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We promise to do all within our power to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. 
Should any problems arise during your trip you should first contact the emergency number located in your Final Instruction Booklet. Your customized Final Instruction booklet will be provided in your final document package approximately 3 weeks prior to departure.

We pray that your pilgrimage will meet and exceed all of your expectations. 
Please share with us your positive and constructive feedback upon your return!

How to Prepare for Your Pilgrimage:
Thank you for your desire and readiness to visit these places of grace and prayer. May the Almighty God, through the intercession of our Heavenly Mother, reward you for all the efforts you undertake to come! 206 Tours would like your Spiritual Journey to be as pleasant and helpful as possible. It is important to note that 206 Tours pilgrimages are packed full of spiritual activities and sightseeing. We do not include much free time for recreation, such as shopping. This is because our desire is to offer you the most comprehensive pilgrimage possible. However, all tours/activities are optional, and if you feel you are unable to keep up with the pace of the tour, manage the terrain, or would like free time for your own interests, you are welcome to refrain from participating in any aspects of the program you desire (of course, no refund can be issued for any aspects of the tour which you choose not to participate in). Simple advise the tour escort the night before of your alternate plans not to join the next day in the group activities.

The amount of walking is significant, and the terrain varies greatly throughout our tours. You will encounter hills, mountains, unpaved streets, cobblestone streets, etc. Please prayerfully consider whether or not you are up to such physical activities prior to registering. For this reason, we would like to offer you some recommendations, and we ask you sincerely to read them carefully.

A couple of weeks before your pilgrimage, one should begin preparing physically as well as spiritually. 1 - If not accustomed to physical activity begin walking "briskly" 1-2 times a day; build up to 2-3 miles with no discomfort.
2 - If possible attend daily Mass or attempt to spend quiet time in church during lunch or after work.
3 - Pray for Jesus and His Blessed Mother to open your heart and mind to be responsive to new perspectives, ideas, their words laid on your heart, etc.
4 - Begin praying the rosary daily (Learn How to Pray the Rosary) or at least the Apostle's Creed, 7 Our Father's, 7 Hail Mary's & 7 Glory Be’s as Our Lady has requested; this takes about 5-7 minutes.

General Info About Your Documents, Flights, Arrival & Travel:
About Your Flights & Foreign Travel
Please visit for the most up to date travel restrictions

Electronic Airline Ticket: Your ticket is an electronic ticket (“e-ticket”).
When checking in at the airport provide your passport and your e-ticket confirmation to provide to the check-in agent or Kiosk.

Passports and Visas: All U.S. citizens must travel with a valid passport to enter Medjugorje. Your passport MUST be valid at least 3 months upon your scheduled return date to the USA. If you have not yet obtained your passport, or just noticed that it will not be valid 3 months after your return, URGENTLY contact your local passport office and apply for an expedited passport/-or passport renewal.

A visa is not required for U.S. citizens for entry into Medjugorje.
For those who hold a passport from a foreign country, please be advised that it is the passenger’s responsibility to reconfirm if any visas are required. Below please find embassy information on the country you will be visiting.


The  benefit of buying the airplane tickets with 206 Tours?
• Your transfers are always secured even if your flights are delayed airport / hotel round trip are included no -matter -what
• If you purchase your airline ticket on your own you will have to pay in full, at the time of booking, and most of the time it is non refundable, if you book with 206 Tours, full payment is due 60 days prior
• In the very rare event of tour is cancelled, you would get all your money back, unlike if your purchase it directly from airline you will not be stuck with a non-refundable ticket fee you
• Your flight arrangement will be followed up on reconfirmed by 206 Tours
• 206 Tours will allow you to travel before the tour, make a stop-over, or stay later

Bosnia-Herzegovina Embassy: More information is available from the Consulate Section of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Embassy, 2109 E Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20037. 1 (202) 337-1500, Fax (202)337-1502. E-mail: Alipašina 43, 71000 SARAJEVO
Tel.: 387 33 445-700
Fax: +387 33 659-722
Croatia Consulate or Embassy:
Alipašina 43, 71000 Sarajevo
tel: +387 33 445-700
fax: +387 33 221-837

