The Holy Land

Pilgrimages to the Holy Land are an enduring tradition for a variety of religions as the place has great significance for them all. For Catholic pilgrimages, the Holy Land holds importance as the place where Jesus' birth, ministry, death and resurrection took place. On our Catholic tours to Israel, we offer a complete itinerary under the guidance of spiritual directors. Covering locations such as Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem, the Catholic tours of the Holy Land we offer take pilgrims to follow the paths where Jesus once walked.

As a place, Israel is home to a rich, thousand year old history. Through our Catholic tours of Israel, pilgrims can find a new way of understanding Our Lord's life. Through the various destinations covered by our itineraries, pilgrims have a chance to explore the rich culture that molded the life of Jesus Christ, while reflecting on the spiritual and religious significance of the land.

Our Catholic tours to the Holy Land don't end with Israel alone, though. We also offer itineraries for pilgrimages to the Holy Land complemented by further journey to Rome or other destinations with religious significance. In fact, among our itineraries for Catholic pilgrimages, our Holy Land, Egypt and Jordan tour are perhaps among the most interesting, taking pilgrims to the different lands which held significance for both the Old and the New Testament. Needless to say, we also offer pilgrims various options to enrich their Catholic Tours to Israel. Whether following Our Lord's footsteps or exploring the rich history of the Catholic faith through travel, join us on our pilgrimages to Israel for an unforgettable experience.

Israel - The Holy Land

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