Joyful and Holy Priests Wanted!

*Letter of Good Standing from your Superior is required – must be valid within 60 Days of Application submission*

All Priests traveling as a pilgrim with 206 Tours: Receive a 20% Discount
Valid on any regular scheduled pilgrimage (Tour 1 - 242)
Name, Order/Church/Diocese and "Letter of Good Standing" from your Superior on Official Letterhead is required.
*Discount will be applied once all has been received and confirmed

Free Trips

Receive a Free Trip including Roundtrip Flights from your hometown

Build Community

Through celebrating Mass daily, Prayer, Rosary, and Confession – you will draw people closer to God.

Assistance with Promotion

Custom Flyers and Website will be made to promote within your Parish and Community

Lead a group on a pilgrimage

Join us as a Pilgrim, a Spiritual Director, or Group Leader!

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Choose your “Type” of Group Leader

Spiritual Director
for Tour Series

Supply us with:

Select a Pilgrimage: Tour 1 - 242
Select a Departure Date from that Tour


Any Priest open to being a Spiritual Director on one of our Departures. Free Trip, Private Room & Daily Stipend.

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*For NEW Group Leaders, First-Time Leaders, or Groups without a Priest

Lead your own
Pilgrimage Group

Supply us with:

Destination(s), Dates of Departure,
Special Requests, and Priest Name

Type of Group:

For Priests looking to arrange a Private Pilgrimage for their Parishioners, Diocese, School, or Organization

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*For Experienced Group Leaders, Clergy, Church or Diocesan Officials, Organizations and Families.