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Wheel Chair Access:

Welcome Holy Land Pilgrims!
Here at 206 Tours, we are always fully commited to ensure that our pilgrims travel comfortably & in the highest possible manner; and that includes pilgrims with disabilities. For this reason, we created this information page with specific details to our Holy Land Tours:

is a newly developing country and making strides towards accommodating wheelchair passengers. However many of the sites tourists visit are old sites and not built with wheelchair access. Much of the program involves extensive walking around sites that are not wheelchair friendly (such as the Jerusalem Old City). In additions many places may have crowds in relatively small areas (such as the alley ways of the Old City). Therefore wheelchair passengers will find some challenges and should be ready for inconveniences and difficulties.

Wheelchair participants must travel with a companion, a strong and capable person who will assist them throughout the journey.

Day 2
Site: Access: Remarks:
Caesarea Roman & Crusader Ruins Accessible  
Mt. Carmel Stella Maris Accessible but difficult 10 Steps of stairs from Parking, possible to request access from street.
Cana Accessible  
Basilica of Annunciation Accessible  

Day 3    
Site: Access: Remarks:
Boat Ride Accessible but difficult  
Capernaum (Synagogue & St. Peters House) Accessible  
Mt. Beatitudes Accessible  
Church of St. Peter Primacy Accessible but difficult Request to open parking gate
Banias Partly Accessible Accessible until river, handicapped guest can’t reach historical sites

Day 4
Site: Access: Remarks:
Jordan River Baptismal Site Accessible but difficult  
Mt. Tabor (transfiguration) Accessible  

Day 5    
Site: Access: Remarks:
Ein Karem Church of Visitation Not Accessible  
St. John Not Accessible  
Shepherds Field Accessible  
Nativity Church Partly Accessible  

Day 6
Site: Access: Remarks:
Old City Partly Accessible & difficult Guests will need help
Via Dolorosa Partly Accessible & difficult Guests will need help
Markets Old City Partly Accessible & difficult Guests will need help
Church of Holy Sepulcher Partly Accessible & difficult Guests will need help
St. Anne’s Church Accessible  
Bethesda Not Accessible  
Ecce Homo Not Accessible  
Wailing Wall Accessible  
Dome of the Rock Partly Accessible  
Cenacle Not Accessible & difficult  
Dormition Abbey Partly Accessible Only up to the Upper Church / the Grotto is not accessible
St. Peter in Gallicantu Partly Accessible  

Day 7    
Site: Access: Remarks:
Lazarus Church Partly Accessible Very Difficult
Monastery of St. George Wadi Qelt Not Accessible  
Tel Jericho Not Accessible  
Mt. Temptation Not Accessible  

Day 8    
Site: Access: Remarks:
Palm Sunday Route Accessible  
Dominus Flevit Accessible  
Gethsemane Accessible  
Cave of Betrayal Not Accessible  
Cave of Assumption Not Accessible  
Pater Noster Partly Accessible Generally difficult

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