group was small and intimate thank you for allowing us to be together in such a small group. Until we meet again, MIR.

Sylvia R. Crowley
San Antonio, Texas

  • From: Fr. James Flynn
  • Sent: Monday, October 29, 2007
  • To: 'Rinda Kanidinc'
  • Subject: Fr. Flynn's Pilgrimage in October 200746

Hello Rinda,
I wanted to write a letter and tell you that we had an absolutely wonderful pilgrimage to Fatima and Lourdes. Javier is wonderful and made our pilgrimage great. I can’t say enough good things about him and how well he did and I believe everyone on the trip agrees. I have been trying to think of a way to improve the trip…but nothing really comes to mind. Maybe extend the trip a few days to allow for a few more days in Spain…but that is about all I have.

Thank you very much and God bless.
Fr. James Flynn

  • Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: 10/14-10/27/07 157 Tour 200747

Hello, Rinda.

We returned from our 157 tour to the Holy Land and Egypt last night and have been trying to process all of our great experiences during the 10/14 – 10/27 time period. One of these great experiences most certainly includes the others in our pilgrimage group. We believe our group, our guides, our drivers were uniquely compatible, considerate of one another and quickly became community in the most Christian sense of that word. While we were in Israel we could not have had a better guide than Jack nor a more congenial and involved driver, Sharif. Jack has a remarkable sense of history. He is well grounded in the relevance of relevant archaeological findings. He has the unique ability to integrate his knowledge into a rooted spirituality. Jack was flexible in making necessary adaptations to our group’s needs and the appropriate times for Fr. Mani’s celebration of Mass at the various Churches in the Holy Land. Our group was unanimous in its consensus that we could not have envisioned a more competent and deeply spiritual guide. We also were truly impressed with the competence of Sharif, our driver while in Israel. He was flexible, thoroughly knowledgeable about the subtleties of driving in Israel and Jerusalem. He quickly became a valued part of our small community of pilgrims.

As you know we were part of the group who were accidently taken and left at the Israel/Jordan border instead of the Israel/Egypt boarder. Our ability to reach Jack by cell phone was providential.
He was most effective in catalyzing the resolution of the mistake made by this driver. We were impressed with your prompt response in rectifying this. Your decision to compensate any inconvenience on our part by providing us with lunches and a most pleasurable dinner cruise on the Nile was more than any of us expected. This was a very generous and gracious response on your part. We thank you. A situation which could have caused much anxiety became one which we can add to our list of valued memories. The time we spent in Egypt was also great. Our guide, Mena, has the remarkable interpersonal skills and the ability to draw people together in community. He was willing to devote much more time with us than required (e.g. accompanying us to the boat for our Nile River Dinner Cruise and being there to receive us when the cruise was over; he also was present at late hours to make sure we negotiated the departure process at the Cairo Airport). In addition, Moses (our Egyptologist guide) was fantastic in his ability to share his insights into the ancient Egyptian cultures. He obviously had great knowledge the ancient Christian sites in the Holy Land and manifested great reverence for these. We also greatly appreciated his facility in conducting the tour of the Egyptian Museum by highlighting the important exhibits in a way in which none of us would be capable. Before this pilgrimage, we were unable to pinpoint our expectations.

In retrospect, any expectation which we may have had would surely have been understated. Thank you for your patience in working with us in arranging this pilgrimage and for arranging for Sister Jean to room with us; the hotel accommodations were more than adequate.
In conclusion, thank you for the great service you provide as a part 206 Tours. However you are doing it, you are doing it well. We certainly have no hesitancy in recommending your services anyone and if this letter can serve as a reference, we want you to use it as such.

Nick and Marcia Lorang

  • From: [mailto: Brenda Reyes Pulido
  • Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007
  • To: milanka
  • Subject: Tour 169 - Poland and Medjugorje, Sept. 23 - Oct. 5, 2007 200748

Dear Milanka,

I would like to extend my thanks to you and your staff for everything you did to make this pilgrimage possible. I have always been very happy with all the previous pilgrimages I have taken with 206 tours, and this fifth one is no exception. I will continue to recommend 206 tours to my family and friends. Even before this pilgrimage started, I was already talking with friends regarding the one we would like to take next year. While we were in Krakow, I met several members of a pilgrimage group from Michigan, and three of them asked for information about 206 tours.
I also want to thank Fr. Neil, our Spiritual Director. He was the one, who for a couple of years now, have been inviting me to go to Medjugorje. Our guides (Liz in Poland and Slavenka in Medjugorje) and our driver in Poland were all outstanding. Ours was a very small friendly group: 10 in Poland and 6 in Medjugorje (here we joined a larger group for the talks and prayers). All accommodations and food were great. The owner and personnel at Ana Pansion in Medjugorje were wonderful.
With this trip, we used 5 different airlines, all members of the Star Alliance group. I just want to say that Austrian Airlines is the best!
Tour 169 (Poland with 4 nights in Medjugorje) is a must! Better yet, I think I should have taken Tour 170 (Poland with 7 nights in Medjugorje).
The spiritual journey to the shrines of the Divine Mercy, Our Lady of Czestochowa, Our Lady of Medjugorje, Saint Faustina, and St. Maximillian Kolbe is unforgettable! Seeing all those religious salt carvings was amazing. At first, I could not understand why we would be visiting a salt mine. The sad part was the visit to Auschwitz, but it was very educational, and that was also where St. Maximillian died.
Thanks and may God continue to bless you and your company.

Best regards,
Brenda E. Reyes-Pulido

  • From: Perla Saenz
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Medjugorje and Rome MICLV 200749

Dear Milanka and Stefanie,

Thank you for an exceptional spiritual experience. Our Medjugorje guide Slavenka is phenomenal. In all my experiences with several guides in Medjugorje, all being very good ones. I personally have not experienced the exceptional and exemplary performance of a guide as I have with Slavenka. So much so that we all want her to come to Las Vegas, she has been invited. She is a pearl, always has a smile and ready to serve our every need no matter what the need. If I had to compare her with one of the visionaries it would be Vicka, (unconditional love and untiring service with a delightful smile).
I have always stayed with a family which I prefer, however, I must say that I was exceedingly surprised at how much I enjoyed the Villa Regina Hotel. Especially having the beautiful view of St. James, praying the Angelus to the toll of the bells every morning. Not to mention the view of cross mountain and apparition hill, (between the mountains) where it all began. A new experience for me which I will definitely repeat again.
After Medjugorje to come to the heart and soul of our faith, Rome, “THE VATICAN” was awesome. To visit the core of our faith in all its beauty and richness and a chance to see, hear and to be blessed in person by our beloved Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI is a treasure to behold forever in my heart. Coming from the perfect peace of Medjugorje. “Rome” truly was a challenge to now put into practice what Our Lady has asked of us in Medjugorje. In all it was a wonderful, extraordinary spiritual experience for me.
Thank you 206 tours for all you did for us in making this pilgrimage an unforgettable spiritual experience of the highest quality. God bless you!

Forever grateful,

  • From: Jean LoGiudice
  • Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007
  • To: Stefanie Meyer
  • Subject: Medjugorje and Dubrovnik "MICLV group" 200750


Please know that everything was wonderful, especially our Medjugorje guide, Slavenka. This was our fourth pilgrimage and our second with 206, and my husband and I agree that Slavenka is a treasure, pure and simple. Never have we experienced such an exceptional guide, and she took care endlessly of our every need and question, be it hotel stuff or travel and site questions.
We were also delighted to be at the Villa Regina instead of at a local’s home. However wonderful that experience would have been, my husband’s knees needed the benefits of an elevator, and of course the view of St. James Church and Cross Mountain from our room for six wonderful days has no price.
Our Dubrovnik stay was also perfect: the room and food at the Argosy and our poking around the old town was a nice, quiet interlude before returning home.

Thank you and everyone at 206…. we are so happy to have traveled with you.
Jean LoGiudice

  • From: Katie & Ed Santoro
  • Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007
  • To: Stefanie Meyer
  • Subject: Medjugorje and Rome MICLV 200752

We are home and enjoyed our Medjugorje/Rome trip very much. Our guide in Medjugorje Slavanka was outstanding. We were priviledged to have her when we were in Medjugorje in 2001 and she is TOPS. The hotel Regina is very nice and the food is excellent. Rome also was good, the crowds at St. Peter’s are amazing but no fault of 206. We hope to return to Medjugorje again and stay with one of the visionary’s as we did in 2001.Thank you very much for all the effort we understand it took to book this tour.

Ed and Katie Santoro

  • From: nick grasberger
  • Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007
  • To: Milanka Lachman
  • Subject: Nick Grasberger’s Group to Italy and Holy Land October 2007 200751

Hi Milanka,
Thank you for assigning Kristin to be our 206 contact. She has been an angel!

May God Bless You and Your Team,
Nick Grasberger

  • From: Penny Abbruzese
  • Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007
  • To:;
  • Subject: group missed their flight 200753


Brenda just called, she is raving about how great you are and what a tremendous help and blessing you have been especially yesterday on your day off! For sure I know that the New Orleans group will be hooked on 206 Tours forever and a day. Keep up the great work and enjoy the evening.

Love and Prayers,

  • From: Albert Medenilla
  • Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007
  • To: Milanka Lachman
  • Subject: AM Asia grp Holy Land 200754

Dear Milanka,

We came back on Saturday as per schedule. Everybody had a wonderful spiritual time, the hotels are superb and beyond our expectations. You gave us the best tour guide, Waleed Lazarus Hazzan who exceeded a lot of efforts coinsiding our visit to the holy shrine to attend Masses. We highly commend his knowledge, wisdom and expertise. My only problem is that you raised the bar. I hope we could maintain this level for our next trip.Waleed ask me if you are still beautiful? I will be in touch.


  • Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: tour #40 200755

Hello Milanka,

Our thanks to you, your staff and 206 tours for a wonderful spiritual journey to Portugal, Spain and France. Meeting you was a very pleasant surprise and sharing our pilgrimage with you was certainly a blessing and meant to happen. The entire pilgrimage was filled with the Holy Spirit leading all of the pilgrims to a more deeply spiritual Love of God. This was all made possible by your wonderful tour guide, Javier and Father Ed, our spiritual director. Our hearts were filled with God’s love and joy. Our accomodations and food were well above expectations. Our extended pilgrimage to Paris was also very spiritual and joyful.. Ziga, our guide in Paris and Father Mike rounded out our journey with continued spirituality and God’s love. We are looking forward to the Holy Land pilgrimage the first week in September 2008. (tour 111, August 31 – September 9, 2008). Hopefully, Father Ed Serena can be our sp iritual director… Your love and genuine concern for us and the other Pilgrims was truly a blessing we all received. Continue to listen to God’s call in leading Pilgrims to JESUS and MARY.

