Newlywed - Papal Blessing

Dear Newlyweds and Soon-to-be-Married Couples

Did you know that during the General Audiences in Vatican City, you are treated like First-Class Passengers? Not only do you get to stand in the front row (or to the side) of the Holy Father, but he normally stops to greet all of the new couples at the end!

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"We were very close to him, more than we expected. He gave us his blessing..It was very exciting."

"He greeted all the newly married couples and when he was in front of us, he said: God bless you."

Plan a Pilgrimage to Italy for your Honeymoon, and we will walk you through the steps to arrange for the chance to obtain a Papal Blessing for a happy wedded life from the Holy Father when he gives the general blessing at the conclusion of the Papal Audience.

Useful Tips:
  • Grooms must wear their Tuxedos, and Bride's must wear their Wedding Dress.
  • Watch Your Step! - the Roman Cobblestones are perfect for pictures, but were not built for high-heels!
  • Expect an early morning wake-up, to allow you time to get ready.
  • Bring a Collapsible Umbrella - in case there is inclement weather

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Newlyweds - Papal Audience

For a list of our Pilgrimages to Italy, please click here