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Fatima, Portugal Pilgrimage

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima:

Made up of a number of buildings and Chapels, it encases the story of the three little children from Fatima who witnessed the apparition of Our Lady. Beginning on May 13th, 1917, three children (St. Francisco, St. Jacinta, and Bl. Lucia) brought their sheep down a path that was owned by Lucia's father - which is known as the Cova da Iria. Along that walk is where the Blessed Virgin appeared to them. Titled "Our Lady of the Rosary", she appeared to the children six (6) consecutive times between May and October of that same year.
* Bl. Lucia would go on to have one more apparition with her, alone, in 1920.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary:

Pope Pius XII titled this Basilica in 1954. Made of solid limestone, it is home to fifteen (15) altars, aligning with the number of decades of the Rosary and to honor Our Lady. It was in that very spot that she declared, "I am the Lady of the Rosary."


Minutes outside the center of Fatima, you will find the tiny hamlet where the three (3) Saints lived. You will have the opportunity to walk in their houses, see where and how they lived. Also, you will enjoy time in their backyard and hear their story. The graves of St. Francisco and St. Jacinta are located behind the High Altar. If you look to the stained glass windows that make up the interior, they depict the scenes from the story of Fatima.


Located 1/4 mile from the childrens homes, is the site where Our Lady made her fourth (4) appearance to the children in August 19th, 1917. That spot is now marked by a white monument.

Loca Do Anjo:

Continuing down the Stations of the Cross, you will arrive at this spot, which is commemorated with a white statue of the three children and Our Lady. This marks the spot where the three children had their first and third visit of the "Angel of Peace".

Little Chapel of Apparitions:

Located at the very center of the Sanctuary, commemorates the exact location of the Marian apparitions. The marble pillar that sits behind the altar marks the spot, with a statue of the Virgin Mary sitting atop. Within the crown of Our Lady is the bullet that hit St. John Paul II on, during his assassination attempt.

Basilica of the Holy Trinity:

Located directly across from the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, sits the Basilica of the Holy Trinity. While plans began in 1973, it was inaugurated in 2007. It was built out of a "need", as the Sanctuary needed a place to accommodate the number of pilgrims that were visiting the site each year. This Basilica has a much more modern feel, while using a local stone known as "white of the sea". To date, it can seat 8,633 people - and is the location for a 24-Hour Adoration Chapel.

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