God bless you with peace and love.
Fred and Donna Grae

  • From: Tess Iway
  • Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage#38 200756

Dear Milanka,
Thank you for a most blessed and wonderful pilgrimage with Fr.Ed Serena! It could not have been more perfect than it was- a truly rejuvenating and spiritually enlightening experience! We think of all the pilgrimswho in one way or another touched our hearts with their kindness and the most wonderful guides we had- Javier and Slavenka who were so professional yet made us feel like family in their concern for all of us. Last but not least, it was truly a surprise( a most welcome one) to have you and Jennifer join us in Lourdes and Medjugorje! I feel like I’ve always known you. Again, thank you for all you do for us!

God Bless,
Tess Iway

  • From: Colleen Harbison
  • Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank you! Medjugorje Pilgrimage Oct 2007 200757

Thank you so much for all the work you did to make this pilgrimage a wonderful Spiritual success!! The Blessed Mother really took care of all of us. We are all still in “Medjugorje” as far as our hearts and minds are concerned. The Dragan Kozina was an awesome home away from home to stay. The family was wonderful, the food was excellent and we definitely want to stay there the next time we come to Medjugorje. Our guide is the cream of the crop! Not only was Slavenka knowledgeable, spiritual, and friendly but went way above the call of duty to guide us. We want to return in May 2009 and we will use 206 Tours again!

Blessings to you,
Colleen Harbison

  • Sent: Monday, October 8, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours
  • Subject: No subject 200758

October 8, 2007
Dear Kristin,
We returned from the “ Cousins” Most Excellent Adventure” in Italy as planned, however although the flights were good we were several hours late leaving Rome. The trip was wonderful and we saw many beautiful and magnificent places throughout our stay. The Villa Tavolese was very accommodating and we enjoyed the il Frantoio restaurant in the little town. Our guide Claudia and our driver Antonio, were very good and well organized. The local guides were very informative about the art and the history of the places we visited. All in all we were happy with the trip and The places visited as planned provided us with a view of the sites and history of beautiful country. Thank you for your efforts in helping to make our trip a success.

Nina & Ralph Squillante

  • From: Claudia Watson
  • Sent: Friday, October 5, 2007
  • To: 'Eva Manise'
  • Subject: Italy!!! 200759

I can only tell you that every aspect of the trip was perfect, unless you could do something about the turbulence over the Atlantic both going and coming! Seriously, we were enchanted with Italy. Gaia was a national treasure, and the bus driver, Luciano, was remarkably skilled at driving. The tour guides for each site were so in love with and enthusiastic about their subject that we became entrance as well.
The spiritual highlight of the trip was San Giovanni Rotundo and the Cave of Archangel Michael. My favorite place to which I would return over and over was Assisi. I also very much enjoyed the stops at Genazzano, St Joseph of Cupertino and St. Catherine of Siena.
All of our travel connections were as scheduled and I cannot think of a single thing I would change about the trip. I would recommend your agency to anyone with the highest praise.

Claudia Watson

  • From: Michael RAJ
  • Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours Rinda
  • Subject: Many thanks 200760

Greetings of Peace. I had a wonderful experience and as their spiritual guide, I could see a true Christian commitment in all of them. Wonderful group and great experience in the places we visited. Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in Paris, Lisieux and Nevers, really touched me and helped me to grow little more in my faith in Jesus. Many thanks for offering me this great opportunity. Once again please do accept my sincere gratitude and be assured of my prayers for you and your team.

God bless you,
Fr. Mike

  • From: Kim and John Kainady
  • Sent: Monday, October 1, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: the Holy Land - SEPTEMBER 200761

Dear Rinda,
Our trip to the Holy Land in September was fantastic. We had an excellent guide, Waleed, and driver, Gali. They were very knowlegable and helpful in every way. We loved our group members and were so glad to have a small group of 11. The priest in our group was from the same part of India as my husband, so they were like 2 long lost brothers! Thank you for offering these pilgrimages, they mean so much more than just a trip. We have lasting memories of walking in the steps of Jesus throughout Israel, and felt very safe the whole time.

Thanks again,
Kim and John Kainady

  • From: Rusty and Marcella Mulcahy
  • Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage #38 200763

Dear Rinda,
We are all back safe and sound from the most wonderful pilgrimages ever.
My husband and I have been to Medugorje on five other pilgrimages before,but never to Fatima and Lourdes. It was a trip of a lifetime for us. To make it even more special, we had three of our daughters with us. Our Spiritual director, Fr. Dan McCaffrey was outstanding. We met many wonderful people. As we are of advanced age, it will probably be our last overseas trip. It is one we will remember forever.

May our Lord and His Mother Mary bless you.
Rusty and Marcella Mulcahy

  • From: Chris Ross
  • Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes and Medjugorje - SEPTEMBER 200764

Hi Rinda!
Thanks to all of you at 206 Tours for putting Tour #38 to Fatima, Lourdes and Medjugorje together for us! Our group was small (14) with five of us related so it made for a great opportunity to really become acquainted with the whole group. Miguel, our guide for most of the pilgrimage, was awesome; very knowledgeable, informed and a lot of fun. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Father McCaffery was THE BEST! His open, friendly and inviting style made you feel as though you had known him all your life. He was an awesome spiritual director showing a genuine love of Our Lady and her Son – very respectful. His Masses were inspiring! We wanted to bring him home with us!
The time we spent in Medjugorje was truly a special occasion for us. Several of our family had been there before in 1999 (with 206 Tours) and we were returning with our parents for a spiritual refresher!
The entire trip was wonderful (even though it took my luggage three days to catch up with me upon arrival in Spain).
Great accommodations, good food and fabulous, spiritual places that shouldn’t be missed!
We are making plans to make another pilgrimage through 206 Tours again!

God Bless and thanks again,
Chris Ross

  • From: Diana Chase
  • Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007
  • To: Eva Manise
  • Subject: Italy!!! 200762

Dear Eva,
Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. Our tour of beautiful Italia was far beyond my wildest dreams. Everyone we encountered was kind and open-hearted. Every detail of the trip was carefully orchestrated by our incredible guide, Gaia. We all fell in love with her. All the women fell in love with Luciano. Everyone commented on how professional each of these beautiful people was. Gaia was patient, flexible and always eager to help. We want her to visit us and tour America in the process. The people of Italy are the warmest, sweetest people I have ever met and I have been in lots of countries all over the world. I want to move to Assisi and stay there forever. You and your wonderful support staff in Italy have given me indelible memories and lifted my spirit to a whole new realm of understanding and joy. Thank you for everything and please let Gaia and Luciano know how much I appreciate them and that I will never forget them. They will always be loved by this artist in Dallas, Texas.

Thank you,
Diana Chase

  • Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: All Italian Shrines - SEPTEMBER 200765

Dear Mrs. Kanidinc

Just a note of thanks to you and 206 Tours for a wonderful trip to the Shrines of Italy. It was truly a magnificent experience. The opportunity to celebrate Mass in the Churches dedicated to the Apostles and the Saints of the Early church was an honor and privilege I will always treasure.  Our Tour guide Vincenzo, our Driver Antonio and local guides were all excellent. Our Tour Guide was knowledgeable and was a delight to be with. His sense of humor and friendly personality created a family atmosphere. The Hotels and Food were top quality. Once again, please allow me to express my appreciation to 206 Tours for
their generous gift. May the Lord bless you and your ministry.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Louis Pamieiri

  • From: Dan Maciolek
  • Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: RE: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes and Medjugorje - SEPTEMBER 200767

Everything was great on the pilgrimage. The guides were very personable, knowledgeable, and truly caring people, meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of everyone. Father McCaffery was also great and I would highly recommend him as a spiritual leader for future tours. I was also very impressed with Rafael for both his spirituality as well as his knowledge of the Blessed Mother. Thanks to everyone at 206 for making this such a memorable 1st pilgrimage.

  • Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: Ireland - SEPTEMBER 200768

Dear Rinda,
Yes, it was a great experience. It was a particularly great experience for George and me for in spite of the Krumpelman name each of us are about half Irish, the legacy of our mothers. Our main reason for going on this trip was not particularly spiritual (I have to be honest) but it did turn out that way. We worshiped in the places where worship had taken place for so many centuries and by our ancestors who suffered not only from hunger and poverty but from suppression.
Give the proper people thanks from us for we had the special privilege of being able to visit the town and family of my mother’s people. A driver and car was provided for our trip to Abbeyleix.

Thanks to all involved. It was a lovely visit.
George & Dorothy Krumpelman

  • Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank you for the Welcome Home -Pilgrimage with Rafael Villongco 200766

I am grateful to everyone from 206 tours involved with my pilgrimage to Medjugorje; September 10 – 18, 2007. I am feeling overwhelmed by my experiences and the love & joy my fellow pilgrims shared with me. Pray for me that I may live the messages of Our Blessed Mother. May God Bless you all. Love, Prayers and sincere Gratitude. Please share my message and assist Rafael with his goal to compile a contact list for the members of our group, that we may continue to pray for each other in times of need.

Gloria Jean Broderick

  • Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank you for the Welcome Home 200769

I am grateful to everyone from 206 tours involved with my pilgrimage to Medjugorje; September 10 – 18, 2007. I am feeling overwhelmed by my experiences and the love & joy my fellow pilgrims shared with me. Pray for me that I may live the messages of Our Blessed Mother. May God Bless you all. Love, Prayers and sincere Gratitude. Please share my message and assist Rafael with his goal to compile a contact list for the members of our group, that we may continue to pray for each other in times of need.

Gloria Jean Broderick

  • From: Jaci Holzer
  • Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2007
  • To: Milanka Lachman
  • Subject: RE: ok tours 200771

Milanka you are so lucky to go back to Lourdes, what an awesome place! The whole trip could not have been better.
It is so hard to come home, Medjugorje is also so peaceful, I have been before and always hard to leave.
Our entire group thought Miguel was an awesome guide and it was hard for us all to say goodbye in Lourdes.
Please give him a hug from me and thanks for the address so that we can send him some pictures of his favorite group so far!! Ha. ha.

