The Way. The Truth. The Life.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

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What is a pilgrimage?

What is a pilgrimage?

When we go on a Pilgrimage we are walking towards God. We go to God, not perfect, but as we are. We offer ourselves completely, with all our doubts, flaws, crisis, sickness, curiosity, adventure, faith, thanksgiving, and most importantly, with our Pilgrimage intentions and prayers.

If you’re looking for luxury, perfection, or vacation, a Pilgrimage is probably not for you. Clearly a Pilgrimage is not a “break” from responsibilities like a vacation is – rather it is a calling; a personal invitation from God. It reminds us of our responsibility to our faith as disciples of Jesus. On a Pilgrimage, we encounter God in the very places where He has revealed himself.

It can be a challenge – it can take us out of our comfort zones and incorporate tedious travel or navigating difficult terrain. Sometimes the steps are not easy, but every step counts. Remember, everything that happens while on Pilgrimage happens on the route towards God. Every step you make on your Pilgrimage are the steps that will lead you from the person you were, to the person you’re growing to be in deeper consciousness and sensitivity to God. It is a transformational experience that changes our lives and brings us closer to our faith in ways we could never imagine through sincere and concentrated prayer – that is, if you let it.

There is a path in front of each of us; let’s move forward with and towards Jesus.

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Why go on a pilgrimage?

Deepen Your Faith

Often, we go on a Pilgrimages seeking change, and often, a change takes place. Pilgrimage means focusing on an Intention, a desire, or a resolution of a situation. A Pilgrim goes because he feels called to deepen his faith and connection to God. Pilgrims seek peace with their lives they must first find it with God in their hearts. Many Pilgrims find that by separating themselves from their daily lives and embarking on a Pilgrimage, they are able to find God and find peace, returning with renewed faith, transformed forever.

There are so many benefits to making a Pilgrimage – people that travel on Pilgrimages, are happier, more peaceful, and better suited to handle life’s difficult situations. People that go on Pilgrimages have more faith. By having more faith and peace in your heart, you do not avoid tragedy, as having Jesus in your life, is like “being thrown into the ocean with a life-vest”.

Top 10 Reasons

  1. To increase faith
  2. To practice prayer
  3. To practice fasting
  4. To let go and let God
  5. To pray for healing
  6. To hear what the Holy Spirit may say
  7. To pray for others
  8. Experience diverse cultures
  9. To escort a loved one
  10. For unity; to be with likeminded people