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Pilgrimages that Include Italy
Tour 10 Lourdes, Paris, Nevers, Lisieux & Rome 11 days
Tour 11 Lourdes, Paris, Nevers, Lisieux, Rome & Medjugorje 13 days
Tour 15 Lourdes & Rome 8 days
Tour 18-A Lourdes & All Italian Shrines 17 days
Tour 22 Paris & Rome 8 days
Tour 22-A

Paris, Rome & Medjugorje

12 days
Tour 25 Paris & Shrines of Italy 13 days
Tour 25-A Paris & All Italian Shrines 17 days
Tour 26 Paris, Shrines of Italy & Medjugorje 17 days
Tour 37-I Fatima, Spain, Lourdes & All Italian Shrines 23 days
Tour 40-I Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris & All Italian Shrines 25 days
Tour 41 Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris & Rome 16 days
Tour 41-A Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris, Rome & Medjugorje 20 days
Tour 42 Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris & The Shrines of Italy 21 days
Tour 47 Fatima, Spain, Lourdes & Rome 13 days
Tour 47-A Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Rome & Medjugorje 17 days
Tour 50 Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, & Shrines of Italy 18 days
Tour 51 Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris, Rome & Florence 18 days
Tour 75 Santiago de Compostela, Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris and Rome 18 days
Tour 75-A Santiago de Compostela, Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris, Rome & Medjugorje 22 days
Tour 91 Rome & Medjugorje 9 days
Tour 92 Rome & Assisi 8 days
Tour 91 A Rome & Medjugorje 9 days
Tour 91-A Rome & Medjugorje 12 days
Tour 96 Shrines of Italy 10 days
Tour 96-A Shrines of Italy & Medjugorje 14 days
Tour 98 Classic Italy 14 days
Tour 103 All Italian Shrines 14 days
Tour 114 Holy Land & Rome 14 days
Tour 114-A Holy Land, Rome & Medjugorje 17 days
Tour 118 Holy Land & the Shrines of Italy 18 days
Tour 118-A Holy Land, Shrines of Italy & Medjugorje 22 days
Tour 119-A The Holy Land & All Italian Shrines 22 days

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Bullet Medjugorje

Bullet France, Paris, Nevers, Lisieux, La Salette, Ars, Paray-le-Monial, Mt. St. Michel, Rouen

Bullet Fatima

Bullet Santiago de Compostela & Garabandal, Other Spain

Bullet Rome, Assisi & San Giovanni, Florence, Venice

Bullet Holy Land, Egypt

Bullet Krakow, Poland

Bullet Budapest & Vienna, Salzburg & Prague

Bullet Greece

Bullet Ireland

Bullet Guadulupe (Mexico)

Bullet Turkey

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