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Basilica of St. Lawrence Pilgrimage

The Story:

The Basilica of St. Lawrence, (in Italian “Basilica di San Lorenzo fuori le mura”) is one of the Minor Papal basilicas that make up the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome. Similar to St. Paul’s, this Minor Basilica is also considered, “outside the walls” of Rome as lies outside of the original, no longer standing, walls of Rome. The Basilica is just about a quarter mile from the city center. The church is dedicated to one of the first seven Deacons of Rome, martyr, St. Lawrence who is enshrined and entombed in the church. This Romanesque style building may be a bit plain when compared to some of the spectacular Major Basilicas but this ancient church, while a beloved pilgrimage destination, does tend to attract less visitors, allowing for a peaceful, prayerful, and spiritual experience for all who visit. Many Saints are buried here, including: St. Lawrence, St. Stephen, Pope St. Hilarius, Bl. Pope Pius IX, and St. Justin.

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