Give to Guides

Help Our Tour Guides!

In March 2020, 206 Tours had to postpone hundreds of Group Pilgrimages due to the Pandemic. As independent contractors, Tour Guides only get paid if they have a group therefore, we created an online fundraising campaign for our guides, matching donations for credit for future travel. 


Thank you, Pilgrims, for generously donating to our Tour Guides. The pandemic has caused our business and our industry to have grave setbacks. Tour Guides who were scheduled to lead groups from March 2020 until Fall 2020 would have 0 income, had it not been for YOUR help! Together, over 150 donors raised more than $40,000, and our guides are extremely appreciative!


Some have asked if we are still accepting help for Tour Guides, of course, you can email and we will process your check or credit card accordingly.


What’s the best way to support our guides? The best way to help is to book a Pilgrimage for 2021. Travel will resume, tourism will pick up, and as always, Pilgrims will return to the world’s Holiest sites!


We, and our tour guides, miss you desperately!
Please join us in a prayer to end the pandemic, so we can journey together again soon! #StayPilgrims



Our guides:

Alessandro, Ana, Bart, Cristina, Deborah, Dragan, Federica, Franjo, George, Giovanni, Habib, Hani, Hussa, Ibrahim, Iskandar, Ivan B., Ivanka, Javi, Javier, Leo, Maher, Majd, Mary, Olga, Quico, Rami, Rizek, Roberto, Said, Sami, Sami T., Shafik, Slavenka, Slavica, Usama, Vanessa


Thank you! May God Bless and Protect You!