Our Lady of Beauraing Catholic Marian Shrine in Belgium

Our Lady of Beauraing

The Story:

Our Lady's 33 appearances to five young children in Beauraing first began on November 29, 1932 and concluded on January 3, 1933. At the time of the first apparition, the children’s ages ranged from 9 to 15 years old. After the first apparition, the children ran home to tell their parents. The Virgin appeared the next day as the children left the convent yard and again they were frightened. On the third day of apparitions, several adults and parents accompanied the children to the convent yard determined to find out who was playing the prank. When the Blessed Mother appeared the children fell to their knees and began praying the Rosary in unison. Only they could see her. The Virgin was young, wore a brilliant white gown, and radiated a beautiful blue light. As she continued to appear over the next few nights, the crowds grew larger. On December 4th she affirmed her title of "Immaculate Virgin" and when asked what she wanted she replied, "That you always be good.”

On December 8th over 15, 000 pilgrims journeyed to Beauraing. On this day the Mother of God appeared even more beautiful and brilliant than before. In the next apparition the Blessed Virgin Mary asked for a chapel to be built. On the last day of the year, she revealed her radiant heart to the children. The final apparition took place on January 3rd with 30,000 pilgrims present, the Virgin revealed three secrets. To two of the children, she promised to "convert sinners.” To Andree Degeimbre she said, " I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven, pray always.” She then exposed her radiant heart one last time. One child named, Fernande, was unable to see the Virgin and was very saddened. Suddenly, the Virgin Mary appeared before him and asked the kneeling child, "Do you love my son? Do you love me? Then sacrifice yourself for me.” Departing, she gave the child a marvelous vision of her Immaculate Heart as it shone with light and love.

Our Lady of Beauraing gained Holy See approval from Pope Pius XII in 1949 and has remained an extremely popular Pilgrimage site.

Traveling to Beauraing: It is a 75 mile drive south of Brussels and there is also train service from Brussels, although you need to change trains twice. The Shrine is a short walk from the train station.
Address: Rue de l’Aubepine 12, 5570 Beauraing, Belgium
Tel: (+32) 4 360 02 33

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