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The Holy Shroud, often referred to as the Shroud of Turin, is believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. It is a rectangular woven linen cloth that is kept in the Chapel of the Holy Shroud in the Turin Cathedral in Northern, Italy. On the Shroud is the image of man whose wounds correspond with whip marks, head wounds from the crown of thorns, nail wounds, and a wound in the side as in the Crucifixion. It is normally kept inside a sealed silver reliquary in the cathedral though for a time in the 1300’s it was kept in, France. The Shroud has barely escaped destruction by fire three times and most recently in 1997 when a fire did extensive damage to Turin's 15th century cathedral. The Shroud has been subjected to many scientific tests and many disputes. Turin is 320 miles northwest of Rome in the regional capital of Piedmont, offering some of Europe's most spectacular Alpine scenery. The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud and Royal Palace are all in the heart of the city of Turin. Nearby is the Church of San Lorenzo, designed by Guarino Guarini, the priest who designed the chapel. He also created Turin's Palace of the Academy of Sciences, and Palazzo Carignano, the birthplace of two kings and meeting place of Italy's first parliament. North of Turin is the Matterhorn (Monte Cervine) which borders Italy and Switzerland and Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco), Europe's highest mountain peak.

Location & Accomodations: Turin is 6-9 hour ride by rail from Rome and is the main rail line to Paris. Caselle Airport handles domestic & international flights. Turin has many hotels, inns and restaurants of varied classes.

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