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Holy Land Catholic Pilgrimages:

About our Holy Land Pilgrimages:

If you desire to draw closer to Jesus of Nazareth, come, as we follow in His footsteps visiting sites from his life, ministry, death & Resurrection. Along the way you will experience Him and see Him in the works He performed. The scriptures will come alive like never before, as you stand in the very places that inspired them. Celebrate votive Masses in the very places where these miraculous gifts became pages in the Gospel. See where He was back then, and feel how He is still there today!

On our Catholic tours to Israel, we offer a complete itinerary under the guidance of spiritual directors. You will have time to renew and affirm your faith each day of your pilgrimage; to pray and reflect. A Holy Land Pilgrimage is an encounter that has changed the lives of many pilgrims, an act of faith and prayer. The maxim at the entrance to the Church of the Nativity says: “We are hoping that: If you enter here as a tourist, you would exit as a pilgrim. If you enter here as a pilgrim, you would exit as a Holier one.”