International Flights: Your airline reservations are booked according to the airlines rules, regulations and routings. We did our utmost to provide you with the most convenient flight schedule available to us at the time you made your reservation. All participants will be traveling independently on all flights and meet at the airport of arrival. Code-Share Flights: Many airlines are in special agreements, to share aircrafts in order to ensure the best routings for their passengers. While your ticket may indicate that you are flying with one carrier (i.e. United), you may find that you are actually seated in a plane belonging to another carrier (i.e. Lufthansa). Carefully review your airline itinerary to determine which airline is operating your departure flight to ensure check in for your flight at the correct carrier. When your flight is operated by another carrier your itinerary will state "Flight Operated by (name Airline).

Airport Check-In Please use the following recommendation for check in prior to your scheduled departure time . Check in at least :

2 hours prior to Domestic flight
3 hours prior to International flight

You must personally check in your own luggage at the airline counter. Advise the check in agent of your final destination to ensure that your luggage will be checked all the way through. This will eliminate you having to claim your luggage and have to recheck in once again during a possible flight connection (s).

Airline Connections: The Airlines determine the minimum connection time required to transfer from one gate to another. We are subject to the availability of the airlines carrier we work with, and must ensure that all participants have reservations to arrive / departure similar times for the group transfers to/from the airport. Flight Delays & Arrival Transfers: If you missed your flight, forgot your passport or if you are re-routed you most likely will miss your group transfer from the airport to your hotel. How to proceed in such circumstances?

• You may take a taxi at your own expense to your hotel.
• You may contact the emergency number in this booklet to advise of the flight delay and 206 Tours may arrange a private transfer at additional cost to you .

Make sure to obtain a receipt for the taxi or the private transfer provided. Upon return to the U.S.A. you may submit a claim with the insurance company or airlines to seek reimbursement.

Health Precautions: No inoculations are necessary when traveling to Medjugorje from the U.S.A. You may consult with your health care provider before traveling.

For the latest overseas travel health information contact:
The Center for Disease Control: call 1-877-394-8747 or visit

For medical information contact:
The U.S. Public Health service: call 1-301-443-2403. Arrival Procedure: When you get off the plane you will go through customs and proceed to the baggage claim area to pick up your luggage. Exit the baggage claim area into the arrival hall, where you will be greeted by a 206 Tours representative displaying a sign which reads “206 Tours.” You will be transferred to your hotel where you will check-in and have time to refresh before meeting the rest of your group later in the day.

Remember to look for the “ 206 Tours “ sign!

Lost Luggage:
If your luggage is missing proceed to your airline carrier’s baggage office in the airport terminal to complete a missing luggage form, which will include a description of your luggage. Please make sure to save all paper work and tracking information given to you by the Airlines. Upon locating your baggage, the airlines will bring your luggage to your hotel. It is important that you provide them with the correct address and dates that you will be at your hotels. You may also provide the emergency number listed in this booklet. If your baggage is delayed for over 24 hours you may submit a claim to the insurance company upon your return to the US (only applicable for passengers that purchased TravelEx insurance through 206 Tours).

Your pilgrimage includes one (1) piece of checked luggage, and one (1) carry-on. International air carriers are becoming stricter about the size and weight of baggage and carry-on luggage. please limit the size of your hand luggage to 17x14x8 in. (43x36x20 cm) for easy storage on the motor coach. Porterage for one suitcase on tour is included in the tour price. The checked piece of luggage should have dimensions not exceeding 62 inches in overall (62inches: length+width+height) and weight not exceeding 50 lbs (23 kg).

Carry all documents and money on your person but not all in the same place to limit the inconvenience in case of loss; do not keep money, important documents, medicines or jewelry in your suitcase; We recommend a money belt worn inside your clothes, while touring. On departure from your hotel, remember to double check that you have your money belt with you, and that you have collected any items left in the hotel safe. Please, at all times, be as vigilant as you would be in any major city, especially in crowded places. Never leave your hand luggage unattended or out of sight in public areas, including airports, hotel lobbies or dining rooms.
Be sure to keep ALL medications in your carry-on bag during your trip in case your suit case should be lost. Keep a separate list of important numbers, i.e. passport, traveler’s checks, and credit cards, in your luggage, together with photocopies of relevant pages of your passport/visas. Keep a separate copy i.e. passport, flight schedule, credit cards, in your luggage, The same common-sense rules of safety and security apply here as to anywhere else. Avoid excessive displays of jewelry or cash (only carry sufficient for daily needs). Room Safes may be used at your own discretion. Make certain that any valuables are insured against theft.  Avoid exploration on your own of unfamiliar streets or areas Be cautious if people approach you begging.

