Pilgrim Spotlight: Rome – A City Connected By The Language of Faith

We’re excited to introduce our Pilgrim Spotlight Series in which we will share stories and experiences that our Pilgrims have shared with us. In this week’s Pilgrim Spotlight, John Smith recalls his Pilgrimage to Rome. Read all about his experience below.

My wife and I have prayed for the opportunity to travel to Rome to visit Vatican City for decades. When it came time for us to retire, we knew it was finally our time to experience Pilgrimage. 

Our Spiritual Director, Fr. Jones, has been a longtime support and friend of our family. 
With his guide along our tour, we had the most spiritual experience of our lives. Vatican City was incredible. It was even more outstanding than what the countless photos I had seen and books I had read prepared me for. 

What stuck out most to me was how so many people, all speaking different languages from all different corners of the world could be in St. Peter’s Square in a community of excitement and prayer – though we couldn’t communicate with each other, we were all there for the same reasons, and we were connected by the language of our faith. 

A Pilgrimage to Rome would not be complete without a Papal Audience. It was here that I felt the most connected to God that I have ever felt. My wife and I listened to His Holiness with tears in our eyes and were again overwhelmed by the vast community of devout Catholics surrounding us. 

I pray that all Catholics take any opportunity to make a pilgrimage as it is an experience that will surely change their lives and deepen their faith. 

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