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Immerse in Adriatic beauty: Croatia & Slovenia Pilgrimage - May 6 - 15, 2024
Witness the sites of 5 Apparitions: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Switzerland - April 12 - 23, 2024
Explore France’s beautiful Catholic Shrines: Great Shrines of France - June 3 - 15, 2024
Northern Spain & much more: Fatima, Lourdes & Northern Spain - Aug 31 - Sep 13, 2024

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Why YOU would make a great Group Coordinator:

    1. Your Vision, is our Vision - We will provide you with a worry free, custom, well planned pilgrimage resulting in a wonderful life changing journey, and memories that will last a lifetime.
    2. Building Relationships - Our aim is to provide you with a lifelong partner that you can trust! We will provide you with the best price available - with ease and mutual cooperation from your first contact with us till the day your group returns.
    3. We will help you to "Get The Word Out" - We will supply you with complimentary Four-Page Color Flyers, and a custom website (Flyer will be uploaded to the site for additional promotion). For ideas on how to promote, Click Here
    4. Spiritual Leader - Do you need our help in finding a priest, or do you have one already? Our pricing will offer you an opportunity to invite a spiritual leader of your choice. Remember one of the most important components of any pilgrimage is Mass Daily, Confession, and Rosary.
    5. Inclusions are important - Many tour operators offer lower category hotels, free days without touring, and certain days will not include dinner. 206 Tours competitive group pricing will not compromising on inclusions.
    6. Incentives - Our proposals include confidential Fund Raising, Rebates, and Free Trips as you request.
    7. Secure Payment System - 206 Tours accepts payments from all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), ACH (Automatic payment through checking accounts), Check, and Pay Pal.
    8. Once a Group Leader -Always a group leader! Leading pilgrimages will bring you and your pilgrims Closer to God. Everyone needs to be Closer to God.
    9. Education - Pilgrims gain an appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice of the founders of our faith, and their contribution to society. It will also drastically increase your Biblical knowledge. A pilgrimage to the Holy Land will teach you as much as one year in Bible Class.
    10. Want to see more people come to church? Then bring them on a pilgrimage. History has taught us that after going on a pilgrimage, there is a great increase in church involvement. Pilgrimages can create a deep and lasting Christian bond.
    11. Help us educate Church leaders - A pilgrimage is an excellent way of educating someone with church leadership and teachings. Many who were hesitant to be involved before a pilgrimage, come back feeling empowered.
    12. Organize a Parish Pilgrimage - it is a great way to build Church Unity with parishioners.
    13. Who is a potential pilgrim? Everyone can use a pilgrimage, as it is a great tool to intensify spirituality. Enrich the prayer life for everyone who comes. Pilgrimages revive spiritual awareness. The journey will awaken the spiritual dimension of anyone's faith like no other experience can!
    14. Evangelize -by being a pilgrim, one earns confidence to share the Gospel story with others. The journey will help strengthen future church leaders. Many young pilgrims return encouraged to consider a vocation in their future.
    15. Be an "Ambassadors of Peace" - One is able to have a more Christ-like understanding of other religions and cultures. Open your mind to new insights into the political, social, and economic situation of each area you're visiting.
    16. The fruits of a well-planned pilgrimage lasts forever. The pilgrimage starts when you register - but it never ends!
    17. Returning pilgrims - Those who travel with you will join on future journeys, and have a deeper respect for your ministry.
    18. You are the Tour Host - so you will be the liaison with the overseas Tour guides and escorts. We will assign a Tour Escort who is highly trained professional. They will be with your group at all times, leaving you free to enjoy your trip, and take care of the needs of your pilgrims.
    19. We are flexible! - If any change is needed, we will be there to resolve any situation which may arise.
    20. Want to see what our group leaders and pilgrims say about 206 Tours -
    21. For more on 206 Tours references check out
    22. If you are ever considering a group pilgrimage - one must consider giving 206 Tours the opportunity to bid, as no one knows pilgrimages better than 206 Tours! Since 1985, we have met the needs of thousands of groups, but we will make you feel like you are our - only - group!

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Thank you for your interest in organizing a group pilgrimage - you have come to the right place. We know what it takes to organize a journey, and to make sure everything goes smoothly from beginning to end. With our support and help, you will be proud that you are the leader of your group. Pilgrimages are ideal for family reunions, church groups, youth groups, class reunions, senior citizens, singles, special interest groups, neighbors, couples or anyone seeking the spiritual refreshment that only a pilgrimage can provide.

Once you give 206 Tours
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We will reserve group allotments with airlines, hotels, guides and other services. We will set you up with a promotional brochure and website.

We will reserve group allotments with airlines, hotels, guides and other services. We will set you up with a promotional brochure and website.