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Zac Efron Shines a Light on Lourdes


Photo Credit: Zac Efron via Instagram


A new Netflix series called “Down to Earth” is generating a lot of buzz as of late. The documentary follows actor Zac Efron as he travels the world seeking solutions to sustainability issues.


The second episode entitled, “France”, focuses on water and takes a special look at the healing baths in Lourdes.


Our Lady Lourdes first visited Saint Bernadette in 1858 near the Grotto of Massabielle, which now has a miraculous spring and healing baths that have famously healed and transformed the lives of many.  This Marian Sanctuary attracts about 6 million people every year.


In the episode, Efron finds himself immersed in the atmosphere and spirituality of Lourdes, saying; “you can’t deny the extraordinary peace and beauty that is going on right here.”


Efron’s reflections continue as panning shots of the Sanctuary, Pilgrims, and the Candlelight vigil are shown. Lourdes is a place of healing, and undeniable Sacred beauty. We’re grateful to Zac Efron for shining a light on this Sacred place and hope his story will encourage young people to visit as well. Learn more about Lourdes, here.


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