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Help Our Tour Guides!

206 Tours has just canceled or postponed 100’s of Group Pilgrimages. As independent contractors, Tour Guides only get paid if they have a group, therefore, they will have no income to bring home to their families for months! Help us help our guides.

100% of the Funds will be donated to the Guides, in exchange for your kindness 206 will give you credit for future travel*.


Please consider donating to our fundraiser on Go Fund Me.



Whatever you can contribute is appreciated. Your contributions will be equally distributed to help these 36 incredible – 206 Tours guides. You may also, separately send an email to earmarking specific guide.

206 Tours will match dollar-for-dollar what you donate – as credit towards new booking up to $1,000 per person and will be discounted off the total trip cost.

These Tour Guides have made it their life’s work to help you, the Pilgrims, seek God in the world’s Holiest sites. They do not simply “show us around”; as much as they teach us, share their experiences with us, pray with us, take selfies with us, make memories with us, and form bonds with us. Did you ever think of a memory from your pilgrimage that they were part of? It makes you wonder how many memories they have of you?

They will continue to pray for you in the Holy Land, Italy, Medjugorje, Portugal, Spain, France, Poland, and Mexico, and of course, they will understand if you’re unable to donate financially, please remember them in your prayers.

Our guides:

Alessandro, Ana, Bart, Cristina, Deborah, Dragan, Federica, Franjo, George, Giovanni, Habib, Hani, Hussa, Ibrahim, Iskandar, Ivan B., Ivanka, Javi, Javier, Leo, Maher, Majd, Mary, Olga, Quico, Rami, Rizek, Roberto, Said, Sami, Sami T., Shafik, Slavenka, Slavica, Usama, Vanessa

Thank you! May God Bless and Protect You!