Organize a Pilgrimage Group

You have a Divine Appointment and it starts now!

Free trips

 The more pilgrims you bring with you, the more incentives you receive!

Build community

Nothing brings people together more than a common belief and experience.

Assistance with promotion

Custom Flyers and Website to get the world out.

Group Leader

Have no track record – so they should review our Series Tours. Their Form, they must select Tour # from Drop-Down, and the Dates listed for that Tour on Drop-Down.

Type of Group:

Minimum is only 10 – which is obtainable. They also do not have to worry about a Priest. If they exceed, then they branch off and become their own group.

Get Started

*For NEW Group Leaders, First Time Promoters, Groups without a Priest, a lot of work goes into preparing Proposals – as well as Promoting and Operating a Tour.

Group Leader

Have a proven history – so they should be able to customize their Tours. They are aware of how to promote, how many they can bring, the minimums required, they have a Priest lined up etc.

Type of Group:

Guarantee of 25 or more Pilgrims

Get Started

*For EXPERIENCED Group Leaders, Clergy, Church or Diocesan Officials, Organizations or Families. Pricing is based on a higher minimum, and they know the incentives they want.

Ideas on HOW to Promote

Interested in some NEW ways to promote your pilgrimage,
helping you to maximize your bookings?

Why YOU should lead a Group?

Not sure if you have what it takes? We believe in you, and here
are some reasons why!

Hosting a Group Meeting

Benefits of hosting a Meeting before you depart for your