World Youth Day - Lisbon 2023

“Mary got up and hurriedly left” – (Lk 1, 39)

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World Youth Day Lisbon 2023

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Perks of leading your own Group:

Free trips

The more pilgrims you bring, the more Free Trips you receive.

Build community

Nothing brings people together than a common belief and experience.

Assistance with promotion

Custom Flyers and Website to get the word out.

Choice of three (3) World Youth Day Pilgrimages.
Dates and Prices: Pending Confirmation from Vatican

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Group Leaders

At the present time, the Vatican has only confirmed “Where” (Lisbon) and “When” (the year 2023). There a many key points that have not been finalized, which we need in order to offer pricing, including the exact Dates, Location of Events (specific sites for Events), and WYD Package Inclusions/Costs.

For the time being, we can tell you that we have made the following updates:

- Itinerary Options:
We will be offering a three (3) itineraries to choose from (as noted above.)

- Sample Day by Day Itineraries and Inclusions:
All of this can be viewed by visiting the Tour Websites above.

- For those who are interested in becoming Group Leaders, will receive:
Paperless - Proposal, Updated Invoices, and Promotional Material (Website and One-Page Flyer) An Account Manager to assist with bookings and answer all questions

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