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Fatima Pilgrimage

Our Fatima pilgrimage is among the most popular itineraries available here at 206 Tours. After all, the place holds deep meaning as one site of a Marian apparition. At 206 Tours, we offer pilgrimages to Fatima, Portugal all year round. On a pilgrimage to Fatima, pilgrims travel through Lisbon to visit St. Anthony's Church then to Santarem where the oldest recorded Eucharistic miracle is still held today. From there, Catholic tours to Fatima continue to the village itself where pilgrims stay to rest, reflect and devote themselves to prayer.

Aside from being a site known for miracles and Marian apparitions, the place is held dear as a gathering place for pilgrims the world over. Many popes such as Popes Pius XII, Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI have acknowledged Our Lady of Fatima and allowed for her veneration. So on a Fatima pilgrimage, pilgrims may hear special Liturgies of the Mass distinct to the faithful town.

On our Catholic pilgrimages to Fatima, pilgrims are able to connect with other faithful from around the world gathered to pray for peace, healing and enlightenment. Led by Catholic priests dedicated to helping individuals experience and renew their faith, our Catholic tours of Fatima lead pilgrims around the town's sights and various chapels where they may take the time to reflect and offer prayers.

With our help here at 206 Tours, a pilgrimage to Fatima can provide some of the most inspiring experiences.

Fatima, Portugal

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Fatima pilgrimage      


Pilgrimages that include Fatima, Portugal
Tour 10 Shrines of Northern France & Fatima 11 days
Tour 10-A Shrines of Northern France, Fatima & Medjugorje 15 days
Tour 36 Fatima Retreat   8 days
Tour 38 Fatima, Lisbon, Lourdes &  Medjugorje 14 days
Tour 40 Fatima, Lisbon, Spain, Lourdes, Paris & Lisieux 14 days
Tour 41 Fatima, Lisbon, Spain, France & Medjugorje 17 days
Tour 47 Fatima, Lisbon, Spain, Lourdes & Once In A Lifetime Italy 17 days
Tour 50 Fatima, Lisbon, Spain, Lourdes Shrines of Italy & Medjugorje 25 days
Tour 51 Fatima, Lisbon, Spain, Lourdes, Classic Italy 22 days
Tour 53 Fatima, Lisbon, Spain, Lourdes, Classic Italy & Medjugorje 29 days
Tour 67

Garabandal, Santiago de Compostela, Fatima & Lourdes

13 days
Tour 69 Garabandal, Santiago de Compostela & Fatima   9 days
Tour 71 Santiago de Compostela & Fatima   7 days
Tour 72 Santiago de Compostela & Fatima Retreat 10 days
Tour 72-A Santiago de Compostela, Fatima Retreat & Medjugorje 14 days
Tour 73 Santiago de Compostela, Fatima & Lourdes 10 days
Tour 75 Santiago, Fatima, Lisbon, Lourdes, Paris & Medjugorje 22 days
Tour 87 Santiago, Fatima, Lisbon, Lourdes & All Italian Shrines 24 days



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