Travel Insurance

Be prepared for unforeseen accidents or events that can leave you cancelling your trip, or worse, out of pocket costs! We have partnered with Travel Insured to offer you coverage for the unexpected.

Travel Insurance:
Covers Medical, Dental, Medication, Cancellations (Stipulations Apply – Hospital Emergencies, Death, Doctor prescribed reasons for you and immediately family only.) Loss of Luggage, Trip Delay and much more.

Supplemental Cancellation Protection Plan: (NOT Insurance)
Solely a Cancellation Plan, allowing you to cancel up until 24 Hours prior to departure for any reason other than medical. Cancellations within 24 hours of departure will be as per “Terms and Conditions”.

State to State:
Certain States require you to purchase Insurance first, in order to have the option of purchasing the Supplemental Cancellation Protection Plan. Other States allow you to choose to purchase one, the other, or both.

How do I know what my State requires?:
Select your “State”, below, and the details are provided accordingly.