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Extended Cancellation Plan

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Plan Code: 252A-0814

*If you purchased insurance prior to June 23, 2014, with Travel Guard Insurance, please call: 866-375-1042

(Provided by 206 Tours - $299 per person)

When registering for any of 206 Tours pilgrimages, you have the option of purchasing “Travel Insurance” which covers everything listed under: www.206tours.com/insurance. Once you have purchased Travel Insurance, you will then have the option of purchasing an additional protection plan known as “Extended Cancellation Protection Plan” that extends the standard coverage of trip cancellations that is offered through Travel Insurance.

- Cost:
This plan is an additional $299 per person, in addition to the cost of the Travel Insurance.

- What does it cover?
It allows the traveler to cancel their pilgrimage for any reason up until 24 hours prior to departure.

- What is the purpose?
The Extended Cancellation Protection Plan provides you the option to cancel for any reason, beyond those covered under the standard Travel Insurance as per www.206tours.com/insurance. For example, if your vacation was not approved, financial reasons, or if you have a change of heart about traveling with 206 Tours on a pilgrimage.

- When do I need to purchase:
This plan may be purchased at the time of registration, in combination with the standard travel insurance as per www.206tours.com/insurance, and will need to be paid for at time of deposit.

- How do I cancel?
Your cancellation must be sent to 206 Tours in writing (via mail, or email). Once your cancellation has been received, you MUST file a claim with the Standard Travel Insurance. If / When you are denied reimbursement from the Insurance Company, provide 206 Tours with the letter of denial and 206 Tours will reimburse you for all moneys received in our office. The Standard Travel Insurance and the Extended Cancellation Protection Plan premiums are non-refundable, and will be deducted off the cost that will be reimbursed to you .

- Do I receive all of my money back?
Per the terms and conditions, you will receive payments reimbursement for payments made towards your pilgrimage – excluding the insurance premiums (Travel Insurance, and the cost of the Extended Cancellation Protection Plan).

Again, you MUST purchase standard Travel Insurance in order to have the option of purchasing the Extended Cancellation For Any Reason Protection plan (unless you are a resident of NY – see below).

The Extended Cancellation Protection Policy will allow you to cancel your trip up until 24 hours prior to departure for any reason - Sickness, Change of heart, Job loss, or any reason whatsoever-and you will receive a full refund, minus the small cost of the cancellation fee, insurance, and the extended cancellation protection plan. Your refund will be issued as a cash refund (in the same method of payment; check or credit card).

This plan, offered by 206 Tours, must be purchased at the time of Deposit, in addition to your Deposit and the cost of the regular Traveler’s Insurance as per above. All persons must first, file a claim with the Travel Insurance company, and be declined reimbursement by the Travel Insurance company prior to requesting reimbursement under the Extended Cancellation Protection Plan. This waiver DOES NOT cover any services NOT made through 206 Tours. Also, the Waiver Fee does not cover the “Single Supplement” charges which arise from an individual’s traveling companion electing to cancel for any reason prior to departure. In this case, the Single Supplement will be deducted from the refund of the person who cancels. The division of this charge, between the two passengers involved, is solely their responsibility. If insufficient funds are deducted from the canceling client, the traveling client will be charged the remaining portion of the Single Supplement.

206 Tours will assume no responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for, any Wrongful, Negligent or Unauthorized Acts or Omissions of any travel agent or travel agency other than that of 206 Tours, Inc. itself, and its own employees.

All other terms and conditions apply as per www.206tours.com/terms

*NY residence are permitted to purchase the Extended Cancellation Protection Plan independently of the regular traveler’s insurance upon request.

Any questions? Contact us:  800-206-TOUR (8687) or sales@206tours.com

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