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The 2025 Jubilee Year is fast approaching. This will be a time of great graces, abundant mercy, and historic moments. It is anticipated that multiple Saints will be canonized over the course of 2025. Learn more about these holy individuals and sign up to receive information regarding pilgrimages to their canonizations:

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Born in Turin, Italy in 1901, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati came from an influential, but agnostic family. Despite his parents’ views on religion, Bl. Frassati developed a great love for the Catholic faith and was particularly devoted to the Blessed Mother and the Eucharist. Even though he came from a wealthy family, Bl. Pier Giorgio always shared what he had with others. An avid lover of the outdoors, his favorite pastime was mountain-climbing which Bl. Pier Giorgio viewed as a metaphor for the spiritual life. His pure heart was full of joy and he shared about Jesus with all those he met. He strongly opposed the communist and fascist movements in Italy and spent as much time as he could serving the poor of Turin. In 1925, Bl. Pier Giorgio contracted polio while helping care for the poor. Even as he lay dying, he continued to focus on the needs of others and requested that medicine be taken to a poor man he had been caring for. Pier Giorgio died at the young age of 24. His life is a model for all young Catholics, and he has become known as “the Man of the Beatitudes”.


Blessed Carlo Acutis
Carlo Acutis is the first millennial who will be declared a Saint! Born to Italian parents in 1991, Bl. Carlo was known for his incredibly deep love for the Eucharist. Although his parents did not practice their faith, Carlo’s faith and love for the Lord made such an impact on them that they came back to the sacraments. Carlo was a seemingly ordinary boy who had an extraordinary love for God. His kindness, compassion, and joy was known by all, and was a testimony of his love for Christ. Bl. Carlo had a knowing in his heart that he would die young, and this motivated him to never waste a moment on things which were not pleasing to God. He was very gifted with computers and saw the internet as a means for evangelization. Carlo began traveling on pilgrimages with his parents to the sites of Eucharistic miracles and he began cataloging these miracles on a website which he built to share the stories of these incredible occurrences with others. To this day, Carlo’s exhibition on Eucharistic miracles continues to be shown around the world. At the age of 15, Carlo was unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia and died only a few days later on October 12, 2006. He offered up all of his sufferings for the Church and the Holy Father (at the time, Pope Benedict XVI). Bl. Carlo is buried in Assisi, Italy and is a special intercessor for young people everywhere.


Blessed Michael McGivney
Father Michael McGivney is best known as the Founder of Knights of Columbus and will be the United States of America’s first Priest to be declared a Saint. Born to a poor Irish family in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1852, Bl. McGivney witnessed the challenges which faced Catholic, immigrant families. He showed great talent in his educational studies and at 16 years old, left for seminary to pursue a call to the Priesthood. After his Ordination in 1877, Fr. McGivney was stationed at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, CT. His deep faith, wisdom, and charity greatly inspired his parishioners. In 1882, Fr. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus as a Catholic fraternal organization designed to strengthen the faith and provide aid to Catholic families. In addition to his many duties as a parish Priest, Fr. McGivney devoted himself to building up this organization which to this day continues to serve the Church in countless ways. Fr. McGivney died at the age of 38 after contracting tuberculosis and pneumonia. His legacy has become an inspiration for Catholics and Parish Priests.


It is anticipated that over 35 million pilgrims will journey to Rome for the Jubilee Year. With such a huge demand for pilgrimages, we encourage you to contact 206 Tours to begin planning your group trip as soon as possible: groups@206tours.com

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