Luggage Locks:
The more secure your personal items are, the better! TSA suggests you lock your luggage before you embark, and when you are flying home. In order to ensure the safe transportation of travelers, TSA screens all checked, and carry-on, baggage before it is permitted to be brought onboard. You can purchase locks for your bags, however, if they are “screened”, you run the risk of them being cut open and no longer usable. However, there are TSA Recognized Locks – which allow TSA officials to use tools for opening and re-locking your baggage. Below are recommended brands:







How to Overcome Jet Lag:
Travel through a time zone may take its toll on your physical and mental well-being. "Jet Lag" is the phrase used to describe the condition when an individual's internal body clock is out of sync with the actual time in the region to which you have traveled. It is important to try to adjust your internal body clock to receive the most out of your tour. Here are some tips on how to adjust your body to local time.

On the day of the departure/arrival:
• Get out of bed earlier than usual on the day of departure
• Drink a lot of water to compensate for the dehydration on long flights
• Shortly after your evening meal on your flight, set your watch to the local time
• Try to rest and/or sleep as soon as possible on your flight
• Try to go to bed around 10:00 PM the night of arrival Bringing Liquids in your Carry-on Bags
For additional information or clarification please visit:
3-1-1 Liquids Rule for your Carry-on Bag

Liquids Rule:
You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. Placing these items in the small bag and separating from your carry-on baggage facilitates the screening process. Pack items that are in containers larger than 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters in checked baggage. Any liquid, aerosol, gel, cream or paste that alarms during screening will require additional screening.


Infant and child nourishments

Inbound International Flights:
You may carry duty free liquids in secure, tamper–evident bags, more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml in your carry-on bag if:
• The duty free liquids were purchased internationally and you are traveling to the United States with a connecting flight.
• The liquids are packed in a transparent, secure, tamper-evident bag by the retailer and do not show signs of tampering when presented to TSA for screening.
• The original receipt for the liquids is present and the purchase was made within 48 hours.

*Liquids more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml not in a secure, tamper-evident bag must be packed in checked baggage.



Airline Regulations for Baggage:
For additional information or clarification please visit: Item Personal Items Carry-on Checked All Make-up - You are allowed to carry any liquid/gel/cream make-up item provided that the container is up to 3 oz., as per the 3-1-1 rule.
Currency & Money:
Currency: The Bosnian Convertible Marka (BAM) is the currency of Medjugorje. For most current exchange rates please visit Keep in mind that this is the "pure" exchange rate. (bank exchange fees not included)
Please note: we strongly urge you to check the up-to-date exchange rates prior to departure and prior to currency exchange.

Money: Most shops and restaurants will accept Dollars, but they will not accept Credit Cards. So bring along a credit card for convenience and security, and for "just in case". There is a bank where you can get your money in case needed at a very reasonable exchange rate and can be cancelled should it be lost.

**It is recommended to contact your local bank/credit card companies prior to your departure to inform them of your travels abroad to avoid your company blocking your account due to an international transaction **

Frequently asked question: “How much money should I bring with me?"
Answer: The amount differs per person. We recommend that the minimum spending money to bring with you/budget for, in addition to the suggested tips, is the equivalent of $30.00 per person per day. Keep in mind:

• No lunches are included, the type of lunch you prefer may make a big difference (restaurant vs. cafe).
• Souvenirs: Are you planning on purchasing mementos for yourself or loved ones?
• Remember, you can always spend less, or bring money home!

Credit Cards & ATM Machines: ATM machines can be found just about everywhere in Medjugorje and are accessible 24 hrs a day; most offer English as a language option. Be sure to find out your daily withdrawal limit before you depart. Keep in mind: Many banks impose a fee when a card is used at a different bank's ATM , this fee may be higher for international transactions (up to $5 or more). For international withdrawal fees please check with your bank prior to departure. Additionally, the bank from which you withdraw cash may charge its own fee.

