Traveling to Europe:
Physicality and Accessibility

Expect an average of four (4) miles walking per day.

This is calculated based on the distance of walking from the Bus to the Sites, as well as the walking within the Sites, Churches, and Museums of your Tour. The Buses drop you off as close as possible. If you feel you are not able to manage that, we recommend inviting a Companion to assist.

Beyond the distance and locations, pilgrims with mobility limitations must consider the accessibility of the pilgrimage. Whether for you, or a friend/family member, the following provides as many details possible.

Walkers are permitted – and you can still participate in the full pilgrimage. We can store them under the Bus, or on the Bus with you (for short drives.)

Lightweight Travel/Portable Scooters are permitted. They are collapsible, they can be stored under the Bus throughout, and pulled out when needed. Just keep in mind the layout of the sites you are visiting.

Three/Four Wheel Scooters and Battery Scooters are not recommended. Three Wheel Scooters are less stable on uneven surfaces, and sidewalks. Four Wheel Scooters (full size mobility scooters) will not be able to fit under the Bus, exceed the weight limit, and will incur additional fees in the flights.

Our Buses do not have lift-gates, and we do not have access to them.

Should you need to request a wheelchair for portion of the pilgrimage (in case of tiredness), we can arrange for a wheelchair to be placed under the Bus. You can access it when you need.
*You must have someone with you to assist pushing throughout each day.

If you are committed to a wheelchair, full time, we recommend reviewing “Accessible Tour Operator’s”. They specialize in arrangements for Group Tours, that include provisions for all accessibility at the accommodations and touring, as well as the Buses with liftgates.

You can request this on Page 3 of the Registration Process.
*You have the choice of assistance from Baggage Check to your Gate, or all the way to your Seat, or even just Gate to Gate (if connecting).

We can arrange for you to stay in a Handicap Accessible Room where available. In the event they are not available, we can request a room on the Main Floor or near an Elevator.

Instead of joining the Group Transfers, we can arrange for a Private Transfer to bring you to/from the Airport.
*A Driver (holding a “206 Tours” sign) will meet you in the Arrival’s Hall or Hotel and transfer you accordingly.

Whether departing the Tour early and return to the Hotel, skip a site, or start the day later – we can assist. Speak with your Tour Escort and they will make the arrangements accordingly.

Review your Flight Itinerary and contact the Airlines directly, and inquire with their Medical Equipment Department. Airlines need to know what exactly is coming on their flights – so be prepared to inform them of Make, Model, Size, Weight etc. of what you are bringing on.


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