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Santiago de Compostela Cathedral and Botafumeiro Renovated

Each year, countless Pilgrims follow the path that Saint James took to the Pilgrim Church in Santiago de Compostela. In 2020 the Cathedral and Botafumeiro closed for renovations, but at the beginning of this year, the church reopened, welcoming pilgrims and faithful to once again attend Pilgrim Mass two times a day in this extremely special and holy place. Because 2021 is a Jubilee Year, the Holy Door is open and Plenary Indulgences are available! Due to the Pandemic and limited travel, the Vatican extended the Jubilee Year through 2022 in hopes to eventually accommodate more pilgrims.

See stunning exclusive photos of the renovated Santiago de Compostela Cathedral and Botafumeiro, below. The Botafumiero is a thurible that is used to burn and disperse incense and is suspended from the roof of the church and swung by eight men called the tiraboleiros.

Earlier this year, the New York Times included the Camino de Santiago, Spain in their list of “52 Places to Love in 2021”. 206 Tours leads many El Camino Pilgrimages – all are welcome! Learn more here!