U.S. Customs: U.S. citizens who have been in Medjugorje for more than two days may return to the US with up to $800 worth of merchandise duty-free. For those who wish to bring more home, a flat rate of 3% duty is levied on the next $1,000 worth of purchases. It's a good idea to retain the receipts from your purchases should they be requested by a Customs Inspector upon your return to the US. For details visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website:

Value Added Tax (VAT) Refund: Value Added Tax (VAT) is a form of indirect tax applied to the value added at each stage of production (primary, manufacturing, wholesale and retail). This tax is much like the sales tax in the US. Tourists who purchase goods worth 400 Euro or more are entitled to a discount of at least 5% on the purchase price plus a VAT refund. There is 22% value added tax on most goods and services. At retail stores, this tax is already included in the price. Upon making a purchase of 175 Euro or more at a gift store that has an agreement with VAT authorities, you should fill out a form at the store and have it stamped there. You will be eligible, upon presenting the form and the item, for a 20% refund at the airport prior to departure. Do not pack these gift items in your luggage, but should be kept in your hand luggage. Tourist services, such as hotel accommodations and meals taken in hotels, paid with foreign currency are exempt from VAT tax.
VAT refunds, if applicable, may sometimes take up to three (3) months to process. If you pay with local currency, there will be no VAT refund.

In order to acquire a VAT refund, the following procedure must be followed:
• Look for the “tax refund” sticker on the business door or publication
• Ask for a VAT refund invoice from the sales clerk.
• At the airport VAT desk, show the original receipt, the VAT tax form, and the goods you have purchased.
• At the end of the procedure, you will receive a check drawn in your favor which may be cashed that same day
• On each purchase exceeding $200 (including VAT), the VAT will be refunded upon presentation of the invoice at the port of departure


Tips are an important part of earnings for your guides and bus drivers. Although you should tip according to your discretion and satisfaction, we recommend that you bring $72 per person and place in tip envelopes (included in your final documents package) as follows:

   • Tour escort
      $10 per person per day

 • Bus driver
     $5 per person per day


• Accommodation
     $2 per person per day

Spiritual Director/ Your Priest: Gift or donation to the Spiritual Director is at your own discretion.
• It is suggested to provide the tour escort and the bus driver their tip money the day prior to your return.
• Restaurants, luggage handler and bell boy tips are included in your package price. No additional tips should be given.

Size allowances for Carry-on Bags:
Length + Width + Height: 106cm./42in.
Weight: 1 piece at 8 kg./17 lbs. Size allowances for Checked Bags:
Length + Width + Height = 158cm./62in.
Economy Class: 1 piece at 23kg. / 50lbs.
Business Class: 2 pieces at 32kg. / 70lbs. each
Personal Item: Additionally you are permitted one personal item to carry onto the plane such as; a purse, laptop, briefcase, etc.
Luggage handling/Portage: One (1) piece of luggage handling at the hotel is included in your trip cost. The porters will do their best to bring your luggage to you in a timely fashion upon checking into the hotel. At times there may be short delay due to the size of the group arriving. To make it easier for porters to identify your luggage make sure your luggage tag is clearly visible. If you prefer to bring your own luggage into the hotel please wait near the bus as the driver and porters unload the luggage for you to identify your baggage and bring it with you to your room.

Important Items & Valuables: Carry your passport, Final Instruction booklet and money on you. It is best not to have all items in the same place to limit the inconvenience in case of loss. DO NOT keep money, important documents, medicines or jewelry in your suitcase. Please leave valuable jewelry at home. We recommend a “neck safe” worn inside your clothes while touring. At all times please be as vigilant as you would in any major city, especially in crowded places. Never leave your bag unattended or out of sight in public areas, including airports, hotel lobbies, or dining rooms.