God bless
Jaci Holzer

  • From: Father Charles Mangano
  • Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007
  • To: 'Milanka Lachman'
  • Subject: From Fr. Charles Mangano 200770

Dear Milanka,
Hello, how are you? I pray you are well. I am so looking forward to going to Italy. It is going to be a great trip. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for all you do in making our trips so wonderful. All of you work so hard and I truly appreciate it. With all those who coordinate the trips for me I rarely get a chance to connect with you directly and if I do, it is to solve some dilemma. I just wanted you to know that all of you have been a blessing to me and all the great pilgrimages I have been on have been possible because of you and 206 Tours. These past 11 years of Tours has been such a spiritual blessing for me and my priesthood and I look forward to many more trips with 206. Thank you Milanka. Have a great day.

Peace and blessings,
Fr. Charles Mangano

  • From: Fr. Joe Mappilamattel CMI
  • Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours
  • Subject: Holy Land Sep 07 We are back.... 200772

Dear Rinda,
It was a moving experience. Everything was perfect. All are very happy and we enjoyed it.
Fr Joe Mappilamattel

  • From: Lozovina, Jo
  • Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007
  • To: Milanka Lachman
  • Subject: Poland with Fr. Bob Armato & Fr. Peter Dugandzic 200775

The trip to Poland was fantastic! Father Peter is a lot of fun and the two priests were wonderful.
I couldn’t ask for better weather and you were right – Austrian Air is great! Great hotels and Ava, our tour guide, chose fantastic restaurants for us. Thanks for all of your help to make this pilgrimage happen.

God Bless,
Jo Lozovina

  • From: marisa iseman
  • Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Shrines of Italy Apr/May'07 200773

Helloo Rinda,
I’m sorry I have taken long in replying to your e-mail, but being 14 it means my summer’s are packed to the maximum. My mother and I were pilgrims on the Shrines of Italy pilgrimage in late April and early May. We arrived in Rome 12 hours before our tour group assembled. We spent 7 of those 12 hours in St. Peter’s Bascillica. It was virtually empty. The bascillica was, in a word, breathtaking. I didn’t want to go back to our hotel for dinner.
The Michaelangelo hotel was beautiful. As was the view from our balcony. Our tour group traveled from Rome to Monte Casino while my mom and i went to Pompei. ( I go to a private school where I take Latin as my language. My latin books are a series of factual stories begining in Pompei. I simply had to go there. ) We rejoined our tour at San Giovanni, where we went to Monte Sant Angelo and Padre Pio’s place, and from there we went to Lanciano, Loretto, Assisi, and Siena. I did get homesick from being away from my friends and animals, but the entire trip was AMAZING!!!!! I will go back one day, visit the places I saw and see new sites as well. I never dreamed that any place could be anymore beautiful than where I live, but I was wrong. Being that close to my faith on that pilgrimage was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was Confirmed 2 weeks later and I took the knowledge and the grace that I was filled with back to my school and my Catholic youth group. I sincerely hope that others enjoy the pilgrimage as I did. It’s worth the time and the money.
God Bless you!
marisa iseman, 14
ronan, montana

  • From: Ed Serena
  • Sent: Thursday, August 9, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimages with 206 200776

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciated being on a pilgrimage sponsored by 206 Tours.
As you know, I have been associated with 206 for nearly 20 years with many pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Medjugorje. But I must say that my recent pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes, Lisieux, Nevers, Paris etc. was outstanding. There were many notable aspects about this trip and I would like to comment on just a few. Your guide in Portugal and Spain, Javier, was great. He was so solicitous toward all the pilgrims; it was truly a pleasure traveling with him. And his knowledge about all the different Holy Sites was amazing. He made everyone feel quite comfortable. Furthermore, I really enjoyed how the trip was arranged. It gave us a great opportunity not only to experience the sacredness and holiness of the different shrines but it also gave us a chance to truly experience the three different and distinct cultures in which we found ourselves. Fatima and Lourdes were very notable. I thought I was familiar with their stories and significance but being there brought a whole new demension to my knowledge and experience. They truly came alive for me. The experience was somewhat akin to going to the Holy Land where Sacred Scripture comes alive. The history of these places truly came alive. And Paris was also exceptional. Many, many thanks. I will never forget the experience.

Father Ed Serena

  • From: Marcie Girolamo
  • Sent: Wednesday, August 8, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Medjugorje - JULY 200777

Hello Rinda!

From the moment of my arrival at Dubrovnik, my trip was much more than I expected! There was a young man with a sign bearing my name, “Cheryl Burgher,” waiting to take me on the three-hour road trip to beautiful Medjugorje. He was polite, informative, and very pleasant, explaining things along the scenic drive to the village.

When I arrived at the Iko Soldo pansion, Ana, I was again pleasantly surprised. Adrianna was there (at 8:00 pm!) waiting dinner for me! And there was a note from Ivan, my guide, to welcome me and inform me of what we would be doing the next day. Remember, I thought the trip was “off” as far as a tour guide was concerned because technically it had been cancelled and I was travelling on my own. But he kind of picked me up and included me with the previous week’s tour group. Perfect!

Ivan was wonderful for the 3 days that he was there and after that, Svetlanka said she would be available if I wanted. I told her that I would spend the remaining days in prayer and pilgrimage, but one day she waited 3-4 hours for me at my pansion to tell me that “if I wanted to go, she had arranged for me to be AT THE APPARITION with Marija to be held at the castle!” Unbelievable! The chance of a lifetime. God bless her for doing this!

I did go, and it was one of the most memorable, holy moments of my life, to be there with the Blessed Mother.

I have carried Mother Mary’s message back and am spreading the word. I also wanted you to know that spiritually, my trip was very fulfilling. No matter where I was: on the plane, at the statue of the risen Christ, on the church grounds, I met other mothers who had lost sons in accidents. This, of course, was no accident. It was the Holy Spirit at work. We found each other, regardless of the fact that none of us spoke the same language! God allowed us to communicate with one another and comfort one another, because we all kneel at the foot of His cross with His Blessed Mother, mourning his death and the deaths of all of our sons.

Another thing that has happened is that after touching handkerchiefs to the tears that are coming from the bronze statue of the Risen Christ, I brought them home to a select few individuals who are really suffering. One, a young boy, ill with Crohn’s Disease, has been cured after touching the handkerchief to his abdomen. ALL blood work has just come back negative! I believe it is a miracle, and I wanted to share that with you.

In short, I am so very glad I went through 206 Tours. It was flawless! Perfectly planned, perfectly done. The PEOPLE were absolutely beautiful, kind, loving and giving. I will definitely go again, probably next year. Thank you for the good job you did. God will continue to bless you for the opportunities you bring to people.

Cheryl Burgher

  • From: Fr. John
  • Sent: Friday, August 3, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Pilgrimage #37 Fatima, Spain and Lourdes 200774

Dear Rinda,
Our spiritual growth on Pilgrimage #37 in this 90th anniversary year of the Fatima Apparitions was superb. Miguel was a delight and truly a spiritual man guiding us through Portugal and Spain.
Due to problems at JFK we arrived late on Monday Evening, but Miguel made it possible for us to pray at the birthplace of St. Anthony before we went on to Santarem the city of the Eucharistic miracle.
We also were taken to the home where the woman lived, which is now a chapel. I have been to Santarem four times but this is the first time and it put the miracle in such a great perspective.
Miguel took the time to make things great. The hotels were superb, the food excellent and the weather ideal. Thank you for making travel so much less hectic because the worry is taken away.
My pilgrims were so grateful for all that you do and noticed the difference with 206 compared to other companies.

God Bless you all.

Father John E. Mikalajunas

  • From: Marcie Girolamo
  • Sent: Thursday, August 2, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Fatima, Lisbon, Spain and Lourdes - JULY 2007 201

The trip was really nice. Miguel from Spain our guide made the trip really awesome! He was so knowledgeable and patient. He was always looking out for everyone. I would do another trip again with him as a guide in a heartbeat!!
Also the guide Josephine in Lourdes was an absolute doll. She was so enjoyable to be around.
We had problems emailing in France-but it was no big deal. We loved the trip. It was all organized very well and the hotels were wonderful.
We would definitely recommend 206 tours to others and take another trip with you down the road.

Thank you so much!
Marcie Girolamo

  • Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Subject: Tour # 7 200778

Hi Rinda
I just wanted to tell you that our trip to Lourdes and Paris was a great success. My daughters and I had a wonderful time. The accomadations were great, especially in Paris. The food was very good. The tours were informative and the guides were very helpful. I was especially impressed with Ziga Kobilica of Viva line. A young man with a lot of knowledge in his head.
Thank you and Dan Silvia of All Star Travel

Assunta Rubino

  • From: Marti Gielow
  • Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: My Pilgrimage Portugal, Spain & France 200779

Hello ,
I just got back this afternoon from my first pilgrimage. Wow ! What a life changing experience. I went with my daughter and we truly enjoyed every minute . Your staff was incredible I would have to especially compliment Mr. Miguel Martin. He went out of his way to help all of us and taught us so many things. I will certainly recommend your company to all of my friends. I especially liked the free time that we had for private prayers. All of your staff from the drivers to the guides were extremely professional.

God Bless ,
Marti Gielow

  • From: Helen Reuland and Kevin Porter
  • Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007
  • To: 'Kristin Shea'
  • Subject: Re: FW: Your FIT to Lourdes 200780

Dear Kristin,
I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on our arrangements to Lourdes! Everything was wonderful, and we had a terrific, rewarding trip which we will always be remembered. Your efforts and kindnesses are very much appreciated.
Helen Reuland and Kevin Porter

  • From: Eva Dapon
  • Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007
  • To: Kristin and Cara
  • Subject: No subject 200781

June Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Hi Cara & Kristin,
Sorry for this late feedback – hope this still helps.
Overall, I’m very happy with the Pilgrimage we had. My parents and I truly  enjoyed this.
– our local tour guide – George Said and Joseph were excellent. George  really knows his stuff and was very eager to share all the helpful information and stories about Holy Land with us. He’s knowledge of Holy Land  pligrimages/Israel is quite apparent and it shows that he truly is exerting  his best for us to get as much as we could out of this experience. In addition to the tour destinations you offered, he arranged for a few extra perks i.e. camel ride and visit to the Dead Sea Scroll Museaum. He also helped facilitate our departure in Tel-Aviv, briefing us on what to expect when we get to the airport. I’d highly recommend him anytime. Joseph did a great job driving and assisting George too. He was always around to help/assist us as we move from place to place. Both him and George demonstrated a strong, genuine sense of hospitality and great customer service.
– the hotel accommodation in Jerusalem and Nazareth were very good. We really enjoyed the Olive Tree Hotel. The lady at the reception of the Hotel in Nazareth (Ya-el) was particularly helpful when I was looking for an adaptor.
– Having a Catholic priest in our tour made the pilgrimage for us very  special. It was great to have been able to participate in Holy Mass at those Holy Places. Fr. Edmund Kline was also great – very good sermons/reflections and he also offered to hear confessions and etc. at our convenience. Hope this helps. Thanks so much for arranging this tour for us, including  the tokens you gave us (necklaces and certificate). You really met our expectations.

