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Add on Cities


Round Trip  Add - On Airfares
Our all inclusive tour prices are based on appropriate airfares from New York.   When traveling from another city, add the add-on fare shown in the list below. Advises,us of your departure city at the time of booking your reservation. Although, fares indicated are to be added to New York price, the routing of your flight may not be through New York. For example, if you are departing from Los Angeles, you may fly non-stop to Europe, or if you are flying from Kansas City, you may be routed through Chicago.


Please be advised that from time to time certain departure cities may not be possible due to airline or itinerary constraints. 


If you don't see your city listed below, please call us.  1(800) 206 -TOUR or email us with your inquiry.
These fares do not apply for our programs to Mexico (please call for price if you are joining our Guadalupe Tour).


Please select your departure airport. If you are not departing from New York (additional fees may apply)
 For your local airport, please click on drop down menu below


Departure City Fare Departure City Fare Departure City Fare
Albany, NY  (ALB) $120 Greensboro, NC  (GSO) $195 Palm Springs, CA  (PSP) $395
Albuquerque, NM  (ABQ) $395 Greenville, NC  (PGV) $195 Palmdale, CA  (PMD) $395
Allentown, PA  (ABE) $150 Greenville, SC  (GSP) $195 Parkersburg, WV  (PKB) $150
Altoona, PA  (AOO) $150 Gunnison, CO  (GUC) $395 Pasco, WA  (PSC) $395
Anchorage, AK  (ANC) $595 Harlingen, TX (HRL) $250 Pensacola, FL  (PNS) $195
Appleton, WI  (ATW) $195 Harrisburg, PA  (HAR) $150 Peoria, IL  (PIA) $195
Arcata, CA  (ACV) $395 Hartford, CT  (HFD) $120 Philadelphia, PA  (PHL) $100
Asheville, NC  (AVL) $195 Hayden, CO  (HDN) $395 Phoenix, AZ  (PHX) $350
Aspen, CO  (ASE) $395 Hilton Head, SC  (HHH) $195 Pittsburgh, PA  (PIT) $150
Athens, GA  (AHN) $195 Honolulu, HI  (HNL) $695 Portland, ME  (PWM) $120
Atlanta, GA  (ATL) $200 Houston, TX  (HOU) $270 Portland, OR  (PDX) $350
Augusta, GA  (AGS) $195 Huntington, WV  (HTS) $195 Presque Isle, ME  (PQI) $120
Augusta, ME  (AUG) $120 Huntsville, AL  (HSV) $195 Providence, RI  (PVD) $120
Austin, TX  (AUS) $250 Idaho Falls, ID  (IDA) $395 Raleigh Durham, NC  (RDU) $250
Bakersfield, CA  (BFL) $395 Indianapolis, IN  (IND) $250 Rapid City, SD  (RAP) $395
Baltimore, MD  (BWI) $200 Inyokern, CA  (IYK) $395 Redding, CA  (RDD) $395
Bangor, ME  (BGR) $120 Islip, NY  (ISP) $120 Redmond, OR  (RDM) $395
Bar Harbor, ME  (BHB) $120 Ithaca, NY  (ITH) $120 Reno, NV  (RNO) $395
Baton Rouge, LA  (BTR) $320 Jackson, MS  (JAN) $195 Richmond, VA  (RIC) $150
Beckley, WV  (BKW) $150 Jackson, WY  (JAC) $395 Roanoke, VA  (ROA) $190
Billings, MT  (BIL) $395 Jacksonville, FL  (JAX) $195 Rochester, NY  (ROC) $120
Binghamton, NY  (BGM) $120 Jacksonville, NC  (OAJ) $195 Rockland, ME  (RKD) $120
Birmingham, AL  (BHM) $195 Jamestown, NY  (JHW) $120 Sacramento, CA  (SAC) $350
Bismarck, ND  (BIS) $395 Johnstown, PA  (JST) $150 Saginaw, MI  (MBS) $195
Bloomington, IL  (BMI) $195 Juneau, AK  (JNU) $750 Saint George, UT  (SGU) $395
Boise, ID  (BOI) $395 Kahului, HI  (OGG) $695 Saint Louis, MO  (STL) $250
Boston, MA  (BOS) $70 Kalamazoo, MI  (AZO) $195 Saint Thomas, VI  (STT) $595
Bozeman, MT  (BZN) $395 Kalispell, MT  (FCA) $395 Salt Lake City, UT  (SLC) $250
Bradford, PA  (BFD) $150 Kansas City, MO  (MKC) $250 San Antonio, TX  (SAT) $250
Buffalo, NY  (BUF) $120 Kauai Island, HI  (LIH) $695 San Diego, CA  (SAN) $350
Burbank, CA  (BUR) $380 Key West, FL  (EYW) $350 San Francisco, CA  (SFO) $350
Burlington, VT  (BTV) $120 Knoxville, TN  (TYS) $350 San Jose, CA  (SJC) $380
Canton Akron, OH  (CAK) $195 Kona, HI  (KOA) $695 San Juan, PR  (SJU) $595
Carlsbad, CA  (CLD) $395 Lafayette, LA  (LFT) $350 San Luis Obispo, CA  (CSL) $395
Casper, WY  (CPR) $395 Lansing, MI  (LAN) $195 Santa Ana, CA  (SNA) $380
Cedar Rapids, IA  (CID) $295 Laredo, TX  (LRD) $395 Santa Barbara, CA  (SBA) $395
Charleston, SC  (CHS) $195 Las Vegas, NV  (LAS) $395 Santa Maria, CA  (SMX) $395
Charleston, WV  (CRW) $195 Lewisburg, WV  (LWB) $195 Sarasota, FL  (SRQ) $195
Charlotte, NC  (CLT) $250 Lexington, KY  (LEX) $195 Savannah, GA  (SAV) $195
Charlottesville, VA  (CHO) $150 Lincoln, NE  (LNK) $250 Scranton, PA  (AVP) $120
Chattanooga, TN  (CHA) $195 Little Rock, AR  (LIT) $195 Seattle, WA  (SEA) $350
Chicago, IL  (CHI) $195 Long Beach, CA  (LGB) $380 Shreveport, LA  (SHV) $350
Chico, CA  (CIC) $395 Los Angeles, CA  (LAX) $350 Sioux Falls, SD  (FSD) $395
Cincinnati, OH  (CVG) $195 Louisville, KY  (SDF) $195 South Bend, IN  (SBN) $195
Clarksburg, WV  (CKB) $150 Lynchburg, VA  (LYH) $150 Spokane, WA  (GEG) $395
Cleveland, OH  (CLE) $195 Madison, WI  (MSN) $195 Springfield, IL  (SPI) $195
Cody, WY  (COD) $395 Manchester, NH  (MHT) $120 Springfield, MO  (SGF) $195
Colorado Springs, CO  (COS) $395 McAllen, TX (MFE) $250 Syracuse, NY  (SYR) $120
Columbia, SC  (CAE) $195 Medford, OR  (MFR) $395 Tallahassee, FL  (TLH) $195
Columbus, OH  (CMH) $195 Melbourne, FL  (MLB) $320 Tampa, FL  (TPA) $195
Crescent City, CA  (CEC) $395 Memphis, TN  (MEM) $195 Telluride, CO  (TEX) $395
Dallas, TX  (DFW) $270 Miami, FL  (MIA) $250 Toledo, OH  (TOL) $195
Dayton, OH  (DAY) $195 Milwaukee, WI  (MKE) $195 Traverse City, MI  (TVC) $195
Daytona Beach, FL  (DAB) $195 Minneapolis, MN  (MSP) $280 Tri Cities, TN  (TRI) $195
Denver, CO  (DEN) $320 Missoula, MT  (MSO) $395 Tucson, AZ  (TUS) $395
Des Moines, IA  (DSM) $195 Mobile, AL  (MOB) $195 Tulsa, OK  (TUL) $250
Detroit, MI  (DTT) $250 Modesto, CA  (MOD) $395 Vail Eagle, CO  (EGE) $395
Durango, CO  (DRO) $395 Moline, IL  (MLI) $195 Valparaiso, FL  (VPS) $300
El Centro, CA  (IPL) $395 Monterey, CA  (MRY) $395 Visalia, CA  (VIS) $395
El Paso, TX  (ELP) $250 Montgomery, AL  (MGM) $195 Washington, DC  (IAD) $200
Elmira, NY  (ELM) $120 Montrose, CO  (MTJ) $395 Wausau, WI  (AUW) $195
Erie, PA  (ERI) $195 Morgantown, WV  (MGW) $150 West Palm Beach, FL  (PBI) $195
Eugene, OR  (EUG) $395 Myrtle Beach, SC  (MYR) $195 Westchester, NY  (HPN) $120
Evansville, IN  (EVV) $350 Nashville, TN  (BNA) $195 Wichita, KS  (ICT) $250
Fairbanks, AK  (FAI) $750 New Bern, NC  (EWN) $195 Williamsport, PA  (IPT) $150
Fargo, ND  (FAR) $395 New Haven, CT  (HVN) $120 Wilmington, NC  (ILM) $195
Fayetteville, AR  (FYV) $195 New Orleans, LA  (MSY) $195 Yuma, AZ  (YUM) $395
Fayetteville, NC  (FAY) $195 New York, NY  (JFK) $0    
Florence, SC  (FLO) $195 Newark, NJ  (EWR) $0

