Hosting a Group Meeting

Benefits of hosting a Meeting before you depart for your Pilgrimage

You have a Divine Appointment and it starts now!

Meet and Greet

Everyone will have the chance to meet each other before departing

Same Page

Reviewing all of the Travel Documents and answering all questions they may have

Peace of Mind

Assurance that everything is being taken care of, and focus on the Divine Appointment

Let’s get started!

Step by Step on Hosting a Successful Group Meeting:

When traveling to another country, a lot of questions come to mind. Many pilgrims come to the meetings with preconceived questions in their mind, and often the topics range all over. By following these easy steps, it will allow you to keep control of the meeting – ensure that every topic is covered – and helping clients find all of the answers in their Booklet.

Step 1 - Travel Documents

A package of Travel Documents will be sent to the pilgrims approximately 30 days prior to departure (inclusions noted below.) As Group Leader, you can let us know if you would like for us to mail them to the clients – or – we can mail them all to you and you can hand them out at the meeting.


Step 2 - Invitations

We recommend to host the meeting take place approximately 7-10 Days prior to departure. If the Travel Documents are mailed to the clients – inform them to bring the Travel Documents with them. If the Travel Documents were mailed to you, bring them with you to the meeting.


Step 3 - Arrival

Feel free to have refreshments and set up for everyone. As they come in, check their names off (so you can email anyone who was not able to attend.)


Step 4 - Open the meeting with a Prayer

There is no better way to start than with a prayer. If the Spiritual Director is with you, he can open with it – otherwise – the Group Leader can.


Step 5 - Introduction

You can start the meeting by welcoming everyone, and then go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves. If there is time, you can also ask if each person could share a little bit about what brought them to join the pilgrimage.


Step 6 - Go through the Travel Documents

*Group Leaders: Please bring your Travel Documents for Presentation*
From there, pull everything out and go over each item that was included in the Travel Documents – and show them to the Group. This will help everyone to make sure they have everything – and that nothing is missing

Note: Point out that they must utilized the Luggage Tags, Lanyard/Nametag, and 206 Tours Bag. 206 Luggage Tags will help the Porters keep track of the Groups Bags. Wear the Nametag and Lanyard when enter the Arrival’s Hall – and throughout the pilgrimage. This will help the Guides spot you when you arrive, and keep track of where you are. The Guides keep a count each time you enter and exit the bus.


Step 7 - Go through Final Instructions Booklet

Show everyone the Final Instructions Booklet – and going Page-by-Page – go over all that is noted in the Booklet This helps in two (2) ways:

- Everyone will be on the same page and get to hear all of the answers - Confirms to the pilgrims that all of the questions they have about their pilgrimage, is answered in that one booklet


Step 8 - Q & A

Open the floor to any of the pilgrims who have any questions. Should there be any questions that are not answered in the Final Instructions Booklet, write them down and we will be happy to answer them for you.
Hint: For those Groups considering arranging a Bus to bring their group to/from the Airport – this would be the best time to address that.


Step 9 - Closing

Thank everyone who came out, and we look forward to seeing you on this Pilgrimage!
Close with a Prayer.


Step 10 - Contact 206 Tours (Optional)

Email or Call your Account Manager if there were any questions not answered


Any Questions? Feel free to Contact Us: