206 Tours Disclaimer:

- Gift certificate can be purchased at anytime, anywhere, for any pilgrimage and for any amount.

- Refund: If Gift Certificate is not utilized and one wishes to receive a refund.
      a. Before making reservations: full refund less $300 fee
      b. If a refund is issued, the credit will be returned to the purchaser - not the recipient.
      c. After making reservation terms and conditions apply (www.206tours.com/terms)

      d. Expiration Date: 5 years after date of purchase

- At the time of purchase there is no need to select a pilgrimage, date or name of participants. However, once particular pilgrimage is selected (date & tour # reserved), than name of participant(s) is required confirmation will be sent and from this point standard terms and conditions will apply as per www.206tours.com/terms