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Promote a Group

Promoting A Pilgrimage

As a NEW Group Leader, you should start promoting your group twelve (12) months prior to departure – or more. Some Experienced Group Leaders do put together groups six (6) to nine (9) months prior to departure. Once you have confirmed the Proposal for your Pilgrimage, you must announce it to the world and let the registrations begin. Here are some helpful Tips:

Suggestions on Promoting Your Pilgrimage

  • Announcements:
    Begin announcing your departure date as soon as possible, and continue them frequently.
    Tell people When, Where, How long, Cost, and How To Register.
    Make announcements during or after service, on the radio, on the bulletin board, or in your Church Bulletin.
    Announce it on Social Media.
    Speak with your Spiritual Director and see if he can announce it following Mass.

  • Invite Everyone:
    Do not try to guess or hand pick people you think will go. You will probably be surprised at who joins you.
    Do not forget the personal approach: The most effective Leaders fill their pilgrimages by "person-to-person" contact.
    Consider inviting friends in places where you have worked, taught, or served before.
    You may even want to invite local community leaders with whom you may, or may not, be closely associated with.

  • Distribute Flyers:
    206 Tours provides you with Flyer's with an invitation to the tour, and itinerary.
    Ask your Spiritual Director to take some copies to hand out. However, do not rely on Flyers alone to sell your pilgrimage. They help a great deal, but should not be counted on to do the entire job.

  • Digital Media Kit (Go Green and Paperless!):
    Inquire with our Media Department to create Posts for all Social Media Platforms
    Email PDF copies of the Flyer
    Promote the Web Address

  • Local Media:
    Seek local media coverage: Offer local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations details about your tour, and make yourself available for interviews.

  • Host Group Meetings:
    These will help create excitement about the tour in your congregation.
    Where appropriate, announce people who have just joined.
    Be enthusiastic about each person who joins your group.
    Announce their names informally during service.

  • Present your tour as an important aspect of your Ministry:
    This pilgrimage is an extension of you and your ministry - a spiritual highlight that will benefit you and those you serve for years to come.

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We know what it takes to organize a pilgrimage, and to make sure everything goes smoothly from beginning to end. With our support and help, you will be proud that you are the leader of your group. Pilgrimages are for everyone! Family Reunions, Church groups, Youth groups, Senior citizens to Grandchildren, Singles to Couples, Special Interest Groups, Neighbors, and everyone in between!

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We will reserve group allotments with airlines, hotels, guides and other services. We will set you up with a promotional brochure and website.