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El Camino

5 Tips for Walking El Camino

  El Camino de Santiago is a Catholic pilgrimage unique for its spiritual significance, not unrelated to its challenging elements. The Way of Saint James is different from other...

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Walking Pilgrimages

For centuries, Catholics have been embarking on walking pilgrimages to sacred holy sites and Shrines. The most famous walking pilgrimage is The Way of St. James, also known as El Camino, which walks...

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Father’s Day: An Interview with Fr. Connolly & Fr. Calloway

Check out this fantastic article “St. Joseph and Father’s Day: An interview with Fr. Donald Calloway“, written by Father Seán Connolly for the Catholic World Report on June 20, 2020....

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Introducing Our New Blog!

Welcome! Today June 5, 2020, we are excited to share with you our new 206 Tours Blog, dedicated to showcasing “The Road. The Truth. The Life.” With this blog, we hope to share all things...

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El Camino: The Iron Cross

In 2017 Milanka Lachman, President and Founder of 206 Tours, set out on a Pilgrimage on the El Camino trail, like millions of Pilgrims before her.   Here she is with our guide, Javier, the man...

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A Catholic Pilgrimage to on the El Camino trail is a fantastic way to learn more about the life of St. James the Apostle and early Christianity in Spain
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