  • From: George Fasanelli
  • Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: @206 Tours 200782

Dear Rinda:
Just back from the Holy Land with Father Roy Tvrdik. All I can say is that the trip was nothing short of incredible. We visited so many of the important Christian sites from Jordan in the north to Jericho in the south. The hotels in Bat Yam, Jerusalem and Nazareth were first class. Our tour guide was witty, knowledgeable and kind and our driver a real gentleman. As for Father Roy, he provided both wisdom and spiritual direction. I would recommend this trip to anyone who might be looking for further insight into the origins of our Faith and I look forward to traveling once again with 206 Tours in the future.

George T. Fasanelli

  • From: Anne Novicki
  • Sent: Thursday, July 5, 2007
  • To: Cara Manise
  • Subject: MIR Foundation June Pilgrimage to Medjugorje 200783

Dear Kristen,
Thank you so much for planning and supporting my pilgrimage to Medjugorje. This was a wonderful and life changing experience for me. Being back in the states I now feel I have a responsibility to show others how to love God. The people of Medjugorje and the pilgrims guided me to pray from the heart. The group I was with is eager to keep this spiritual fire burning within all of us. My hope is to share my love of God with my family, colleagues, students, friends and anyone I come in contact with by modeling a peaceful, prayerful life.

God Bless You,
Anne Novicki

  • From: Fineo, Rev Richard
  • Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Once in a lifetime Italy - JUNE 2007 202

Dear Milanka and Rinda,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful opportunity to be spiritual director for my group to Rome. Although we were actually three groups combined everyone truly bonded over the initial days and then we all went our separate ways, some to the north of Italy others to the south. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Fr. Angelo and newly ordained Fr. Vincent. Everyone was blessed as each of us brought o

ur own gifts to the table. As the week went on we learned more about the Italian culture and grew deeper in faith as we prayed our way through the Eternal City.

Vincenzo, and Karin were outstanding tour leaders as well as Antonello, Christina, Giorgio and Edward who gave us the specific tours of Cathedrals, and Basilicas in Rome, Florence, Pompeii and the Vatican Museum.

The Hotel Cicerone was a wonderful encounter with Italian hospitality, especially Aldo and Domenico. We were never disappointed with any of the meals as all the restaurants were accommodating, fun and filling.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting people and families from across the USA and being able to provide spiritually for them. We were a diverse group coming and going to various parts of Italy and Europe. We were families, father and son, husband and wife, friends, sisters, each for a different reason descended on Rome. For some it was a challenge. God bless Nilde and Henry for their tenacity in keeping up with the group. The Neuman family were delightful and much fun, we had many a belly laugh.

Everyone in the group bonded as brothers and sisters in Christ during this trip and I believe we are all better people for having made this trip together. Young Joseph was blessed among women as he traveled with his mother and grandmother and aunt, I kept telling him each day that he looked holier today than the day before. Maria who traveled alone was true gift to the group as she spoke of her life growing up in a communist country and was grateful for her faith.

The pilgrimage was not just about touring, touching, tasting, praying and seeing, it was all that and more. It was experiencing God in all of that through each others lives in those special encounters with history, holy people and holy places. This is were we truly encountered Christ on this trip. Thank you for making it possible and so rewarding. It was an honor to serve as spiritual director.

God bless you all
Fr. Richard M. Fineo

  • From: Peter Arabia
  • Sent: Monday, July 2, 2007
  • To: Milanka Lachman
  • Subject: Ziga from France 200784

While I have a few moments I want to tell you that all is well. I want to mention to you the extraordinary attentiveness and care Ziga showed the pilgrims while I was in Paris. There are many stories of how he took care of them and made sure they had everything they needed. In addition, his wealth of knowledge ( re the shrines, France, Europe) and command of English as well as several languages is a gift and a tribute to how seriously committed he is to his profession.

I am telling you this because I have traveled (as you know) many places in the world…and it is always good to commend someone who is extraordinary.

Please know you and your family are in my prayers. Please keep me in your prayers as we begin the priests retreat.

God bless,
Fr. Peter

  • Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Lourdes- Paris, Nevers and Lisieux - JUNE 200785



  • From: Matt Neuman
  • Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007
  • To: 'Rinda Kanidinc'
  • Subject: Once in a lifetime Italy - JUNE 200786

Our 206 Tours pilgrimage to Italy was exceptional, to say the least. The accommodations, itinerary and guides we’re all 1st class –and the priest that was with us (whom I didn’t know before the tour) was amazing the entire time. Touring a place like Italy with my family and others who were interested in deepening their faith is something that we’ll never forget.

Thank you for everything.
Matt Neuman

  • From: Henry Flood
  • Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Tour #90 Trip June 18-26 200787

Our trip was everything we hoped it would be and more. At the Papal Audience which was part of the tour package, we hoped to just see his face for different reasons. Instead, we received a direct personal greeting from Pope Benedict. He personally blessed Nilde’s ring and I shook his hand as be acknowledged and blessed my copy of his new book Jesus of Nazareth.
I also enjoyed meeting Father Angelo. We both have a mutual love of things intellectual and old music.

Henry Flood and Nilde Martinez
Aventura, Florida

  • From: Louise Lotze
  • Sent: Monday, June 25, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Medjugorje - MAY 200788

I returned one week ago since I had extended my trip for 2 weeks after Medjugorje. The travel arrangements you had made for me were easy to follow. My accommodations in Medjugorje were wonderful. Good location, friendly family pansion, excellent food. I was very pleased with all that you arranged for me.

Thank you!
Louise Lotze

  • From: Caroline Fischer
  • Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: recent pilgrimage 200789

Dear Jennifer,
I just had to let you know how much we enjoyed our recent tour..#37…May 27th to June 5th, booked by you.
Upon arrival in Lisbon, we were met by our guide/driver, Jesus Vivas Garcia.He was fantastic, personable, knowledgeable, fun to be with, helpful at all times, and LOVED what he was doing. He showed us all that was to be seen in the time available to us, and even walked us around in the evening after the dinner a few times.
We loved having our own priest and the various chapels where he was able to say our Masses, no doubt arranged by you ahead of time.
The hotels were lovely and the food good. It was so nice that our hotels were very close to the sites we were visiting. After being on your feet all day, it was nice not to have to go very far to our hotel at days’ end.
This was my first “Tour” experience, and I was initially a bit concerned, having heard complaints from others about their tours (not 206). I LOVED it!!! Thank you for making this such a good experience for me …now I want to go on another!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Caroline Fischer

PS. Travelling with me from JFK…..was Phyllis Lentini and Esmeralda Lyn…who also were happy with this trip.

  • From: The Castle's Donna & Tom
  • Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Fr. Murphy Group Medjugorje Pilgrimage 200790

Dear Billy, We had a wonderful time. Everything was perfect. The flights were great, no wait between flights. We liked the new backpacks that you sent along for the trip. This was my 6th visit with 206 and my husbands second.

Thanks again
The Castle’s Donna & Tom

  • From: Yanick and Clothilde
  • Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: The Holy Land and Cairo - MAY 200791

Clothilde and I want to thank you for the tours. Everything went very well as you promised. We were very pleased with things in Israel. We were even more pleased with the crew in Egypt. We hope to travel with you again in the future.
Yours truly,

  • From: Pam Salonga
  • Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Portugal, Spain, France and Italy May 27 to June 7 200792

My mom and I were blessed to have 206 tours for our first pilgrimage to Europe. We had a wonderful time and are already planning our next tour! Fr. Jim Walker was a blessing as our spiritual director, his homilies were very touching and full of spiritual guidance. Our guide Jesus Vivas Garcia was excellent. He was very kind and provided our group with such detailed care from Portugal to Lourdes, we are very grateful for everything that he did for us.
The accommodations were amazing. Now all of our family and friends want to go to Europe with 206 tours. God Bless you all in your continued work for future pilgrimages!
Pam Salonga

  • From: Fr. Chris
  • Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Greece: In the Footsteps of St. Paul - JUNE 200793

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to take part in Tour # 161 (Greece: In the Footsteps of St. Paul)
It was an excellent pilgrimage, well organized and executed. The hotel arrangement, transportation, tour guide, itinerary were minutely planned. It was a fabulous experience to follow the foot steps and sailing routes of St.Paul as narrated in the Acts of the Apostles. I am sure the co-pilgrims too had a deep spiritual experience.

Thanks again and keep up with your good apostolate.
Fr. Christy

  • From: Maria Belardo
  • Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Guadalupe and Mexico City - JUNE 200794

Dear Rinda –
I would like to thank 206 Tours for arranging our pilgrimage tour of Mexico. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit the many beautiful churches and to be counted among the thousands of faithful pilgrims from different countries who visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Mexican people themselves offer inspiration in the way in which they practice their faith and the simplicity in which they live. They are wonderful witnesses of our Catholic Christian faith.
I would like to make special note of the wonderful job done by our tour guide Noé Leyva and driver José Suarez. Noé is very knowledgeable and takes pride in sharing the beauty and richness of his native culture. He is very solicitous of our needs and willing to help at all times. He’s also funny and has a great personality. José is a gentle soul and a superb driver. I recommend that you continue to work with them in your tours.
We are a small group of pilgrims – 13 in all – including our Spiritual Guide, Fr. Charles Puthota who gave wonderful, down-to-earth, relatable homilies. We all got along well and everyone was a pleasure to meet. It truly was a blessed experience.

