Month of May: Dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary

The upcoming month of May is dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary. All but the last 4 days of the month fall within the liturgical season of Easter, represented by the color white to symbolize light, joy, purity, and innocence. The last four days of the month (beginning the Monday after Pentecost) are in Ordinary Time which is represented by the liturgical color green. This symbol of hope is the color of the sprouting seed and provides hope to the faithful of reaping the eternal harvest of heaven. The Holy Father’s intentions for the Month of May are that initiatives which defend and uphold the role of the family may be promoted within society. The world is resplendent with spring’s increased light and new growth. It is Mary’s month and, during the remainder of Easter time, let us endeavor through the prayers of the Holy Liturgy and Holy Rosary to deepen our gratitude for the mystery of our Baptismal rebirth in Christ.

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