CANADA Departure Cities:

Fort Lauderdale, FL  (FLL) $195 Newburgh, NY  (SWF) $120 Calgary, AB (YYC) $395
Fort Myers, FL  (FMY) $195 Newport News, VA  (PHF) $150 Edmonton, AB (YEG) $395
Fort Wayne, IN  (FWA) $195 Norfolk, VA  (ORF) $150 Halifax, NS (YHZ) $225
Fresno, CA  (FAT) $395 Oakland, CA  (OAK) $380 Montreal, QC (YUL) $195
Gainesville, FL  (GNV) $195 Oklahoma City, OK  (OKC) $250 Ottawa, ON (YOW) $225
Grand Junction, CO  (GJT) $395 Omaha, NE  (OMA) $250 Toronto, ON (YYZ) $195
Grand Rapids, MI  (GRR) $195 Ontario, CA  (ONT) $380 Vancouver, BC (YVR) $395
Great Falls, MT  (GTF) $395 Orlando, FL  (ORL) $350 Winnipeg, MB (YWG) $395
Green Bay, WI  (GRB) $195 Oxnard, CA  (OXR) $395    


T r a v e l   F o r   F r e e !   Organize Your Own Group
Pilgrimages are ideal for family reunions, church groups, youth groups student groups, senior citizens, singles, couples or for anyone seeking the spiritual refreshment that Only * a pilgrimage can give. Just choose your departure date and indicate the destination. For further details and incentives visit www.206tours.com/groups, or please call us at 800 206 TOUR (8687), and we will guide you through it.


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