Clothing: The attire during the course of your journey is conservative and comfortable. Ensure to cover your shoulders, chest and your legs at least two inches below your knees for entrance at religious sites (which will be visited daily.) and to respect local customs. It is not necessary for women to cover your head or face. There is no need for formal attire for men or woman at any time during the course of the tour. Comfort and adaptability are the most important factors in determining what to pack. Be sure to pack at least one change of clothes, socks and undergarments in your carry-on luggage in case your baggage is delayed or lost!

During your flight you will want to wear loose-fitting clothes and pack a pair of slippers or socks to wear for the flight. Make sure your shoes are lace-up or flexible, as your feet may swell due to the flight.

Footwear: Be sure to have at least one or two good pairs of walking shoes, such as sneakers or hiking boots. If new, make sure you walk in them for a couple of weeks to break them in. It is not practical to wear any footwear with high or narrow heels, as the roads may not be paved or are uneven due to cobblestone.

Outerwear: It is recommended that you bring a light weight jacket for the mornings and evenings in case the temperatures are unseasonably cold.

Recommended Clothing to pack:

Men: Jeans, casual slacks, short / long sleeve shirts, a sweater for layering, socks, under garments, lightweight jacket, and a hat to block the sun.

Women: Jeans, casual slacks, long skirt (if preferred), short / long sleeve shirts, a sweater or cardigan for layering, socks, undergarments, lightweight jacket, and a hat to block the sun.

Other Suggested Items to Bring:

□ Travel Bible and Journal
□ Portable alarm clock
□ Dramamine (for motion sickness)
□ Aspirin/Advil, etc.
□ Laxative and Imodium
□ Band-Aids
□ Pepto Bismol (tablets)
□ Sominex
□ Allergy/cold medicine; tablets
□ Deodorant (travel size)
□ Soap bar (travel size) and washcloth
□ Shampoo and Conditioner (travel size)
□ Toothbrush & Toothpaste (travel size)
□ Chap Stick
□ Comb/Brush
□ Lotion/Moisturizing cream (travel size)
□ Feminine Items
□ Handi-wipes: for freshening up during the day
□ Travel pack size Kleenex
□ Digital Camera, Charger, Extra Battery & carrying case
□ Adapter and converter if you are bringing any electronic devices
□ Grocery size plastic bags: 1-2 for dirty clothes
□ Travel size poncho (in camping section of Wal-Mart)
□ Inflatable head & neck rest, eye mask, foam earplugs (for flight)
□ Nail file and/or nail clippers
□ Pen (bring with you on the plane to complete customs forms)

About Medjugorje & Travel Abroad

Language: In Medjugorje the official language is Croatian, however English is widely spoken and many signs appear in English as well.

Hotels Accommodations: Rooms in Medjugorje are basic. There is a twin bed, night stand and a small cabinet for your clothes. Several towels can be found on your bed. For the most part, rooms are not air conditioned. Rooms are smaller than you are used to. Every room does have a modest bathroom. In the bathroom you will find a sink, toilet and shower stall. Fixtures in bathrooms and bedrooms are not standardized. Most hotels do NOT offer a hair dryer in the bathroom, we recommend bring one if it is essential to you. Most hotels do NOT offer toiletries (shampoo, lotion) we strongly recommend that you bring an adequate supply with you. Please note that while we can request non-smoking rooms, there is no such policy of separating Smoking vs. Non Smoking. There is Free Wifi available. In most restaurants people still smoke. Remember to check with guide for up to date schedule as there is no modern system of sharing up to date schedule. A basic bulletin notes are written by your guide for important information, suggestions, or changes from your tour escort

Adapters, Converters, and Electricity: 
When traveling abroad, you will need to bring an Adapter in order to plug into the outlets. The voltage used is 220 volts AC, single phase 50 cycles (the U.S. uses 110/120 volts).The best option is bringing a Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports (that way, you can utilize a number of outlets at one time. Example – being able to charge your cellphone while using your laptop etc.)


Adapters we recommend:




Converters are used to convert the 220 volts to 110 volts. All of our Hotels have Hair Dryers, so you would only need if you were bringing a Curling Iron/Hair Straightener (which are not necessary on a pilgrimage). If you have a Laptop – check with the Manufacturer. Almost all laptops over the last seven (7) years already have a converter built in. Converter kits that include the entire range of plugs can be purchased at better electrical supply stores.

