A Pilgrimage of One

They say that the easiest way, or the first step, in becoming comfortable with yourself, is by going to the movies on your own. To some, that seems as one of the most terrifying things to do, or maybe it has never crossed your mind. You think of all the things that we do in everyday life, on our own, like grocery shopping, going to the mall, getting your car washed, or running everyday errands. But the difference that is absorbed by going to see a movie alone as imposed to running an “errand”, is that going to the movies is seen as an extracurricular activity that you would normally spend with friends. When you go to a restaurant, carnival, or a party, it is a time to relax and enjoy the company of others. You go to share stories and create new ones that you will not only talk about with those that went, but share with people you are just meeting for the first time.
In 2012, there are a number of options of things to do. We are all different, and what we see as entertaining may not be seen the same to others. And in a lot of cases, you are always told to “do what makes you happy”. But without that independence and drive to do so on your own, that saying would end with, “provided that someone else is as equally interested, and available”.
There are a number of benefits from traveling by on your own, for an evening, to another country, or on a Pilgrimage. You learn that friends are everywhere. Our regularly scheduled departures are mostly comprised of individuals who come from all over the US, some even as far as Australia. And the one thing that binds them, is to be on a spiritual journey which is led by a Catholic priest and guide.
There are many benefits to traveling with a group where you don’t know anyone:
1)      Some of the best travel experiences our Pilgrims have had were traveling with a group of people where no one knew one another until they got there.
2)      There is an element of “it’s in God’s hands”
3)      Our trips offer one “Introduction Evening”.
4)      There is no fixed seating, so you are always welcome to move around.
5)      Our trips are very active and such trips are best for bonding
6)      The guides are your best source for information.

At the end of the day, after all the letters we receive from those returning, they often cite “meeting different people” is one of the reasons they love travelling. When you leave your home and travel to different countries, it’s what you come back with that is the most important. And that’s being able to tell stories that most can hardly dream, and friends for life that were apart of those stories.

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