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Ideally you should start promoting your group 12 months prior to departure, although we often do put together groups 9 - 6 months prior to departure. Once we have finalized putting together the Pilgrimage of your dreams, we must announce it to the world and let the registrations begin. Along with our complimentary Four Page Color Flyers, and custom Website, here are some:
Suggestions on Promoting Your Pilgrimage
• Present your tour as an important aspect of your ministry: and the members spiritual life. This pilgrimage is an extension of you and your ministry - a spiritual highlight that will benefit you and those you serve for years to come. Present the tour as enthusiastically as you would any other part of your ministry.

• Make frequent announcements: Begin announcing your departure date as soon as possible. Tell people when, where, how long, how much, and how to register.

• Make repeated announcements: During or after service, on the radio, on the bulletin board, or in your church newsletter or worship program bulletin. Announce it on Facebook, and set up an “Event Page”, as well as on Twitter. Speak with your Spiritual Director and see if he can announce following Mass.

• Invite Everyone: Do not try to guess or hand pick people you think will go. You will probably be surprised at who joins you.

• Distribute Flyers: 206 Tours provides you with Flyer’s with an invitation to the tour, and itinerary. Ask your Spiritual Director to take some copies to hand out. However, do not rely on Flyers alone to sell your pilgrimage. They help a great deal, but should not be counted on to do the entire job.

• Seek local media coverage: Offer local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations details about your tour, and make yourself available for interviews. We would be happy to help in designing an Ad for your local Church Bulletin as well.

• Do not forget the personal approach: The most effective Leaders fill their pilgrimages by “person-to-person” contact. Many of those who go with you will be friends, and ministry partners, you have invited personally.

• Ask for a commitment to go: This commitment is the members deposit of $400. It will allow them to secure a spot on the pilgrimage. Make sure that all have read the Terms and Conditions on your registration form.

• Hold Group Meetings: These will help create excitement about the tour in your congregation.

• Where appropriate, announce people who have just joined. Be enthusiastic about each person who joins your group. Announce their names informally during service, and perhaps a note in your bulletin. Again, emphasize the wonderful ministry value of the trip. Many pilgrims like to travel with their friends, and this may have them reconsider joining.

• Reach out to your Extended Circle: Consider inviting friends in places where you have worked, taught, or served before. You may even want to invite local community leaders with whom you may, or may not, be closely associated with. Your pilgrimage is a great opportunity to expand your ministry to people outside your church or normal circle of influence.

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   Email: groups@206tours.com   or  Call: 1-800-206-TOUR (8687)
Thank you for your interest in organizing a group pilgrimage - you have come to the right place. We know what it takes to organize a journey, and to make sure everything goes smoothly from beginning to end. With our support and help, you will be proud that you are the leader of your group. Pilgrimages are ideal for family reunions, church groups, youth groups, class reunions, senior citizens, singles, special interest groups, neighbors, couples or anyone seeking the spiritual refreshment that only a pilgrimage can provide.

Once you give 206 Tours a "go ahead"

We will reserve group allotments with airlines, hotels, guides and other services.

We will set you up with a promotional brochure and website.

59 days prior / - up to 15 days prior 206 Tours will make every effort to accommodate new bookings, providing that space (air and land) is still available. If confirmed, payment in full must be sent within 24 - 72 hours of confirmation.

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