Stores such as Walmart, K-Mart, Target also have them for purchase. Buying electrical devices in foreign places is not recommended unless you are sure that the current they use is compatible with the current at home. It will likely cost you more than the original price to have an appliance converted.

Weights & Measures: The metric system is used exclusively throughout Medjugorje. A kilometer is a bit over 1/2 mile (.62 miles). A kilogram equals 2.2 pounds.

Telephone Information: Hotel telephones are available and offer convenience, however they tend to cost substantially more than using your cell phone provided that you have a plan.

Cellular Phone: When you bring your cellular phone, make sure to contact your wireless phone provider and inform them that you will be traveling overseas. Most providers offer an "international plan" that you may sign up for. This will allow you to make calls to the United States” while you are out of the country using your wireless phone. Please check with your provider for exact rates in the countries where you'll be traveling. Be extra cautious using your data while abroad. If your cell phone has a data plan, be sure to turn data roaming "OFF" on the plane to avoid potentially high fees. The rates for data are far more expensive than for roaming voice calls and text messages.

Calling from Medjugorje to the USA: To make a direct international call, first dial “00” and then dial the country code (1 for the US and Canada, just like at home), then the local area code and telephone number.

Calling from the USA to Medjugorje: If your family wishes to call you during the pilgrimage from within the US, you must first dial 011, then then the country code 387 which is then followed by the local area code and telephone number.

Laptops/Net books: Please be advised that most hotels do offer WIFI service.

Public Toilets: Known as WC are available at most tourist locations. Be prepared with tissues in your pocket at all times. Be aware that some public toilets have and attendant, who may ask for a small “user fee.”

Terrain: Many streets in Medjugorje are narrow, and due to strict traffic regulations the buses are not always permitted to drop groups off directly in front for their destination. Many areas are pedestrian only and have cobblestones. Please be prepared to walk! High-heeled shoes are not suitable for cobblestone streets, instead rubber-soled walking shoes are recommended. Medjugorje is based on a myriad of old buildings. There are split-levels and uneven surfaces everywhere; please watch your step! Due to the structure of old buildings, access to some establishments may not be convenient for wheelchair use and facilities for the disabled in general may be limited.

Photography: If using a digital camera, we recommend you bring an extra memory card (just in case). Be sure to also bring extra batteries for your camera.

Taxis: Please be prepared to walk. Unlike in other destinations, transfers are not included for all your daily activities. In order to get to Church, Visionary's House, Podbrdo, Krizevac you will have a choice: to walk approximately 15 minutes, or to take a taxi at a cost of $8. per ride (regardless of destination within Medjugorje). Of course, it's advisable that you join others, and that $8. taxi ride be split up within the party/ number of people traveling (maximum 4 people per each ride). Just like in any other destination, be wary of any person approaching you offering unofficial taxi services. If you do not have an airport transfer included and you need transportation, make your way to the taxi line area, or to the regular taxi line outside the terminal (if at the airport); choose only those vehicles with a meter and a taxi sign.

Local Customs / Social Conventions: A different way of life in some countries may take you by surprise, but if you travel with an open mind and respect local customs, you should find it easy to adapt to and enjoy your new surroundings. Standards of living may not be quite what you are used to, but there are compensations – a closer sense of reality and an authentic feeling of locale. Due to cultural differences you may not be greeted quite as cheerfully as back home; smiling is generally reserved for intimate friends. Be especially wary of people presenting themselves as “instant friends” and never accept food or drink from strangers.

Meals: Breakfast will be served in our hotel’s main dining room throughout your journey, and will be buffet style. Unlike in the US, it is frowned upon to take food out of the breakfast room. Dinners will be at a local restaurant or your hotel. Please plan to enjoy your dinners around 7:00-8:00 pm each day. Most dinners will be served "sit down" with a pre-determined 3-4 course meal. Your meals include mineral water and wine. While some restaurants may be able to provide for a special diet, such as vegetarian or sodium-free, 206 Tours cannot guarantee a special meal request. Generally vegetarian and vegan meals tend to lack variety and imagination.

Tap Water: While most local tap water will not hurt you, due to differences in mineral and micro-biotic levels, we recommend that you avoid consuming local tap water, as it may upset your stomach.