Thank you & God bless!
Maria Belardo
New York, NY

  • From: Judy Vacca
  • Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Holy Land Tour 111 May 13-22, 2007 200795

My husband, sister and I truly enjoyed this Pilgrimage. This is the second time my sister and I have used 206 Tours (Medjugorje and Shrines of Italy in 2005) and as usual everything went like clockwork. I congratulate 206 tours for the fine job they do. Our tour guide Claudia was wonderful. She had to rearrange a few things and did a wonderful job of that. The days ran a little long but there wasn’t one thing I would have missed out on seeing. Especially beautiful, besides renewing our wedding vows, was the beautiful outdoor Mass held at Peter’s Primacy with the view of the Sea of Galilee, breeze gently blowing and birds chirping. A real touch of Heaven.
God Bless,
Lou and Judy Vacca, Joan Osik

  • From: Fr. Jim Walker
  • Sent: Friday, June 8, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Lisbon, Spain and Lourdes - MAY 200796

Dear Rinda,
What a delightful experience our pilgrimage was!! The accommodations were wonderful all along the way. The Tour Guide, Jesus Vigil, was SUPERB. The local guide in Lourdes was most helpful.
God bless all of you at 206 and thank you again for the privilege you have afforded me on this recent pilgrimage.
Fr. Jim Walker

  • Sent: Friday, June 8, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: The Shrines of Italy - MAY 200797

Dear Rinda,
I thoroughly enjoyed the pilgrimage. It exceeded my expectations. I loved the itinerary; each place was so different. It was wonderful having Mass every day in those magnificent Basilicas. Father Serena was wonderful in guiding us on our spiritual journey. We saw so much of the Italian countryside. It was beautiful. The time flew by and soon it was time to say Arreverderci Italy!
Catherine Rogan
PS We were lucky. We left Frankfurt just ahead of the strike.

  • From: Sharlene Cornett
  • Sent: Friday, June 8, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: Holy land tour may 2007 200798

There are no words to describe this experience. I walked on HOLY GROUND! THE ACCOMMODATIONS WERE GREAT…….The guide Wally was great…our priest was wonderful. We actually had two priests in our group…we had Mass in the most holy places on earth. I would recommend 206 tours to anyone.
Sharlene Cornett

  • From: Crofoot Travel
  • Sent: Tuesday, June 5, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Medjugorje & Rome 200799

Just wanted to thank you and everyone else at 206.
Tour was great and Dragan was the best guide I have experienced. The only thing I would change was the last night in Rome, we were at a restaurant with enterainment and it was the only time on the whole trip the meal was not that good.Everything else was great. Let Milanka and Eva know how much I appreciate their efforts. I already have requests for next year and also for a pilgrimage for 2009 to Holy lands.

Again thanks for all your help.
Patrick Crofoot
Crofoot Travel

  • From: Marcantonio, Richard J.
  • Sent: Monday, June 4, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Our Tour (Classic Italy) 2007100

Just a note to let you know that our whole family – me, my wife, and our 3 children – and our 2 friends, all enjoyed our pilgrimage to Italy (Classic Italy, May 21-Jun 1st 2007). The 7 of us had an unforgettable time.
We saw all of the sites that we would have wanted to see – an audience with the Holy Father, breathtakingly beautiful cathedrals, monasteries, chapels, churches, and museums – everything confirmed and exalted our Catholic faith. What a joy it was to all of us!
The experience was made so much easier by the fact that we didn’t have to any of the planning. Your company took care of all of the details; all we had to do was show up and enjoy it. And we certainly did.
Thanks too in a special way for providing our Tour Guide (Vincenzo) and our Priest/Spiritual Director (Fr. Ed). Both contributed beyond what we might have expected. It wouldn’t have been the same without them. The daily Masses were especially unforgettable, especially Lanciano, where my wife and I were privileged to renew our vows in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary in the sight of the Eucharistic Miracle there. We really could not have asked for more…what a gift from God.
Again, Rinda, the tour was absolutely unforgettable – the trip of a lifetime for us, and it wouldn’t have happened without you. Thanks again. If and when we travel again on pilgrimage, we are definitely going to use 206.
Rick and Lori Marcantonio, Erika, Emily, and Rick (Jr)

  • From: Kim Bruce
  • Sent: Monday, June 4, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Medjugorje May Trip 2007101

The pilgrimage was absolutely wonderful. 206 Tours does a terrific job with their Medjugorje pilgrimages (my 2nd trip w/206). So wonderful that I am planning on booking with 206 for Wayne Weible’s November pilgrimage! Slavenka, our guide in Medju., took us to hear Patrick and Nancy Latta’s story and to meet them at their home (castle!) That was such a WONDERFUL WITNESS and CONVERSION STORY. I think it was a fantastic addition to our schedule on the pilgrimage! In my 3 trips to Medju. that was the first time I ever heard about them and their story!

Thank you for your help with the trip!!
Kim Bruce

  • From: Lydia Irma
  • Sent: Sunday, June 3, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: The Shrines of Italy - MAY 2007102

Pilgrimage trip was absolutely fantastic and help me a lot. Recently I lost my husband and I was looking for something to help me to deal with the empty space in my heart and in my life. This trip was the solution and I will highly recommend to every body in my church and in my family and friends…
God Bless you,
Lydia Irma…

  • From: Reverend Marjory Dawson
  • Sent: Sunday, June 3, 2007
  • To: 'Billy Ryan' Subject: Medjugorje
  • Subject: No subject 2007103

Hi Billy,
I wanted you to know that my trip (May 13-24) was fabulous. The house and its owners were great. Our guides, especially Dragan, were perfect. Everything I did brought Our Lady closer to me.
Thank you for all you did behind the scenes.
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Marjory Dawson

Christ Love Ministries

  • From: Fr. Joe Mundakal
  • Sent: Friday, June 1, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Lisbon , Spain, Lourdes - MAY 2007105

Every thing was really wonderful! The transportation, accommodation and food were all wonderful! Even the staff at Santa Maria were very respectful and nice! Fatima was packed with almost 800,000 pilgrims, but I have been blessed and privileged to be there for the anniversary, and I enjoyed every moment of that! I am attaching a couple pictures too!
The people who came to this pilgrimage were all really wonderful. I believe everyone enjoyed the whole Pilgrimage very much! Javier took care of each one’s needs with enthusiasm and joy on our six day journey with him.
Josephine and Karine did their best to help us enjoying Lourdes, even in the midst of the crowed places every where! Those of us who had the extended stay at Lourdes were well taken care of by Karine with her special attention and care. I want to specially thank Karine for taking me to Bartres and pic du jure! I noticed the special attention and politeness even the hotel people showed to us in Lourdes even in the midst of hundreds of people!
Thank you Rinda for arranging for me and the whole group such a memorable time, especially with my pre-stay at Fatima! Please give personal thanks and appreciation to Milanka and the rest of the Staff at 206 Tours!
What a blessing to spend two weeks with the people from every where who love Mary and Jesus so much!
With my sincere thanks and prayerful wishes,
Fr. Joseph Mundakal

  • From: Carmelita and Evaristo Batayola
  • Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: Fatima, Lisbon , Spain, Lourdes - MAY 2007106

My husband and I just got back from the May 13 to 22, 2007 pilgrimage tour to Lisbon, Spain and France. The trip went great, the accommodations on all the places were excellent. The trip itself was very uplifting and our spiritual guide, Father Joseph was very supportive. Our guide, Javier was very informative and really took care of us from the beginning up to the end of the tour, God bless him. When we started in Lisbon, Portugal, we are all strangers just meeting for the first time, but towards the end of the tour we are just one big happy family who do not want to part in the airport.
Thank you so much for giving us the experience of a lifetime. We are looking forward on our next 206 pilgrimage tour and we are glad to recommend your service to anyone in the future.
Regards from,
Carmelita and Evaristo Batayola
Renton, Washington

  • From: Ada Alsina
  • Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Lourdes May 18 2007107

Thank you for everything your company did for me. It was a very rewarding spiritual trip.
Let me tell you a little about my experience, first of all our guide Ms. Karine and Father Joseph, were absolutely great. They did everything to make us feel comfortable and Karine our guide was very informative. Unfortunately I got sick and I needed to see a Doctor. I spoke to our guide Ms. Karine and she took care of the details.
Thank you, Ms.Karine. I am feeling much better now.
The trip in all was the greatest thing I have done and I look forward to my next trip with you.

Ada Alsina

  • From: Marcia Sutton
  • Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007
  • To: Milanka Lachman
  • Subject: Medjugorje & Dubrovnik - Thank you! 2007108

Thank you so much for all that your staff and you did to make our Pilgrimage to Medjugorje such a glorious experience. You pre-package and set-up was one of the best I’ve ever experienced in leading small groups.
The pilgrimage was so blessed and grace filled. We loved Dragan, our guide, and also the wonderful home of Iko and Ana that you selected for our group.
In addition, Wayne Weible was there as well as Father Ed who, as you know, is very, very special. They joined our small group to go to Father Jozo’s and we were also included later in a beautiful healing service Father Ed did in the Pension.
Anyhow, I just bless and praise the work you are doing to support pilgrims on their path.

Gracious blessings,
Rev. Marcia Sutton

Christ Church of Co-Creation
Portland, OR

  • From: Gloria Sison
  • Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007
  • To: Milanka Lachman
  • Subject: Turkey pilgrimage 2007109

+Peace of Christ!
Dear Milanka,
Please forgive me but I failed to tell you that we had a Holy Mass INSIDE our Lady’s house in Ephesus and while singing each of us went up to the altar and offered a rose to our Lady. It is very rare that a Mass is done inside but the Friars allowed us to have it at 7:15am. and they with the Sisters joined us. Praised God, our hotel is 20 min. away from the House. Yes, and those hotels that we had they are SUPERB!!! Not to forget the EXCELLENT food!!!
Thanks for arranging such a spiritual pilgrimage; although the distances of our daily commute were long, we were able to really trace St. Paul’s journey and I could say that overall it was a spiritual success.
Looking forward to our October Marian Shrines pilgrimage.
May God reward you!!!

