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Abbaye De Lerins Pilgrimage

The Story:

The beautiful Monastery at the Lérins Abbey (or Abbaye De Lerins) is located on the island of Saint-Honorat, is accessible by boat from Cannes, on the Azur coast of France. This monastery has 16 centuries of monastic history with monks of the Cistercian Congregation of the Immaculate Conception. It's in this magnificent landscape that the brothers invite you to share in the silent climate of prayer and contemplation. The Abbaye celebrates Mass daily and the church is open to visitors. There is even a hotel for guests who wish to spend more than a day-trip to the island. The monks live communally with a strict routine of prayer, work, study, and hospitality. The abbey is particularly known for its production of good wines and liqueurs, the vines are cultivated by hand by the monks. The Monastery includes a fortified Tower. The island has seven chapels, the most well-known being the Chapelle de la Trinite. There are also many 11th century ruins on the grounds for visitors to discover. In the 5th century, Saint Honorat was drawn by the monastic ideal and founded the community on the island of Lerins which today has taken the name of the Saint. The abbey helped Saint Maxim to grow spiritually, as well as other bishops in France (the sainted founder too, who went on to become bishop of Arles). The bishops of this Abbey participated in the conversion to Christianity of Provence and several well-known saints spent time here learning about monastic life. Saint Patrick spent time here before going to evangelize Ireland. Pilgrims who visit have the opportunity to meet with a brother of the religious community and even enjoy some wine tasting.

Location & Transportation: The Lérins Abbey (or Abbaye De Lerins) is located on the island of Saint-Honorat, is accessible by boat from Cannes, France. The boat ticket is around 15 euro per person one way, boats depart Cannes every day of the year.

Accommodations: In addition to the Monasteries Hotel, there are many four and five-star hotels in Cannes, France.

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