Shopping: Stores are open daily Monday to Sunday.
Ask your tour escort where you are able to purchase regional specialty products which the countries/cities in your itinerary are known for. Small, light items that you can easily carry home make splendid and festive gifts. Don’t forget to buy something nice for yourself too. Whenever traveling abroad, be aware of your personal belongings when shopping in crowded areas. If you purchase a video or DVD, please check very carefully that it is compatible with your home viewing system. Sales tax or VAT (value added tax) is already included on price tags.

Medjugorje Radio:

You will be provided with a small portable radio, which will assist in translation of evening mass and Adoration on Thursdays.
Tune into channel 1 to follow the evening services.

Useful Links

Airline delays:
Airline seating:
Airline tracker:
Bus and subway directions:
Calendar and holidays:
Calling codes:
Currency converter:
Customs (USA):
Department of Homeland security:
Driving directions: ;
Electric Guide:
Emergency/Disaster information:
FAA Air traffic Control:
Flight delay info:
Flight tracker:
Foreign Language Basics:
Frequent flyer programs:
Global Entry :
Health (travel health info) : ; ;
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Language translation:
Last minute travel preparation:
Official Franciscan Website:
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Time around the world:
Tourist offices and embassies:
Transportation Security Admin.:
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Travel planning (religious sites):
US State Dept. Travel Warnings:
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World Health Organization:

“What If” & Commonly Asked Questions

What should I do if my flight is cancelled or delayed?
If your flight is cancelled or delayed it is imperative that you work DIRECTLY with the airlines at the airport to arrange for alternate flights or protection. Please note that once your tickets has been issued or you have check-in for your flights, 206 Tours can no longer make any changes to your flight itinerary. This can ONLY be done by the airlines. In such case be persistent with the agent, however keep in mind that the situation is not the airline agents fault. Try your best to remain courteous to them, as you may find that you receive more assistance this way. The airlines are not required to offer reimbursement for personal expense or overnights when delays/cancellations occur due to weather. If you find that you have no luck with the airline personnel, please contact your emergency number and we shall do all in our power to assist you.

What should I do if I miss my flight due to late arrival at the airport?
If you should miss your flight, due to your own late arrival at your departure airport, it is imperative that you work DIRECTLY with the airlines at the airport to arrange for alternate flights. You may incur additional costs to exchange your airline ticket (minimum of $300 per person) . Once your alternate arrangements have been confirmed you may You may contact the emergency number in this booklet to advise of the flight delay and 206 Tours may arrange a private transfer at additional cost to you .

What happens if I miss my group transfer upon arrival?
If your plane arrives late, or you are re-routed you will most likely miss your group transfer which is included in your package. You may take a taxi at your own expense to your hotel or you may contact the emergency number in this booklet to advise of the flight delay and 206 Tours may arrange a private transfer at additional cost to you. Make sure to obtain a receipt for the taxi or the private transfer provided. Upon return to the U.S.A. you may submit a claim with the insurance company or airlines to seek reimbursement.

What if I have a problem or complaint during my trip?
If you have any problems, concerns, or complaints during your trip, please communicate directly and IMMEDIATELY with your tour escort. Your tour escort is at your disposal to assist you with all your needs, such as issues with your hotel room, meals, etc. There is very little that can be done to rectify a concern once you have returned home, however most of the time your tour escort can address any concerns you may have swiftly. If the tour escort does not resolve your concern to your satisfaction please contact our office.

What should I do if I want to change my airline ticket?
If you would like to change your airline ticket for any reason once the ticket has been issued and/or you have departed you MUST work DIRECTLY with the airlines. You will incur additional costs (minimum of $300 per person) for such changes. Thank you for booking with 206 Tours !

We promise to do all within our power to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact us, please note should any problems arise during your trip you should first contact your local emergency contact in your destination country or the 206 Tours. emergency response line. All of these contact details will be provided to you with your final documents (approximately 3 weeks prior to your departure date).

We pray that your pilgrimage will meet and exceed all of your expectations. 
Please share with us your positive and constructive feedback upon your return!

Please share with us your feedback upon your return!


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