In Jesus and Mary,
Gloria, ocds

  • From: Fr. Peter M. Aquino
  • Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007
  • To:;;;
  • Subject: Turkey pilgrimage Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever, Amen. Alleluia!!! 2007104

Dear Milanka and company,
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever, amen. Greetings in Jesus to you and everybody in your wonderful company.
After God I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your company for preparing us in mind, body, and spirit and helping Gloria Sison , our group coordinator for our pilgrimage to Turkey in the footsteps of St. Paul on May7-16,2007. I’m sure all those who responded to join our small group including me were all called by our Blessed Mother and St. Paul. Every step and all people who took part were guided by Divine Providence and everything that happened is grace. God has made you and your company a powerful instrument in arranging and guiding our pilgrim trip. I am honored and blessed to be the Spiritual Guide and Chaplain.
Overall you did a great job in giving us all the necessary information to help us prepare for our trip and in arranging our air and land travels as well as our hotel accommodations with very good services and the food were excellent. I’m sure we had much better accommodations and traveling comfort than St. Paul, our Blessed Mother, and St. John the Beloved during their time. Even though everybody tried to be patient and considerate, we can not expect everything perfect all the time. I did my best to lead everybody in prayer every time we were together. I asked for volunteers to lead the Holy Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet as well as assigned Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers at every Holy Mass we offered. We gathered our written special intentions and put them all at the altar at every Mass and on our last Mass at the home of our Blessed Mother in Ephesus we gave our offering and asked Fr. Tarcy, OFM to pray for our intentions. It was truly a prayerful and grace-filled pilgrimage.
Regarding our guide, Mr. Murat Toprak, he honestly admitted that he is more of a liberal and practical thinker than a devoted Muslim. He said he believed in Allah and Jesus is just a prophet. He was very patient and friendly guide. We received with humility the guidance and help of an honest and friendly non Christian where St. Paul prayed, preached Jesus as Lord and converted people to Christianity. In Turkey most of the people are Muslims so there are Mosques and a few Christians churches. Since 1935 several Mosques and christian churches were converted to Museums by Turkish government. This reality inspired me to thank God for the gift of faith and the religious freedom to practice in this country of USA. It is a great grace and blessing to be in this pilgrimage and your company was powerful instrument to make it all happen for all of us.
The pilgrimage to Turkey was just beyond forgetting, and a great trip because God is with us all the way and all the time. Truly we all experienced blessings and grace through the help and intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, St. Paul and St. John the Beloved Apostle. Again Thank you and to your wonderful company for all pilgrims not only our group. I am sure lots of blessings are being spread to many people through you and your company. I believe “Blessings shared are Blessings Multiplied!”
Thank you sincerely and may God bless and reward you abundantly!
With deep gratitude, I remain,
God bless………..In Jesus……Fr. Peter

  • From: Dominick and Elvira De Masi
  • Sent: Friday, May 25, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: The Holy Land – MAY 2007110

My wife and I were very satisfied with the Holy Land tour. We found it a very spiritual and rewarding pilgrimage. It was more than we expected. It was a great experience. The hotel and food accommodations were very good. The tour itinerary was fast moving and sometimes difficult to keep up with the tour guide who moved very quickly.(many steps to climb and steep hills). Because it was a holy pilgrimage we endured it .
This was my third pilgrimage with 206 tours. Looking forward for my next pilgrimage with them.
Thank you,

Dominick and Elvira De Masi.

  • From: Margaret Sent: Friday,
  • Sent: Friday, May 25, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Lisbon , Spain, Lourdes - MAY 2007111

I would like to thank for putting together such a great tour package. I had a wonderful time. Everyone was nice. Javier bent over backward to accommodate everybody.
I am so great full for such a great pilgrimage.

God bless-

  • From: Rev. William J. Turner, KHS, PhD
  • Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007
  • To:

I was chaplain on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from May 13-22, 2007. It was a deeply memorable experience and well organized thanks to the work of 206 TOURS.
Anyone with concerns over a trip to the Holy Land at this time, be assured that they are totally unfounded. There is no danger, the security is superb, and you would be missing the chance of a lifetime. Go to the Holy Land, visit the places Jesus made sacred by his presence and support the Christians there by your presence. For more details or further questions feel free to write me at

Rev. William J. Turner, KHS, PhD

  • From: Louise Johnson
  • Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: The Shrines of Italy - APRIL 2007113

The pilgrimage to Italy was what I expected and more. What a privilege to look out of your hotel and see the Vatican and to think of all the hundred of thousands that lived and visited just as we were today.
We had a three hour layover in Dulles because someone on the incoming plane was sick and they had to land in Ireland. Then when we finally landed in Rome we had to wait over an hour for another group to get in before we went to the hotel. I did get Scavi tour tickets, but we did not make it to Rome until the tour was over. Should have gone a day early and then delays would not have made any difference.
Unfortunately, I came down with bronchitis the day after we visited and had Mass in the catacombs. I started sneezing, coughing and my nose pouring hot water in the catacombs. I was sick, sick, sick and still not feeling up to par. Continued on with journey the best I could, but stayed in the hotel in Assisi and did not go to dinner several evenings.
Working with you and 206 Tours was indeed a pleasure. I appreciate all your help and Stefanie Meyer too. Everyone was so accommodating and ready to answer my every question. I look at your beautiful tour booklet and dream of taking another tour someday.
Gaia Meuti, our tour escort, was so knowledgeable and a darling person. She had friends in every city and sometimes they provided services that I’m sure were not part of the plan; like a ride for those that had a problem walking.
She was so concerned about me that she came in one morning with Vicks VapoRub and told me to rub my chest.
Fr. Thomas Chandy was a blessing and a delight. He was so interesting to talk to and had a great sense of humor. Of course, he kept our spiritual needs as his main project.
Thank you for all of your assistance.

Susan Louise Johnson

  • From: Gracia Marquez
  • Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Thank You 2007114

Dear Kristin,
I do not remember if I thank you for all the help you did for me when I came back from Medjugorje. Thank God , I made my connection to Jet Blue to go to WPB. Thanks again for all the effort, Kristin and God bless you.
Did my friend Nell called you or contact you regarding going to Medjugorje? I recommended you to some of the people and some friends that I know. I hope that they take your tour. I told me that you are very kind
and helpful in anything. And Penny is wonderful guide, very spiritual and we have a lot of prayer & rosaries daily.
Keep in touch.

Love & prayer,

  • From: mary h bernard Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2007 2:30 PM
  • Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Fatima, Lisbon, Spain and Lourdes - APRIL 2007116

Dear Rinda,
Our Pilgrimage was truly a blessing from Jesus and Mary. The spiritual experiences at all the places were marvelous. Lourdes was fantastic. When you see the thousands of people showing their Faith every day , all the sick some of them coming from far distances to pray to Mary and her Divine Son your own Faith has to grow. When I saw all these people day after day and on on after we leave, you know that the church is still very much alive even though we have all these problems.Our guides were wonderful and tried their best to help us find our way.
Your Pilgrimage was well planned-only I could have stayed on for many more days.–not possible.

God keep you in His LOVE and thank you again
Sr. Mary Henry Bernard aka Helen

  • From: Ann Orel Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2007 3:32 PM To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: The Holy Land - MARCH 2007117

I wanted to e-mail you with my comments about our fantastic pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I had for some years tried to get my parents to go to the Holy Land. They always had an excuse. Finally (since they weren’t getting any younger!) I just booked the trip for them, my brother and myself and told them if they didn’t go the money was wasted!!
We could not have had a more wonderful trip. My parents (82 and 81) were worried about security and safety – they were needlessly concerned. George (our tour guide) and Joseph (the bus driver) took great care of us. From the moment we landed at the airport to the time we left, we did not have any difficulties. George was knowledgeable about the sites and did a great job leading the pilgrimage. He ( and Joseph!) were particularly considerate of my parents – helping Mom on and off the bus, checking in with Dad when he had to take a break (hills were a bit hard on the
pacemaker!) and finding a good place for us to sit while the rest of the tour went up the hill! The early morning walk of the Via Dolorosa ending in Calvary for Mass was the spiritual highlight of the trip. This was the trip of a lifetime, for me, my parents and my brother.

Thank you,
Ann Woodin

  • From: Pat Mach
  • Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Fatima, Lisbon, Spain and Lourdes - APRIL 2007115

First off, I wish to thank you for going out of your way to get us smooth air fare transportation. as we women didn’t have to be on our own in Paris. Thank you for sending Martha home directly from Paris. I will recommend you for that alone.
I did have a great time in the places chosen for this trip.
Fatima : the hotel was within walking distance, thanks, the accommodations were great. You had chosen hotels well for all the stops. We had trouble with the food in France, but somebody at home said French food is sort of bland, so after the terrific Spanish food I guess there would be a difference seen.
I do feel that I have gained a religious experience that I have brought home to Ohio. the Lourdes water that I brought home has already been distributed to sick people willing to partake, one was a Protestant, asking did I bring any Lourdes water, because he had seen something on Lourdes on TV. He was willing to do the ritual of washing hands, face and drinking to help his problems.
I feel your company is great. And thank you.

Pat Mach

  • From: Henry Nietzschmann
  • Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Mexico Pilgrimage # 206: May 02, 07 2007118

Dear Ms Rinda,
Our tour to Mexico City (specifically to Our Lady Of Guadalupe) ended yesterday. I must say the guide and his associate are excellent, Noe Leyva. He is a most accommodating and knowledgeable person. The Spiritual Director Fr Lazar David Mani from Seattle provided us with the precisely needed spiritual guidance. The Hotel Galleria Plaza is a first-class place and the food is excellent. May I quickly add that all the people we met, the Mexicans, are very friendly and good. Sending you my best regards, I remain;

Yours Truly,
Henry Nietzschmann

  • From: Leila Souza
  • Sent: Sunday, May 6, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Medjugorje 2007120

I don’t have words how to thank you for making my trip to be easy, everything was very well planned, the flight, the house i stayed, and especially our guide Slavenka. she is the best, and i know i,m a better person since i came back from my pilgrimage, i can’t wait to go back and take my mom and my 2 boys to experience the miracles that happens in Medugorge God Bless you all 206 Tour.

Leila Souza

  • From: Jeff and Jacque’ Andersen
  • Sent: Saturday, May 5, 2007
  • To: 'Rinda Kanidinc' Subject: The Shrines of Italy - APRIL
  • Subject: No subject 2007121

Our pilgrimage to San Giovanni and Assisi along with various other shrines along the way was a trip filled with grace and blessings. It was moving and inspiring to be in sites where some of the saints walked before us and an inspiration for our own spiritual journey. Our tour guide; Gaia, was wonderful. She was enthusiastic, warm and genuine, and went above and beyond helping us with our needs. She is a real asset to 206. We were also impressed by our driver, Jean Franco. He was a friendly man and an excellent driver. He maneuvered the large tour bus around tiny roads and on the freeways smoothly and adeptly.
We appreciate their warmth and care for us and the others on our pilgrimage.

