Pilgrimages to the Shroud of Turin Exhibition

It is “predicted“ that the next viewing will be in either 2025 or 2026.
No Dates or Information is confirmed at this time. Confirmations will come directly from the Vatican.

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More Information about the Shroud of Turin

The “Shroud of Turin” is a 14 foot x 4 foot linen cloth that was found to be the burial cloth of Christ. Housed at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, in Turin, the Holy Shroud has rarely been displayed publicly in order to preserve it. To date, there are only but a few times each century that it goes on display. As a relic, it is owned by whomever is the Holy Father at that time. The Holy Father can then decide when he would like to have it on display. Public Display tends to be every five (5) years, but there are Special Occasions he grants its display for a minimal amount of days.

The image on the Holy Shroud was first observed on the evening of May 28, 1898 on a negative of a photograph. An amateur photographer who was allowed to photograph it while it was being exhibited in the Turin Cathedral almost dropped and broke the photographic plate from the shock of seeing an image of a person on it. The image of the person appears to be consistent with that of crucifixion.

The exposition of the Shroud of Turin is a time to reflect and a time of prayer. It is expected to be on display to the public come 2025. Follow us on Social Media and be the first to know when it is announced, and take part in the many spiritual pilgrimages we will be arranging that incorporate visits to see it.