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2 Great Priests, 2 Great Friends!

Two great priest - Two great friends !! (1)

Father Seán Connolly and Monsignor Hilary C. Franco are two extraordinary 206 Tours Spiritual Directors who have led many Catholic Pilgrimages. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, Monsignor Franco recently released a book, “Six Popes: A Son of the Church Remembers. Fr. Seán shares his special connection to Msgr. Franco in this recent article published on Catholic World Report:

Fr. Seán reveals that Msgr. Franco was his Parish priest when he was a young boy and contributed to his vocation and priesthood.  In the article, Fr. Seán says:

“As a young boy I was under the impression that every priest had an office in the Vatican and was on close terms with the pope… As I grew older and began to discern my own vocation to the priesthood, I came to understand and appreciate how truly extraordinary a life my pastor has lived in service to the Church.”

Msgr. Franco’s book has been widely well-received since hitting shelves in May 2021. Fr. Seán provides a recap of Msgr. Franco’s life including details about his relationship to Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, and the personal note that sits in his office. Click here for more information of the Extraordinary Life of Monsignor Franco & his new book. 

For details about Monsignor Franco’s upcoming pilgrimage to Poland, visiting sites from the life of his close personal friend, Saint John Paul II, click here: 

For details about Fr. upcoming pilgrimages, click here: