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About 206 Tours Pilgrimages to the Holy Land

Dear Pilgrims,

The safety of our pilgrims continues to be our utmost priority, therefore, in accordance with government guidelines, due to acts of war, in Israel and Palestine, since October 7th, we have cancelled, or postponed, all departures to the Holy Land until September 1, 2024. Our tours in Egypt and Jordan may also be affected.

Having operated pilgrimages to the Holy Land for almost four decades, we have been blessed to develop strong relationships with local partners, guides, drivers, clergy and fellow Christians. These men and women are truly “the living stones” of the Christian faith in the very places where Our Lord Himself lived and walked. They rely on pilgrimages for their livelihood and these events are hurting them on so many levels.

We realize that many will be disappointed as they have been greatly looking forward to visiting the Holy Land. In addition, we understand that the decision to go on any pilgrimage is a significant financial investment and we do not take that investment lightly. Please know that our team is doing everything in their power to listen to every pilgrim’s unique situation and needs. Whether rebooking you to go on a different pilgrimage or issuing a travel credit. We appreciate your understanding and patience as there are many people reaching out to us with questions and concerns during this time.

If you are presently booked to depart on a 206 Tours pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and have concerns, let us hear from you. In time to come, we will continue to assess the situation and share updates as they become available.

Since our beginning in 1985, 206 Tours has continually navigated geopolitical crisis and world events. Whether terrorist attacks in the 1980’s, the Wars (Gulf, Balkan, Ukraine), September 11th, the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to the safety of our pilgrims while serving to the utmost of our ability. Our professional, experienced, capable and dedicated team enable us to efficiently respond to fluctuating circumstances. While we cannot promise to know what the future will hold, we promise that 206 Tours will do everything possible to protect you and your investment.

We ask you to remember the 206 Tours team in your prayers, as we seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

May Jesus, the Prince of Peace, shower our world in the peace which only He can give, and Our Lady wrap us all in her loving, protective mantle.

With gratitude,

Milanka Lachman, DGSHS
President and Founder


We would like to express our deepest thanks to all those who have generously donated to our Tour Guides in the Holy Land to help them during this time. If you would like to give a gift, you can still do so by visiting: May God bless you!