Warm regards,
Jeff and Jacque’ Andersen

  • From: Fr. Philip Tah
  • Sent: Friday, May 4, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours, Milanka
  • Subject: Re: Apr 15, Portugal, Spain & France… 2007119

My Dear Milanka,
Greetings and Peace to you, your family and all the wonderful people at 206 Tours.
Generally the experiences where very sublime. The joy of meeting and sharing life with all the folks was most exciting part of the pilgrimage. It was a full house of people of various affiliations; religiously, temperamentally, social, culturally ect. I must appreciate the united effort at blending all of these differences. Any one will agree we made the most of our stay there. As I guess you may have heard, we had American Indians, a Muslim, a Nigerian, Mexican Americans and a few White Americans. We respected each other as best as was conducive to allow for mutual integration.
The picture painted above may appear flawless, but “flawless” will surely be an over-representation. We surely had our difficulties.
Over all, Javier was near perfect. He is very hospitable, devoted, friendly, serviceable, religious He was one of the highest points of our experiences. Together with Pedro, they make up a wonderful pair in directing any group. If our experiences where anything, they created the conditions for those experiences. On behalf of all the pilgrims I send them our best regards.
On a spiritual level, Javier’s commitment to us, challenged me personally as a Priest and helped ne rethink how selfless and total my response should be to God’s people. Seeing him push some of the bodies in wheelchairs up and down the slopes spoke great lessons. God Bless him!
Having Celebrated Mass at the places of St. Anthony of Lisbon, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the cross and enjoying the privilege of sharing St. John’s chalice were the most sublime moments. I am yet to digest the whole feeling. Fatima, Loyola and Lourdes were all impressive, each in its specific way.
I would have failed badly if I did not pay respects to Karine and Josephine who worked with us in Lourdes as our tour guides. They were very impressive. Their time, devotion, commitment and sacrifices where quite valuable. They took extra time to help us savor the beauty and magnificence of Lourdes.
Finally and I hope so, Helen was the greatest and nicest woman on the tour. Pairing with her to lead the tour was the most any one could wish for as a spiritual director. I enjoyed her friendship and her deep faith immensely.
Lastly, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, Mary God bless and renew your every effort as you open the doors of faith, rediscovery and transformation to many more of God’s children.

Love & Prayers!
Fr. Philip Tah

  • From: Penny Abbruzzese, Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Sent: Friday, May 4, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: Welcome Home Everyone! Medjugorje April 25-May 3, 2007 2007122

Kristin, you did a great job and in particular the fact that you gave Grace so much peace and help with her situation with making her connection with Jet Blue last night.

Love, Prayers and A Blessed Weekend,

  • From: Thomas Chandy
  • Sent: Friday, May 4, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: The Shrines of Italy - APRIL 2007123

Dear Rinda,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and rest of 206 Tours. You have done a great job.
The Pilgrimage to the shrines of Italy was magnificent. The glories of Rome and it’s spiritual strength is awesome. Other shrines like San Giovanni Rotondo, Lanciano, Assisi all were excellent. We could experience the holiness that surround those places. It was really an excellent pilgrimage. The guides were great especially Ms. Gaia our tour escort. The group was great, everyone became friends in a short time and concerned about each other other.
You all did a great job to make this pilgrimage a magnificent one.
I am proud of you and I will be glad to recommend you to any one.

Thank you and God bless you. With Love
Fr. Thomas P Chandy CMI.

  • From: Christine L
  • Sent: Thursday, May 3, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Flights - thank you again 2007124

Dear Rinda,
I want to thank you for your time, patience and very kind consideration. You, as representative of 206 Tours, have been absolutely wonderful in trying to help however possible with our flights. Reassuring us will get us to the airport on our day of departure from Assisi while arranging better flights is certainly outstanding customer service and I cannot express how grateful I am.
You are the BEST!

With heartfelt gratitude and many Blessings,

  • From: Fr. Tim Joyce Glastonbury Abbey
  • Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2007
  • To: Tom Dwyer
  • Subject: Re: Greece & Turkey 2007125

Hi, Tom – Just to let you know that all is going well on this pilgrimage. The group is a good one and gets along well. We have a very good tour guide. Greece is much more mountainous and beautiful than I expected. Tonight we are in Athens in a fabulous hotel to visit Corinth tomorrow.

Take care,
Tom – Tim

  • From: Arminda Argandona
  • Sent: Friday, April 20, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: The Holy Land - APRIL 2007126

The trip was fabulous, it can not be any better, I have to congratulate you, because the tour was very, very well organized to the detail, starting from air fly itinerary, the ground transportation, the tour guide very nice man, very knowledgeable about the place and subject as of all, and the hotels accommodations, specially the food were outstanding, I enjoyed very much walking in the foot steps of Jesus, His Blessed Mother and ours, and the disciples, was very uplifting spiritually and emotionally breath taking, I still can’t believe that just a few days ago I was there, and as I tell to my friends and co-workers, I AM READY TO GO BACK !!!
Thank you very much for making this trip possible, I Highly recommend 206 Tour to anyone who has not experienced this fascinating pilgrimage.

May God bless you all, and I hope to tour again with you guys, thanks a lot
Arminda Argandona (Mindy)

  • From: Fr. Phyl Ta
  • Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007
  • To: Milanka Lachman
  • Subject: Greetings from Fatima!! 2007127

My dear Milanka,
Greeting and peace to you and all the people of 206 tours. I wanted to touch base with you and to tell you we arrived here safely and having a good time. I am very proud to hear all the nice things about you from all the people we have met. They all seem to affirm my opinion of you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I look forward to seeing you on my return. Until then do take care and God bless you immensely!
Love and prayers!
Fr. Philip Tah
Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Jesus remains Lord, whether you accept Him or not!
–Every Evil Done By Man To Man Will Most Certainly be Redressed! If Not By Man, then Certainly By God, If Not In This World, Surely In The World To Come! –DELE GIWA
–“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend”- Camus

  • From: (Rev.) Paul C. Kenney SJ
  • Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: The Holy Land 2007128

Thank you for all you did to make the pilgrimage such a success. I will be praying in thanksgiving to God for the pilgrimage and for you and all the pilgrims who were with me there. God was blessing us greatly.
(Rev.) Paul C. Kenney SJ

  • From: Susan Cornford
  • Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007
  • To: Stefanie Meyer
  • Subject: No subject 2007129

I just returned from my pilgrimage. You did a GREAT job arranging everything.
The trip and the weather was beautiful!!!! Everything ran smoothly from start to finish.

Thanks again,

  • From: Ruth Linesch
  • Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: All Italian Shrines - MARCH 2007130

We enjoyed our tour very much. The shrines were inspiring and beautiful. Gaia, our guide, was a gem. She really knows her stuff. We all agreed she knew all the right people to make our tour special. This was a wonderful experience.

Ruth Linesch

  • From: Fr. Lewis W. Eberhart
  • Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: St. Catherine Laboure Pilgrimage group to Italy 2007131

You and your company have saved us from having a very sad youth group. The other …. travel company really left the kids in a lurch. I’m just so glad that I personally knew a reputable company as yours. The kids will not only see the glories of Rome, but they are also going to see more than they would have ever seen on their original tour plan. I can’t wait to get over there and see their faces when they see the Vatican and all the glories that Italy has to offer.
Thank you again for picking up our group on such a short notice. Once again I find myself in you and your staff’s competent hands.

Fr. Lewis W. Eberhart
St. Catherine Larboure Parish

  • From: L. Rex Ehling
  • Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Fatima, Lisbon, Spain and Lourdes - 2007132

The trip was magnificent, we especially liked our guide in Portugal and Spain, Javier. He was great and the whole pilgrimage was great. The Hotel and food at Lourdes was okay. The priest was terrific as well. I would definitely recommend 206 tours. Thanks so much for a wonderful pilgrimage.

Happy Easter and Peace,
Deacon L. Rex and Marta Ehling

  • Sent: Saturday, April 7, 2007
  • To:

My mom and I are very happy with the tour. The itinerary you made for us was awesome, so well organized..

The wheelchair came in very handy because it was a long walk at Denver & Frankfurt airports. My mom even got treated like a queen at Frankfurt airport. She had a special pick-up from
the plane to the customs. The two of us were the only ones riding the mini-van, while the rest of the passengers rode in the tram.
Javier, our main guide from Lisbon to France was fabulous. He was thorough and stayed with us the whole time. My mom cried when we got to the Hotel at Lourdes when we had to say goodbye to Javier & Peter (the driver). He was like a son to her. The group was like a family after a few days of being together.
Overall, my mom & I are both happy & thankful that we did the tour. We would like to do the “Shrines of Italy” next year. In fact, one of the members would like to come with us.
Again, thank you so, so much for a very memorable experience of our lives.

Have a wonderful day!!
Len and her Mom.

  • From: Maria Saunders
  • Sent: Friday, April 6, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: 206 Tours #37 2007133

Hello Ms. Rinda,
My Mom and I would like to thank you and the rest of 206 Tours for the wonderful service that you rendered to us. Our trip to Portugal and Spain under the care of Okay Tours (Javier) was an excellent tour. I will recommend it to all my friends and relatives. Javier made our spiritual journey very memorable and pleasurable. It was real encounter that I will reminisce for the rest of my life.
However, the Lourdes I was very disappointed with Lourdes tour.
Hope to be in one of your tours again.

Thank you.
Maria Saunders, Lilia Monzon

  • From: Donna Chaklos
  • Sent: Monday, April 2, 2007
  • To: 'Rinda Kanidinc'
  • Subject: The Holy Land – 2007135

I must say the Holy Land pilgrimage was even more delightful than I ever would have imagined. I was very unsure about traveling through this particular region; however, our tour guide (George) and bus driver (Joseph) were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and supportive of our every step along our journey. Joseph even offered assistance during our shopping stops and brought food to our tables on the lunch breaks! George’s biblical knowledge and deep belief is paramount which greatly added to experiencing Jesus’ life and helped me renew a better relationship with God. I tell everyone they must go to the Holy Land. I would go back with 206 Tours, to the Holy land or any pilgrimage, in a heartbeat!

Thanks for everything!
Donna Chaklos
New Canaan, CT

  • From: Julie Zackrisson
  • Sent: Sunday, April 1, 2007
  • To: Kristin and Milanka
  • Subject: Medjugorje Pilgrimage 2007136

Dear Milanka and Kristin,
” I think that sums up all my thoughts that may be helpful to share with you. I do thank you for all your hard work! Our pilgrimage was such a gift to all of us and we are so grateful to our Blessed Mother for all the blessings given to us from Her!”
God bless you both!


