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What to wear on a flight

Your pilgrimage is booked, you are packing your suitcase, and you stop and ask yourself, “What do I wear on the flight?” Travel outfits are sometimes an afterthought on our list of priorities when it comes to preparing for a pilgrimage, but they are extremely important. When traveling internationally, flights can oftentimes be long and take place overnight. Choosing an outfit to travel in that is both functional and comfortable will help to make your travel experience far more pleasant and allow you to arrive feeling refreshed.


Always keep your destination in mind when making decisions about what to wear on your trip. It is helpful to know what type of attire is considered appropriate at the destination where you will be landing. The weather in the city from where you are departing can be drastically different than that of the arrival city. If you are taking off from a warm climate, there may be cooler weather where you land or vice versa. Make sure you check the weather in advance so that you know what to expect. Layering clothing is a simple way to transition your outfits to fit your environment. Cardigans, sweaters, and jackets are all easy options to transform an outfit and are helpful to have on hand throughout your travels.


Comfort should be your main priority when deciding on a travel outfit. If your flight is overnight, consider an outfit that will allow you to relax and get some rest. Try to avoid clothing that is tight or restrictive. Instead choose materials that are loose and breathable, such as cotton or linen. You can also opt for fabrics that do not wrinkle easily as an effortless way to feel more put together throughout your travels. If you are traveling in cooler weather or tend to get cold easily, consider bringing a shawl or wrap which can double as a blanket on your flight. This is another reason why layering clothing is important since you can add or remove pieces in order to stay comfortable. Bringing items that have multiple functionalities will help you to cut down on your packing list and save space.



Choose an outfit that will allow for easy check-in at the airport. It is best to avoid clothing with metal decorations or multiple zippers and from wearing bulky jewelry as these items could trigger metal detectors. Most airports require travelers to remove their shoes when going through security. Choosing footwear such as sneakers, loafers, or flats are all good options as they can be easily slipped on and off and will allow you to get through the screening process much easier.
It is also helpful to wear socks so as to not have to walk on the airport floor barefoot after removing your shoes. Socks will also help to keep your feet warm during your travels. If you are prone to swelling, consider wearing compression socks on the flight as they will help to improve circulation and keep blood flowing smoothly. Before you travel, check your airline’s dress code policy just to be safe as some may not allow you to wear certain types of footwear on board the aircraft such as flip-flops.
Travel Tip: Remember to wear your shoes while using the toilet on the flight as that liquid you may see on the bathroom floor most likely is not water!


To maximize your wardrobe, choose a travel outfit with items that you can utilize later throughout your trip. Basic pieces that pair well with a variety of others will allow you to mix-and-match styles so that you can assemble multiple outfits. For example, a pair of relaxed denim jeans and a button-down shirt with a cardigan can be a comfortable outfit for a flight as well as a stylish choice to wear throughout the rest of your trip. An oversized shirt and leggings or a loungewear set are all comfortable and useful options to have on hand in the days to come as well. 

When packing for an international trip, remember to keep things simple. The same goes for what you wear on your flight. Keeping your outfits throughout your pilgrimage focused on comfort and functionality will allow for easy wardrobe choices and a more pleasant travel experience.


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