  • From: Fr. Christ Boretto
  • Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2007
  • To: Holy Land
  • Subject: re: Holy Land March 2007 2007137

I would like to express my gratitude to 206 Tours for my recent Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It was a lifetime experience, a faith journey which I shall never forget. I was priviledged to celebrate the Holy Eucharist at the most important sites in the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.
George, our Christian guide, was very devout and knowledgeable in Sacred Scripture. He was very generous and hospitable in providing for the needs of all in our group. Our driver was courteous and cordial.
The weather was pleasant and favorable. I made many new friends and enjoyed in providing for their spiritual needs. The food and accommodations were excellent. I would gladly recommend your service to anyone who would desire to share such a spiritual experience.These have been great days of my spiritual enrichment.

Thank you and God bless you.

Yours truly,
Fr.Christ (Krzysztof) Boretto

  • Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: The Holy Land - MARCH 2007140

My wife and I would like to thank 206 tours for the opportunity to participate in this pilgrimage. We came home from the tour spiritually richer. Father Boretto was very good spiritual director, Our driver, Joseph was helpful and a safe driver. George, our tour guide, is very knowledgeable, accommodating and resourceful. We will recommend 206 tours to our friends.

Raymond Lim

  • From: Linda Young
  • Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: The Holy Land - MARCH 2007138

My first trip to the Holy Land was beyond my expectations. We were indeed blessed to have Father Krzysztof who was an inspiration, light and joy among us. We were bonded as a family. Our tour guide, George was dedicated, organized, knowledgeable and very informative. The hotel accommodation, transportation and air flights were well organized, The accommodation was beyond what I had
imagined. Lots of delicious food and wonderful people. All in all I was blessed and called by God to be with my fellow pilgrims and to walk on holy ground. Congratulations 206 Tours for all you have done to make my pilgrimage a Holy and Blessed trip!


  • Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc Subject: Lourdes and Rome
  • Subject: No subject 2007139

We had an amazing journey and would love to return again next year, God willing. Everything and everyone exceeded our expectations. Thank you for a wonderful pilgrimage.

Rob and Mary Luke

  • From: Perky
  • Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: No subject 2007141

You know how much i enjoyed my trip to medjugorje? It was absolutely the best trip i have ever taken. I have been to europe three times but this was the best. Not only was it very satisfying spiritually but it would not have been the same without rafael. Meeting raffi and getting to know him made the whole trip worthwhile. 206 tours definitely has an angel in rafael. I don’t know what his salary is but it cannot be enough. He deserves a raise! He goes beyond the call. Not only is he kind but he is very attentive to everyone in the group. His knowledge of the apparitions was unbelievable. I could listen to him pray forever–his voice puts one in a trance like state and makes you want to learn more. My goal is to learn to pray like rafael. I am already looking at the calendar to see when i can travel with rafael again. I am pretty sure i will be joining him in november 2007 for the trip to Guadalupe,

May god bless!
Perky Janese

  • From: S Roberts
  • Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: Medjugorje - MARCH 2007142

I had a wonderful time with the 206 pilgrimage. I would love to go on another pilgrimage with 206, if possible to Fatima, Garabandol, La Sallette, and Medugorje.

Sally Roberts

  • From: Jane Murphy
  • Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Medjugorje - MARCH 2007143

Slavenka is the very best guide in the world! I was so happy she was my guide once again. The Santa Maria home was wonderful and Maria was very nice and hospitable to us. Father Neil was quite nice and very spiritual. It was a good experience and I would certainly recommend 206 tours to my friends wishing to go to Medjugorje or on other spirituals pilgrimages.

Jane Murphy

  • From: Fr. Joseph
  • Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours
  • Subject: No subject 2007145

Thank you so much for your kindness in re-scheduling my tour according to my request. And my sincere THANKS 206 Tours for my PRE-STAY in Fatima! I really appreciate that very much. I wanted to begin my 25th year of Priesthood in a very prayerful way and in a very special Place; thank you very much for making it possible for me. I need a lot of special strength and grace for this coming year! Please communicate my Thanks and Appreciation to Milanka and the rest of the Staff of 206 Tours! Probably you might remember, this is my 10th year since I started going my Pilgrimages with 206 Tours and I never had any disappoints! Thanks to you all! May God continue to bless you all and your every efforts! With my promise of special remembrance at Fatima and other places and every day.

In Christ and the Bl. Mother,
Fr. Joseph

  • From: Karen A. DePillis
  • Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2007
  • Subject: Holy Land Tour 2007144

It was an incredible experience! The weather was perfect at about 75 degrees and sunny. Our guide was knowledgeable. We had seen so many biblical sites that I am still trying to digest all that we had been exposed to. This was my 6th tour with 206 tours and I must say that I was completely satisfied.
Thank you.

Karen A. DePillis

  • From: Yani Vallesteros
  • Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Fatima, Spain, Lourdes and Rome 2007146

Ms. Kanidinc,
We had a wonderful pilgrimage. Javier from Portugal/Spain was truly an exceptional Tour Leader. He made sure that all our needs were met even non-pilgrimage stuff. He went out of his way to please everybody. He was very accommodating and even helped with the daily Mass. Everybody was crying when we parted in France. He became part of our family. My wife and I brought our mothers and a friend hoping that it would just be another vacation. It turned out to be much more than we expected. It felt like more of a homecoming to the Lord. A million thanks to Fr. Frederick Walters, our spiritual leader, who guided us thru our transformation. I was able to openly discuss with him my questions and issues about religion and spirituality. We felt so much at ease with him like a “best friend.” I even went to confession which I have not done for over thirty years. What a big relief. After that, we did something truly awesome that we did not plan. Thru the blessing of Fr. Walters, my wife and I exchanged our wedding vows at the Basilica in Lourdes. So, you can say that we had a remarkable and unforgetable experience.

Thank you all at 206 Tours.
Yani & Christine Vallesteros

  • From: Joan Cavallo, Uniglobe Travel
  • Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Spain - Group is doing well 2007148

I was very impressed with the presentation of documents and also the handling of the trip.
Billy was more than helpful. I would be happy to consider 206 tours for my international groups.
Uniglobe Travel

Joan Cavallo

  • From: Joey & Liza Abo
  • Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007
  • To:;
  • Subject: "Holy Land 206 Tour 111" 2007147

Dear Rinda and Jennifer,

Me and my wife like extend our heartfelt gratitude of your outstanding job regarding this trip to Holy land. Everything is perfect hotel accommodation’s including tour guide and bus driver. If I ever do it again I will choice the same bus driver and tour guide both are outstanding. I can not explain how much we enjoyed the spirit of Christ and see the places base upon the scriptures. I would like to recommend all Christians not only Catholics but non-catholics so they can experience what is in the bible. It is my honor to use my name

God blessed you.
Joey & Liza Abo

  • From: Frederick Walters
  • Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: A wonderful experience 2007149

Dear Milanka, Javier and the other guides were amazing. Javier stands out in my mind as the best guide I ever had the pleasure to work with. His sense of care for the pilgrims and their welfare was outstanding. His knowledge and love of his faith was an example for us all.
In twenty years of Priesthood I had the pleasure of leading many a pilgrimage, but I must say none can compare to 206 Tours. I will gladly recommend any one who may be interested in a pilgrimage to go with 206 tours. If ever my parish runs a pilgrimage I will most surly use your company. We pilgrims met as strangers but at the end of our journey of faith we were family. If ever you need my service again I would be honored to lead another pilgrimage with 206, especially if Javier is the guide.
Peace and blessings.


  • From: Linda Repici
  • Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours
  • Subject: Re: Pilgrimage to Poland and Medjugorje 2007150

Thanks you for your ministry in getting us to these holy places. The pilgrimages have changed my life.


  • From: Jessie
  • Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007
  • To: Rinda Kanidinc
  • Subject: Re: Rome, Lourdes & Fatima 2007151

Below e-mail is interesting as it comes to us from group in Australia, which we tried initially to recommend to our competitors down -under.. however, Jessie writes this

Dear Rinda,
Thank you for replying to my email. Yes I am from ‘down under’ – Australia. I live in Melbourne. Perhaps I did not make myself very clear but we contacted you because we were told that your tours are really excellent. Please email me again and let me know if we can ring you to discuss this further. Again thank you for replying I do appreciate it.

Kind Regards,
Jessie Hodgson.

  • From: Nancy Cook
  • Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007
  • To: 206 Tours
  • Subject: re: Oct 2006 Pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Greece & Turkey 2007152

206 Tours,
Thank you for an awesome trip. Last October I went to Medjugorje with Nives Jelich group. We then went to follow the footsteps of St. Paul. It was a wonderful trip. Our tour guide Christiana she was tremendous. What a gift to have here and that to have Fr. Jim White, to be our spiritual director. He is faith filled and helped each and everyone of us increase our faith. Many, Many people made wonderful comments about his direction. We took this trip October 14th. Thanks for all you do and I would appreciate it if you could give this to the person in charge.

Nancy Cook

  • Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Rome, Independent Travel 2007154

Hi Kristin,
Sorry for the delay in sending this letter. The trip was out of this world. Everything went without any problem. I can not say enough about the hotel – room was great – staff was out of this word (some even hugged me when I left) I have stayed in six hotels in Rome and this by far is the best. Food was excellent but a little over priced but that was OK. Midnight Mass was the most moving event I have ever been too. Thanks again for all your great help. A little grateful gift will be on its way to you tomorrow. Happy and Blessed New Year!
God Bless and thanks again.

Dave Brinkhaus

  • Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2007
  • To: Rinda, Jennifer, and Sonya 206 Tours 289 E. Main Street Smithtown, NY 11787
  • Subject: No subject 2007153

Just a note to tell you that I was one of the pilgrims that joined the Greece: In the Footsteps of St. Paul Tour on October 14-23, 2006. Our Spiritual Guide, Fr. Jim White was fantastic. I would say he made the tour what it was. I can’t imagine not having him with us. He is an amazing person. We were so blessed to have him as our Spiritual Guide.The tour guide from Greece, Christiana, was the best. She was so informative, helpful, and pleasant. I would recommend her highly. What a great job your 206 TOURS group did for this trip. Not only the guides, but the flights, ship, hotels, etc., all went so smooth. Thank you for a great pilgrimage. It is one that I will never forget.

Yvonne McLaughlin

  • Sent: Wednesday, January 3, 2007
  • To:
  • Subject: Independent travel to Medjugorje in December 2007 204

Hi Kristin,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in planning my trip with my friend Barbara. We had an excellent time and I would recommend that people go to Medjugorje in December. The weather was perfect. It was absolutely beautiful and it was around 60 on apparition hill for 5 days until the sun set at 5:30. Thank you again our tour guide was excellent and so were the drivers that picked us up.

God bless!
Lynn DaSilva